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Default August 2011 part 2

So we're talking about condensing some of our forums. Some forums will be merged, and yet others may become sub-forums of other sections. A few items that are under consideration:
  • "History" will probably be merged into "The Inhumane Condition." It was a reasonable idea, but the section simply doesn't get enough traffic to justify being separate. Future topics on history can go in any other relevant section (Inhumane condition, Politics, Religion, Etc.).
  • (DONE) "If it's got an Antenna" Should probably be merged into T&T. Again, it's a nice idea to have it separate, but I see no reason that it needs to be separate, as all of the topics it contains also fit within T&T, and traffic is low enough that it shouldn't cramp T&T's style.
  • (DONE) We'll likely merge "Pics or it didn't happen" into "Lol, Internet." While a few major threads might end up being moved into other sections like GS, there doesn't seem to be much reason to keep those two things separate. Regardless, both forums will probably benefit from the merged traffic, and users will have an easier time finding things and being entertained.
  • We're also talking about merging "Paranormal" and "Conspiracy." There's still a few lingering issues about how certain topics will fit into all of that, but for the time being, it seems reasonable to assume that the two can coexist in the same forum. This will likely be discussed (in the affected forums) before final action is taken.
  • There's also been talk of merging "ABCs to Ph.D's" with "Making Ends Meet" into a kind of "school + work" kind of forum. We're still working on a forum name and description, but merging the two together, traffic-wise, seems like a reasonable proposition.
  • We will be merging "Outdoor Living" into FFGL as soon as we have a new forum description (or maybe even sooner) to make a kind of nature megaforum.

This is still being talked over, but I'm hoping we can have decisions on at least a few of these on the next couple days, and which point I'll enact the merges.

If folks have ideas for other merges, let me know or post in S&S.

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2011, august, part

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