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Default Is this legit or just another online fraud?

Im activly looking for a job as a web/graphic designer. I posted my resume on Monster in hopes of snaggin a job. Naturally, I get a bunch of emails from people that are a bunch of scammers and frauds. I never really had a problem identifiying them as legit or not, but Im not sure about the one I got yesterday from a recruiter. It said:

Good Evening X!

I came across your resume posted on Monster, and I wanted to speak with you regarding a Web Designer position I am currently recruiting for in X for a larger Financial Services Company. I have attached the job description for your review. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, feel free to call me at your convenience. Thank you.




Senior Recruiter

Creative Solutions Services, LLC.

"Helping you solve the human capital puzzle"

website: www.css-llc.net

email: X

phone: X

mobile: X
Here are some things that make it seem somewhat legit to me:

* The recruiter provides a first and last name, as well as several ways to contact him.
* The website (its in the email I quoted) seems legit, dispite the fact its the same basic layout as many companies.
* This recruiter is referring to an open position for Capital One, which is a well known company.
* Attached was the jobs requirments and a detailed outline of what is expected should I get this job.
* I've searched the company for several hours and did not find any mention of scams/frauds that went on.
* This company is nationwide, not just locally and has been around .

Some of these points could just be lies however. Then he mentioned something that set off an alarm. He needs my social security number. He assured me that my SSN would only be used for there records, which doesn't make too much sense to me. I really don't know what to do here. I mean I don't want to give out that information, but it does look legit.

What do you guys think about this? This may not belong in this forum, but a good deal of traffic goes here and I really wanted to hear your opinions ASAP.

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