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Default The Large Illuminated Floating Sphere of Grandeur

Sucking and sucking, I spiral and twirl. . .

I emerge in an underwater sea of purplish tinge. Currents are moving me, I dont resist. Sinking as I flow with the tides. In the distance I see a purple green creature with under-fangs and over-fangs that are continually moving as its eyes and appendages ploy their observation. Its body is of a purple-green hue.

Further I travel within the mysterious liquid. I sink without putting forth much effort. As I fall further and further the sea becomes darker and darker. Though my eyes could see, to the environment I was blind. Sensing this, I, or whoever it was I had become, began to adjust. No longer did I need my eyes to perceive. Within the darkness I could feel the currents, and I could see them. Not so much as their physical manifestation, but as an archetypal knowledge. The Divine essences of which all manifest aspire to be.

In the deep downward distance, structures outlining an area are perceived. At the edges of its area, on all three sides, there is a large spire with a sphere as the top level. Beaming its light in all directions as if it were a watchtower. These towers are so high up in the water that I, even with my enhanced perceptions, cannot yet see the ground.

I sink further and further, curious as to what majesty I have found. Upon the wondering, an essence of an idea streams into my river. A feeling of ancientness and wisdom, near the edge of comprehension. Of knowledge so vast, and a legacy so grand. The masters of this strain of reality. Behold the radiating encapsulation of the Logos. A mastery of the Love, the Will, and the Intelligence. The Divine Fire held within the grandiose sphere, enclosed as a meadow by these majestic towering spires.

In awe, I continue to drift. I am now in range, and the structure within can be more clearly perceived. Between these spires are three monumental pyramids. Luminescent opulence. Enigmatic ambiguity. Tubes of light ascend diagonally from the three glowing cap-plates. The three lights attract, and with center they merge. They spiral in their elevation, until they reach the bottom of the large illuminated floating sphere of grandeur. This sphere is situated 2/3rds the way from the tri-spheres at the top of three spires. Their resonance aids in the form of the representation of infinity.

I sink closer and closer to this mystical structure. With my advancing descension I feel a tingling sensation, as if I had reached the threshold and entered into the premises.
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