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  1. coolstorybro
    08-06-2009 10:54 PM
    , at least for another 4 days!

    It would have been nice if my cunning plan involved a way of finding water to cool my mouth down, but no, I ate it and then the bloody tap wasn't working, so I drunk half a bottle of rosé, cleaver idea by me!
  2. ShutMeUp
    08-06-2009 10:43 PM
    "im getting stalked by a kiddie" - yeah me too

    <3 jalapeños
  3. coolstorybro
    08-06-2009 10:37 PM
    I just ate a jalapeño, mouth feels like its on fire ;o, in other news, im getting stalked by a kiddie
  4. ShutMeUp
    08-06-2009 10:10 PM
    cool story, bro! (fo srs)

  5. coolstorybro
    08-06-2009 10:06 PM
    hello, im stalking your page now, thought i'd let you know

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