So you're buying a revolver. New, used, doesn't matter, you want a good one, right? How do check one over without firing it, right at the dealer's counter or gun show table? This is how. All of this works with DA or SA wheelguns"close the action" on most DAs means swing the cylinder ...

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Status: R t ii aat i aat i aat i aat ii Welcome to ATI31. You might think our opening logo looks a little different.You're right. We're just on a low budget this week. "Pray for the dead, but fight like hell for the living" "Mother Jones", union activi...

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IC3220A ICOM IC3220AH Frequency expansionMini repeater Frequency expansion: To extend the receiver range on VHF: 118.mhz AM to 174.mhz FM Cut D6 on the LOGIC board located on the front of the radio To extend the receiver range on UHF: 400.mhz to 479.mhz Cut D4 on the...

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An Introduction to the Miskatonic Alchemical Expedition of the Esoteric Order of Dagon Written for All Prospective Members by AShT Ch0zar SSaratu'.'1103 Bill Siebert as frater PVN was a cofounder of Math of the ChRySTAL HUMM, a ShamanicAlchemica Thelemic Powerzone near Itha...

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The Complete Guide to Road Pizza 42686 Written by: Black Kat [Call: Ultimate Dimensions 20 Meg CFBBS] >7167730096< First of all, let me start by giving you a brief description of road pizza for easy identification. Have you ever been traveling down the road, and s...

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Written by h0ppinlowrider on 2010-05-17 03:30:34

  1. What is MDPV and its Effects.
  2. Dosage/Dangers of OD.
  3. Addiction Potional.
  4. R.O.A
  5. Simple Salt to Base Synth.

1. What is MDPV
MDPV Stands for 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, It an analog drug of a drug that was used in the 60s called pyrovalerone, which is a Sch V drug in the USA. Making MDPV an analog that does not fall under the analog act. So, its 100% Legal in the US. It is a CNS Stimulant and is usually sold in its salt form (HCL) and has the appearance of a white powder to a tan/brown powder depending on the lab it was produced in. MDPV is sold almost always online, either from the lab that produced it or Vendors that sell Research Chemicals.

2. Dosage/ Dangers of OD
Dosage information that I have seen online says anywhere from 5mg or less to up to 10mg. In my person use of it, Iíve found that you can take much more than 10mg and be fine. I have never used a scale with my use of this drug I just eyeball out a dose and take it then wait and see if more is needed. Iíd say taking up to 25mg over a period of time would be safe. As for Over Dosing MDPV has the dangers of all CNS, where an OD can lead to a heart attack and other heart problems.

3. Addiction Potential
MDPV can be Addicting like all drugs can. It works on your dopamine receptors so you get that feeling to keep doing more and more like all drug that are DA. This is especially true when itís in its Freebase Form.

4. R.O.A
MDPV can be taken in many ways, It can be taken orally, snorted, smoked (more effective in its freebase form), and IVíed. There is very little information out there on IV use, and I donít IV drugs so I have no personal knowledge to add.

4.a R.O.A - I.V Usage
Due to my studies with I.V usage of MDPV I have come to one conclusion for I.V usage. For I.V usage do to MDPV lack of being sold in a named salt for and it's ability to be non to not very water soluble due to it's salt/base and its environment, there is only one reasonable route to go with usable solvents. That is liquid DMSO, The shot can be mixed in a sterile prep cup with your determined dosage dissolved in a few drops of Liquid DMSO , then combined with a D-H2O to make a 1ml to 1ml+ solution. Then IVíed, IMíed, or skin-popped.

5. Simple Salt to Base Synth.
MDPV can be turned to a freebase a number of ways including freebasing it as you smoke it. This is done by taking a bulb used for smoking powders or a homemade light bulb vape and adding the MDPV along with a sprinkle of Baking soda and a dot of water and heating like you were vaping it.

Here is another method I came up with to have already made Freebased MDPV.

My idea is to take 1/4g and add it the shot glass, and add store bought ammonia (with no soap or scents) just to dissolve it. Stir and let sit for a min, then add a few ml of ether (I have to use starter fluid ether its the only source I have for it, and Iím not too worried with hexane and shit because I could clean it but I choose not to).

Stir again, then let separate and use a pipette to pull off ether and let evaporate in a small dish or something

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Written by h0ppinlowrider

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