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For anyone who lives in NZ.
30 30 383 3
12:40 AM
Everybody likes dickgirls
6 1 1 3
09:22 AM
Dont gimmie no bammer weed, this group is for all the true dank heads, no bammer weed son. (if you smoke bammer thats ok, can't always be fly)
49 13 33 2
06:02 PM
A Pan Aryan is a White person committed to the biological preservation and welfare of the White race and particularly to the defence of the physical and spiritual beauty of White women and a White future for White children above all things on earth, and who is, if necessary prepared to sacrifice their lives in defence of the same. All other allegiances are either strictly secondary or at least in harmony with Pan Aryanism. A Pan Aryan must be comitted to the defense of all Whites irrespective of nationality, subrace, gender, religion , language or extraracial ideology. Race must come above all these things. We are for the whites in the Middle East, West Asia, North Africa and worldwide. --Our religion is our race-- --We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children-- Any sane person white person would want that
9 8 23 2
12:38 PM
If you consider any music you listen to/like punk, then you can join! Come here to share and discuss some of your favorite bands.
33 4 9 2
09:13 AM
For people looking to the future of this community. For people who want this community to grow, and want the admins to sort out Totsepedia. For people who realise we can't rely on old totse posters forever, and we need new blood or this place will stagnate. For people who realise totse, for good or for ill, is dead, and that Zoklet is the future.
70 8 39 2
07:27 PM
LOST fans and fanatics unite!
16 2 5 2
09:55 PM
-Does not play well with others. -Frequent biter. -:mad:
25 6 30 2
12:53 PM
For those who enjoy being scared shitless at night because of stories.
1 0 0 1
Sanzenbacer and Schplew, SS, two cool dudes with attitude. Very evidently and factually the best users on Zoklet. No other user can compare to the overt and obvious high quality essence of either two user. This group is namely for the due praise that Sanzenbacher and Schplew very clearly attained and continue to maintain. http://i.imgur.com/IvwIZ.png http://i.imgur.com/4O58D.png http://i.imgur.com/LznY9.png http://i.imgur.com/INXhj.png
10 3 20 1
09:22 PM
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