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Default July 2010

okay, so obviously a lot has happened in the last month, including the database error that resulted in 2 weeks of lost posts...which included the last update I made here.

So a quick recap:

- Yes, database error. I won't pretend to understand the nuts and bolts of what happened, but we lost two weeks of content. Sorry folks
- Forum merges! We're looking at folding some of the lowest-traffic forums into larger forums that are basically the same topic. Announcements will be made in the affected forums prior to these changes.
- As a precursor to larger changes in the infraction system, we have scrapped both the trolling infraction, as well as the "10 strikes" rule. We are also looking in to other options and ways to give moderators more practical moderating capabilities.
- Usertitles are gone, but Avatars are coming! We will re-set the default "avatars visible" to "not visible" for everyone before this change happens, so that avatars will be effectively "opt-in" rather than "ohgodohgodmakeitstop." We'll also send out a mass PM about how one can get an avatar or make them visible once we've worked all the kinks out of that system. Basically, we don't want hundreds of users with animated goatse avatars.
- There have also been some changes in staff recently:
  • Greyfox resigned, but is back on staff. The reason for his resignation was largely a miscommunication over changing forum policies, and it shouldn't have happened that way. Greyfox - we're sorry that things went the way they did. You deserved better treatment, and in the future, we should all do our best to make sure that none of us have to be in that position again.
    There will be changes to policy in a few forums - namely paranormal - that allow for users with "skeptical opinions" to post there without getting their posts deleted. Please note that such posts still must follow the forum rules about being on-topic, etc.
  • Dfg had announced his desire to step down, but was preemptively de-modded when it was decided that his behavior, as a mod, was inappropriate. However, I take responsibility for the fact that this was not addressed with him beforehand. He was demodded, at my request, without an explanation or a chance to explain himself. Although his behavior required action, it was a classless, dick move on my part to abruptly remove him, especially after everything he's done for this site. Dfg - I'm sorry. You deserved better.
  • -SpectraL has also been removed from his forums. After greyfox's initial removal, he posted a resignation. Some of the staff attempted to get him to stay, but the initial resignation was accepted. Spectral's full account of the de-modding is here, which, although I don't entirely agree with his slant on things, more or less sums up a lot of the circumstances surrounding his removal. I guess that if you want my side of the story, you can PM me or something, but spectral's version is definitely a better read. And spectral - sorry I got the details wrong on this. I was just trying to make a neutral-sounding account, and it ended up being wrong. My bad.
  • Qhost and Firestarter have both been added to the staff to help with some of the forums, and I'm planning on bumping up the number of supermods on the site (from existing mods) so that we can more quickly take care of issues that can only be handled by higher-level staff members. Those names will be announced soon.
- also, I hope everyone will bear with us as we go through some changes. I know there's been a lot of disenfranchisement among users regarding the administration's lack of attention to certain things, or our policies. I'm stepping up to take a more active role in the community, and on the forums, so if ANYONE has any problems, issues, or questions they'd like answered, I encourage you to either post in the appropriate forum so that I or one of the supermods can take care of it, or PM one of us directly. I'll be doing my best to keep you all updated on what's happening back-stage as this all occurs.

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2010, july

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