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For fans and devotees of this classic soda pop brand.
17 3 18 0
08:07 PM
Everything in my house that I don't need or want. We are talking Star Wars and Star Trek novels, historical books, DVDs, and other books like cooking. Will trade if I like your stuff, but would rather be paid in US currency. My email is irbycomp@hotmail.com
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Felons of Zok When felons are released there is an increase of suffering, because you are sending out voiceless and powerless individuals back into society. They should have all their rights automatically restored with conditions and restriction based on the crime. When they return to society they cannot vote, and many other classes of people are underrepresented. What is citizenship when you cannot have a home; cannot feed your family; or have no job, rights to the benefits of social services, opportunity to serve on a jury, to hold public office or to live without wearing an invisible felon tag around your neck? Having no rights restricts quality of life and impedes the successful re-entry of individuals attempting to re-establish themselves in their communities. If they are not allowed to be a part of society fully, why should they adopt our rules? They have no reason to uphold the laws, and there becomes a greater propensity to re-commit crimes.
27 1 2 0
02:23 AM
For those of us who just do not give a fuck.
27 1 2 0
02:57 AM
For those of us with a dick and two balls. No trannies.
6 1 7 0
10:17 PM
Sorry, if you aren't Gollum or Panthrax, you cannot join. Do not even fucking ask.
2 4 11 0
05:29 PM
We can share about the tablet press machine and punch die mold .We manufacture any pharmaceutical machines and punch dies mold.
3 2 3 0
08:05 AM
Zoklet donors $$$
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aight homie dis groop iz 4 all da guyz and gurlz who graf/tag/scribble 2geva as a krew
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No matter if you're Johnny Rebel hanging down in the confederacy or in Siberia in a gulag working on the one computer in your village. We are the White Power group of Zoklet dedicated for any member who recognizes the White Race is the greatest race the world could have ever been blessed by. White Power.
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