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we like to poop on our own faces
9 3 4 0
06:19 AM
We can share about the tablet press machine and punch die mold .We manufacture any pharmaceutical machines and punch dies mold.
3 2 3 0
08:05 AM
Dedicated to Tokerface who was severely bullied to the point of wanting to leave Zoklet. Prevent this from happening again by keeping Zoklet bullying-free!
7 1 3 0
09:06 AM
INFP is an acronym used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), often broadly referred to as the Dreamer, or Idealist. Follow this link to find out if you qualify: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm
6 2 3 0
06:13 AM
Guys, I believe that a lot of us have garnered name changes throughout ourlives, Whether it be from our closest friends IRL, to that random drunk stranger at a party who refuses to call you by your freakn name! Regardless, nicknames can be fun, and I am sure a lot of us have wished to call eachother by something else... Whether it be 2FACEDRTDOUCHe<____RESPECTABLE___?>to something random to generate the discussion of others, regardless, this will only get as good as you make once this is entered into the database... ANyways it would be really awesome to see people getting pm'd something, then having people casually throw the shit in a context where only a small group of people know... Because honestly after growing up on this site, I have learned to judge people and read further into the messages shared... If we hadn't I am sure we would have been better off dead!!! It's just like you guyz tried to play god to see if another darwin was on our hands~= All in the good name of fun...
5 2 3 0
04:50 AM
For the Minons and Disciples of Bleh's bidding.
18 1 3 0
01:39 PM
Tutorials, tips, tricks and support. The Unofficial Photoshop Forum of Zoklet.
15 2 3 0
10:21 PM
Yeah, we rock.
6 1 3 0
07:33 PM
Gucci been out nigga! Fuck you lookin at?
13 2 3 0
11:25 AM
this is the group for you who love the lord and saviour, me. anyones welcome, especially if you have boobs and love Jesus sexually, fuck it, even if you just love Jesus sexually. very sexually ;)
16 2 3 0
11:12 AM
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