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Exclamation RULES

Welcome to Bad Ideas.
This is a discussion forum, not a planning with intent to commit forum.

Do not admit to crimes. This is protection for you & the site. Using the phrase, ‘SWIM’ will not relieve you from incriminating yourself, DO NOT use it. The authorities monitor forums & it is strongly suggested you do not admit to crimes you have committed or are planning to commit. Word your posts in a hypothetical manner. The site owner has given member's IP addresses to the feds. It is strongly recommended that you use a proxy, VPN or TOR to access this site.

• Regarding morals, the adage, ‘leave your morals at the door’ applies. It is fine to state something is a bad idea then state the reason why however, saying something is ‘wrong’ b/c it goes against your morals is not preferred.

• Flaming is fine as long as the rest of the post is relevant. If you want to have a flame war, take it to PEOO.

The following is not allowed:

• No advertising, selling, trading, offering to pay for ANYTHING. All trading (including money exchanges) is done in The Trading Pit & is regulated to prevent members from being scammed. You receive a 5 point infraction each time you advertise in BI. 2 of those infractions will ban you for 1 month.

• Do not solicit others for the organization of criminal activity as it is against site rules. To clarify, this means do not ask others if they want to engage in illegal activity with you. Do not ask if someone else lives in [insert area here] & wants to get together & commit crimes IRL. BI is not a place for you to 'do business'.

• Do not post personal info- your own PI or another person's PI as it is against site rules. Some are under the false impression that you can post non members PI, no you cannot. The reason you can't post PI of anyone is b/c there's no way to tell if it's a member's PI or not.

• No obnoxious formatting to posts (no weird colors, etc). We reserve the right to edit the post to correct said obnoxious formatting. Make your posts easy to read. (ie- no huge blocks of text with no paragraph breaks. Don't use colored fonts).

• Do not post malicious links as it is against site rules.

• Do not post child porn or discuss child exploitation. Kiddie diddler discussion is for child porn chat rooms, not BI. Discussion of deviant pedophile behavior is not permitted on the site due to legal issues & discussion of that sort attracts feds.

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