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Default Re: Why does my Bulgarian assistant manager act this way? What does it mean?

^dude I think your funny and you give good advice too.

Anyway, I think I will do the following when i see him next time. First I am gonna ask him if he took his mom sight-seeing over the weekend. if they did anything, where they went, if they had fun, or if they stayed in due to bad weather, same thing, did they do anything, did they have fun..etc. Then I ask him if he came to canada all by himself without his family. Then from there, ask him if he found learning english difficult or easy. Whatever his answer is, i am going to say this: "you know, its pretty impressive that you came to canada at the age of 17, and you managed to speak the language so well" which isn't a lie, because he does speak pretty well (though he has an accent). I hope by giving him a compliment it will make him feel welcome and bring the two of us closer. This compliment isn't very personal either, and is quite appropriate, IMHO. what do you guys think of this idea?
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