Obsidian Beauty The zebra raced on the great lands of Africa, stepping upon wind as it blazed through the plains. Majestic beast! A poacher grows near, and the beast makes swift to the trees. Reaching a clearing, the zebra sees the litter of man, a shard of glass. Consuming this glass,...

Written by Adam "Hex" Hansen

The ever famous 1800callatt free call so here it is, finally, you can make free payfone calls painlessly, if you have a coorperative fri ok so here is the drill and a simple one a that call either 1800 call att or 1800 collect does't really matter. go through the regular collect call dri...

Written by Anonymous

This method of making hashish was taught to me by my pops. Dad and I did it three years ago that'd be y2k with the leaf from his harvest. My friend and I have been growing every year since then, and have made hash with the leaf each time. It works like a charm. It's not brain surgery or rock...

Written by UglyRyan

Oh, how I wish I was crazy. Not crazy like I am now. They think I need to be locked away in this soft prison because I don't speak much and because I clame to have seen the Apocalypse. Also because I can hear the wind and birds like no one else can. They do speak to me. I beileve that they sp...

Written by The Blue Spirit

Anyone wish to begin a new thread "The OFFICIAL TREKKIE IQ QUIZ", or "OTIQ"? For example: MULTIPLE CHOICE "Dammit, Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a.." a mechanic b Vulcan c Gorn d miracle worker e engineer f bricklayer g alcoholic scottish warp drive TRUE OR FALSE ...

Written by Anonymous
Written by Cinnamon Poast Crunch on 2010-05-28 18:19:59

First of all if you don't know what it is, xray in photoshop, (as made popular by bulletin boards), is using photoshop to see through clothing. This is incorrectly named, as it does not involve actual light from the xray spectrum. What you are doing is playing with the contrast and colors of a photo that is given, in order to bring out details otherwise not seen. You can go from a normal girl in a tshirt, to have it looking like a transparent layer of clothing. You can bring out details such as nipples and bras. This is manipulating, not faking. You are working with what you already have, not putting new stuff in there. 90% of the time you will get a bad photo, something that cannot be done. A general rule of thumb is if you can see through it when its wet, then you can xray it. Bathing suits cannot be done because of the thickness, as bras with padding do not work to well. Lingerie, tends to have less padding and can be done easier, but you should stay away from that until you get more experienced. The best pictures have tight fitting clothing, looser clothing tends to be harder, but not impossible. You should work with easy things first to build up your confidence. Many people will get discouraged and say it is not possible due to the fact they are frustrated. I will walk you through step by step on how to do your first picture, and then provide you with before and after pictures to make it easier.

The first step is to open Photoshop, and open your image, you go to file and open, and select the file that we are starting out with.You want to go over to your toolbar on the left and go to the lasso tool, it is shaped like a lasso that a cowboy would use. Right click ok this, and there will be 3 other choices. One of them will have a magnet next to it, click on that one. That is the magnetic lasso tool.

When you are manipulating the colors, it is best to have the least amount of colors, as this makes focusing on the desired outcome easier, and does not affect the rest of the picture. The magnetic lasso tool will "stick" to the edge you are selecting, so you do not need to have accuracy as this will correct it.Start off at the edge of the area you want to select. For this picture, we are going to xray her body behind the cloth. Click once to start your selecting.

You do not need to hold and click, just drag the cursor around the area, and it will automatically do the holding of the selection for you. If you come to a corner, or some sharp turn, clicking will put an anchor there, so you can select more precisely.

Go around the whole area and click on the point of where you started selecting with the magnetic lasso. This will make the selection complete. Now that you have your selection, select image from the menu. From there you are going to scroll down to adjustments. Go over to levels, and click on it.

You will be brought to a graph that will have peaks in it that is black and white. It should look like a black and white cross section of a mountain.There will be 3 arrows directly below the graph, one will be black, one will be gray, and one will be white. They should be in order from left to right.This is where the fun starts.

With your cursor, select the black arrow, and move it to the beginning of where the upward slope starts to occur.

Take the gray arrow, and move it right underneath the highest peak.

Take the white arrow, and move it to the end of the downward slope.

When you are done, click ok.

You should notice a dramatic difference in how the selection looks. As you get more experienced, you may move the arrows around to different areas if you want a different result.

Your picture should look a lot more transparent, but we are not done yet. We brought out the images qualities that was masked by the cloth, but there are more features to be brought out.Go over to the doge tool, it will look like a black ball on a skinny stick. Right click on it. From there you will get 3 options, dodge, burn, and sponge. Select the burn tool.

You will want to bring out the details that are still unseen, so make the size of the brush smaller by selecting the master diameter. This can be found by clicking on the window next to the word " Brush: " and it will have a shape with a number next to it. Click on that, and bring down the master diameter to something around 1/4 the size of the area you will be enhancing.

If you do it over nipples, it will bring them out. You can try different exposures for different results. This is at the top of the tool box.

Go around to any other areas you feel need to be brought out. Lines and shadows should be darkened and if you see areas that look too dark, you can go back to where you selected the burn tool and use the dodge tool. Play around with the settings in the same way as with the burn tool to get the desired effect.

Remember the Undo button is always under edit.

Once you have a result you are satisfied with, you can go to select in the menu, and click on all. This will get rid of your area previously selected by the magnetic lasso.

You are now done with X-raying.

This is a very basic edit, and it is good for beginners. You can move up with this, and try different clothing. Another tool that is helpful, is the art history brush. It looks like a paint brush with an arrow going around it. If you select an area and finish with the x-raying, you can go around the edges with a low opacity, and a soft air brush. The effect is not such an artificial selection, but more of a gradual gradient between see through and solid.



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