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Default Re: The Hive

I'm 90% sure the hive will never come back, and if it does, not under the same name. The 'under construction' banner has been there for a long time.

I think Strike was a tiny bit arrogant, a tiny bit willing to show off what he was part of and what he'd done. To be honest, I sympathise with him, to a person with his mind set, and indeed the same mindset as various members around here, creating and organising the hive and undertaking various synths where really something to be proud of. That doesn't mean he wasn't tricked and taken advantage of by the reporters.

There are, as far as I know, none left among the &T/LT crowd that went to the hive. There are some members left on WD I think, which, if anything is what the hive turned into. At least, its where some of its members ended up.

I sadly think what happened with the hive was inevitable; a site of that popularity, churning out that much useful and relevant, possibly even revolutionary, material would have been an absolute magnet to our wonderful overlords. Whilst there is still sort of the same sized community, its now well and truly scattered, where the Hive had everything from the meth cooks to the organic chemists, they have now, in general, split into fractions and gone off to other places. I'm pretty sure I've seen Russian and Chinese boards dealing with some very interesting stuff, but I am barely proficient in English, let along anything else.

If something like that is ever to be again, I think it would have to be done through somewhere a lot more under the radar than a public site; perhaps something around usenet, private FTP clients, IRC rooms etc... Sadly this of course doesn't provide a steady stream of new traffic as the hive offered, and thus wouldn't make the community grow in quite the same way.
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