THE ABC'S OF PAYPHONES PART 3 The information presented in this file is for entertainment purposes only. The authors of this file take no responsibility for any of its contents. Well our mail boxes having been filling up with questions regarding this series. We will answer...

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Wrangler 77 reasons why animals are better than humans: 1. You can throw the critter off your bed and they come right back when you call em. 2. You don't have to appologize if you cum in less than 3 hours. 3. They come in more colors than just black white red and yel...

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DOCTOR WHO AND THE TIDES OF TIME A Doctor Who story for GALLIFREY BBS by CHARLES MARTIN This story is legally &169;1988 by Charles Martin. Reprint permission is granted provided this notice accompanies all copies. No attempt is made to supercede copyrights held by the BBC. CHAPTER ...

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 02:38:28 0500 From: Bill Utterback <butterb@sagen Subject: PIML 96061201 What Is a Patriot? PIML 96061201 Posted to Patriot Information Mailing List: [The following is a message I received and my reply. I put so much thought into my little sermon tha...

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Written by Stock Market Anomalies on 2010-01-04 17:13:48

You will need:

  • Cannabis buds
  • Food grade vegetable glycerin (aka glycerol) which can be purchased at health food stores
  • Jar with a lid

    Begin by grinding your bud as finely as possible. If you freeze the bud for several hours it will be possible to break it up finer. A coffee grinder works well for this, regardless of what you use you want your weed to be as finely powdered as possible.

    Place the powdered bud in your jar and add the glycerin at a ratio of around one ounce of bud to one cup of glycerin. Put on the lid and shake it around. You should give it a shake a couple times every week.

    The longer you let it sit for the better. Two weeks being the absolute minimum, I'd highly recommend two months, or longer if you have the patience. The shorter time you let it sit, the less potent your final product will be.

    When you're ready use a cheese cloth to separate the liquid into another jar or vial.

    Recommended dose is 2-3 drops placed under the tongue and will result in an intense body high.


how is it possibly that concentrated?<br />
Ive extracted with both oil and butter and there is no way one or two drops (eaten) will get you high.<br />
It it possible to get high u

Posted by Tre!nt on 2010-02-02 05:28:17

You need to know how much bud to use otherwise dosage will differ.<br />
<br />
a 8th of bud soaked in vodka for a month then strained off using a filter would work well.<br />
Then does just a few drops.<br />
Vodka is easy and a safe way.

Posted by upinsmoke on 2010-02-15 16:41:06


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