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  1. Star Wars Fan
    10-18-2010 01:35 AM
    Star Wars Fan
    Thanks for all the info.

    re. the coming insurrection I made a thread asking for tips on urban guerilla tactics in the 21st century. Someone else posted that & I reposted it for you.
  2. Butcher
    10-18-2010 01:20 AM
    Of course all these principles of network warfare are applicable to internet warfare.
  3. Butcher
    10-18-2010 01:12 AM
    Yeah I've read that book, I think someone made a thread about it a while ago, maybe that was you?
  4. Butcher
    10-18-2010 01:11 AM
    Your link doesn't work, but that's not the one I'm talking about. I meant netwar as in network warfare not internet warfare. I'm PMing you them now since there's a limit of 1000 characters for these visitor messages.
  5. Star Wars Fan
    10-18-2010 01:09 AM
    Star Wars Fan
    And I presume you have that french document "The Coming Insurrection" & whatnot (it has an english version).

    Also there's this anarchist book that deals with the coming privatization of public space in american cities titled 'Anarchy in the Streets', If it wasn't for the annoying philosophical gobbity-gook it'd be easier for me to read. Of course, parts of the coming insurrection are that way.


    i forgot what the title of the anarchist book was but I brought a physical copy in a local owned bookstore earlier this summer
  6. Star Wars Fan
    10-18-2010 01:04 AM
    Star Wars Fan
    wait. think i found it

    Friday, 15 August 2008

  7. Star Wars Fan
    10-18-2010 01:01 AM
    Star Wars Fan
    wait. think i found it

    Friday, 15 August 2008

  8. Star Wars Fan
    10-18-2010 12:30 AM
    Star Wars Fan
    sure post the netwar stuff
  9. Butcher
    10-17-2010 10:51 PM
    Thought you might find these interesting:

    If you have time you should check out the rest of that blog as well, its very interesting stuff. There were a few series of posts outlining some basic principles for netwar, I can't find the links now but I have them saved as text files and I can paste them here if you would like to see them.
  10. Star Wars Fan
    01-04-2010 08:32 PM
    Star Wars Fan

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