[ x x ] cDc communications presents [ x x ] ` ' CROSS OF IRON FANZINE ` ' U U Volume I, Number 1 Part 1 MayJune 1988 &169;1988 cDc ~~ >>> A CULT Publication1988 <<< cDc CULT OF THE DEAD COW cDc FROM THE DEMON'S DEN Written by The Raver ...

Written by The Raver (ed)

BANK WITH A BROKER FOR A LOW COST PACKAGE DEAL Many stock brokers offer money management accounts under various names such as asset management account, cash management account, etc. which provide a whole package of services at a low annual fee. At a minimum these including a mo...

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WHAT IS A SECURITY CLEARANCE? Certain federal employees and certain employees in the private sector are required to have security clearances because their job requires them to have access to classified documents. Various other work takes place in secured facilities. The occupant of any ...

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Part 1 FIRST KHANDA Adoration to the Highest Self Hari, Om! 1. Verily, in the beginning all this was Self, one only; there was nothing else blinking whatsoever. 2. He thought: 'Shall I send forth worlds?' 1 He sent forth these worlds, 3. Ambhas water, Mariki light, Mara mor...

Written by Max Muller

As with any act of mysticism, education, philosophical insight, or anything which is sought to reveal truth to the individual, it must be done, simply, as an individual. The true praxis, the real essential heart of humanity, lies in its ability to discover things, ideas, beings, concepts, t...

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Written by crackhead on 2010-08-24 21:21:27

A dual directional scrap fragment launcher which can be placed to cover the path of advancing troops.

Material Required

  • Iron water pipe approximately 4ft. (1 meter) long and 2 to 4 in. (5 to 10 cm) in diameter
  • Black powder or salvaged artillery propellent about 1/2 lb. (200 grams)
  • Fuse or electrical igniter
  • Stones or metal chunks approximately 1/2 in. (1 cm) about 1 pound (400 grams) total
  • 4 rags for wadding, each about 20 in by 20 in (50 cm by 50 cm)
  • Wire
  • Paper or rag

NOTE: Be sure pipe has no cracks or flaws


1. Place propellant and igniter in paper or rag and tie with string so contents cannot fall out.

2. Insert packaged propellant and igniter in center of pipe. Pull firing leads out one end of the pipe.

3. Stuff a rag wad into each end of pipe and lightly tamp using a flat end stick.

4. Insert stones and/or scrap metal into each end of the pipe. Be the same weight of material is used in each side.

5. Insert a rag wad into each end of the pipe and pack tightly as before.

How to Use

1. Place scrap mine in a tree or pointed in the path of the enemy. Attach igniter lead to the firing circuit. The recoiless launcher is now ready to fire.

2. If saftey fuse or improvised fuse is used instead of the detonator, place the fuse into the packaged propellant through a hole drilled in the center of the pipe. Light free end of fuse when ready to fire. Allow for normal delay time.

Caution: Scrap will be ejected from both end of the launcher.

Written by crackhead


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