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Qhost 08-13-2010 12:30 AM

The Rules + Worth Reading Threads
In a attempt to bring down the amount of stickies, this thread will be a quick ref guide to threads in LOL, Internet and its child sections that have been archived due to their High Quality content or are just damn right hilarious...

First... The Rules!

  • Every thread in LOL, Internet should contain a video, article or other form of media.
    - Posting COMPLETLY content-less posts is also against the rules - this includes posts which should be in PEOO or simply announce how 'old' the OP/content is. HOWEVER, I do understand some threads just turn into lul-bandwagon circle jerking fuck fests, and if so - I wont go nazi on you :)
  • If the OP (Original Post/Poster) contains only a picture, it will be moved to Pics or it didn't happen. However, linking to an article/website containing pictures is fine. This rule is a little lax in application.
  • Malicious/Referral/Phishing Links will just result in bad things. Bad things indeed. Organizing raids against other websites will result in VERY bad things. Dont do it.
  • Child Porn (CP) is o'course not allowed. Borderline pictures are accepted, if you see anyone posting questionable CP (Keep a eye on that JoePedo...) and Me or Cheshire are not online, drop a PM for us to find when we get on. (Or a Super Mod/Admin)
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) should be added as a prefix when needed.
  • Thread with News items will be moved to This Just In. Game threads will be moved to Fragyard, and threads containing links to web games (Flash games etc) will be moved to Games Poor People Play.

Breaking the rules
The First Time: Talk to you in the thread/drop you a visitor message/a private message. Although expect something more serious if you flood the forum/post PI.
Second Time: A Warning.
Further Times: Infractions.

It does not matter if you love the hell out of me, or abuse me in PEOO, the above steps will be applied in a unbiased manner.

Awesome (Archived) Threads from LOL, Internet

That Guy Called David Throne
David Throne (his website here), you know, the guy who tried to pay for his bill with a picture of a spider (missing a leg!) has popped on &Z to post a little:
Resource Rich!
Its worth having a look at these threads, they will be worth your time, for sure.

Brilliant (Archived) Threads from Pics or it Didn't Happen

Abandoned Neutrons Saga
These awesome comics done by Enter (currently En "Fuck Spacebars" Ter) have been well received by the community, and deserved there spot here!

(wtf happened to 1 and 2?)
More effort by users!
  • If Zoklet was a World.... - Including over 100 users (I think more like 200), if Zoket was a world... what would a map look like?
  • My Custom Zoklet Smilies - Skittles must have put days of work into these, and are been/being implemented into the forum by the admins.

Interesting Picture Threads
User Taken Picture Threads
Basically... Weirdness

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