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Grin The Ninja Rock Guide

Written by Qhost (me), thought you BI'ers would like this.


Note: I do not condone or advise criminal activity, this guide was written only as a investigation into the effects & techniques of ninja rocks on glass. All windows were broken at the consent of a friend at old property.


The Ninja Rock Guide

This guide aims to show a effective means of using Ninja Rocks, as well as answering questions such as "Does licking it before hand make a difference?" "Why are ninja rocks so effective?" "Does the 'making a X with ducktape' work allowing you too peel the window off?". I hope this educates and inspires you.

-- Ninja Rocks: What are they & why do they work?
-- Building the Ultimate Glass Breaker
-- Testing & Answering the Questions
-- After thoughts and alternatives(?)

So, are you ready? Okay! Let's go!


Ninja Rocks: What are they & why do they work?

Ninja Rocks are small pieces of ceramic that are used as a method to fracture glass. Stereotypically, Ninja Rocks are the cermaic from spark plugs. There is a reason for this, the ceramic from spark plugs is far harder than most other ceramics such as Porcelain. Here is a little comparision:

Name: Hardness on Knoop's Hardness Scale ( Further Reading Ceramography)
Diamond: Around 8000 (10 on the Mohs Scale)
Spark Plug Ceramic (Aluminum Oxide Ceramic): 2000 - 2050 (9 on the Mohs Scale)
Quartz: 820 (7 on Mohs)
Tool Steel: 662
Procelian: 600
Glass: 484
Rolled Carbon Steel: 169

As you can see, the ceramic from spark plugs is over 4 times as hard as glass. This means when a ninja rock is thrown at a window or pane of glass, the surface tension is released (most notable in tempered glass, IE: All car windows) and the pane fractures into thousands of pieces. A amusing comparison is how much difficulty this man has trying to break a car window with a hammer:

YouTube - Reporter Window Break Fail


Whereas here is a youtube videoof a spark plug being thrown by hand, breaking happens at 1:42.


Building the Ultimate Glass Breaker

This is a extremely useful tool to use in breaking glass. Throwing a ninja rock can be hard with thick gloves, there is also a possibility of missing and losing the piece (lol). This UGB (Ultimate Glass Breaker) allows good control of where on the glass you want to hit. To make it you will need:

You can buy spark plugs individually at a cheaper cost, but having a few spares can never hurt. Mini Eggs are not required, but recommended for your pleasure. Lets take a closer look at the hammer and spark plug:

The Hammer: These small-ish hammers are ideal for a UGB - they are very light, and the handles are wooden, which allow you to chop/sand it down to make it smaller. They allow a very nice and controlled 'flick' action unlike larger claw hammers. The Cross Pein is vital as it is where we are going to super glue our ninja rock onto. If you desire, you may wish to scratch/sand off the manufacturers name from the hammer handle and/or metal head.

All the items are easy to acquire from DIY stores.

Okay, now find a cloth and lay your spark plug on it, and fold the cloth over it. The idea is when you hammer the ceramic off, the cloth protects your eyes/hands, since shards of ceramic can easily blind/cut you. Even paper may work. Bear in mind that your cloth will probably have holes in it afterwards, you can see this in the middle image of the picture below.

Anyway, fold, and now hammer, you may want to hold the sparkplug for more control, if you have another method of doing this, then that's brilliant. Pick out the larger pieces and put them aside, smaller pieces keep hold of.

Now look at your larger pieces, you are looking for.. well... the biggest one to fit on the end of your Cross Pein. Notice that (hopefully) the inside curve of the broken ceramic fits nicely around the curve of the Cross Pein. This is shown better in the last image of the below picture.

Now, get your super glue and... glue it on. Check the instructions also. Cheaper super glue may not work as well and may need hours to set properly, especially as it's Ceramic on Metal, if you want to buy some specialized super glue ideal for Ceramic on Metal, check this website out.

While waiting for the super glue to dry, I attached a elastic band from the head to the ceramic piece on the cross pein to keep it nicely in place, you may find that in the first seconds the ceramic wont stick, try holding it in place for a few seconds and breath a little hot air on it.

Almost done! Now...

1) If you want to sand the handle down and make it smaller, do that (I did not).
2) If you want to sand the manufacturers name off the hammer and/or any possible letters on your pieces of ceramic... go ahead (I plan too)
3) Add multiple ninja rocks to the head of the hammer or elsewhere, go ahead!
4) Reinforce it with ducktape, (I did this!)

Congratu-fucking-lations, your UGB is complete!


Testing & Answering the Questions

Now I have made this simple tool, It's time to test it out. I head down to my friends land which acts as a kind of 'scrapyard'. Here we have normal glass panes and tempered car windows to test this on. I also take a roll of industrial strength ducktape (Gorilla Tape).. I will also be wearing some gloves while using the UGB.

Tempered Window

Classic Ninja Rock usage, not hard to break this. Once the window is fractured, you can easily use the hammer to knock the rest out, or even use your hand to punch/pull it apart.

Normal Pane - X shape

This was interesting, I put the ducktape on, hit it once - this had two effects; One, a fist sized piece fell off, second, it only cracked a little. I hit it a few more times and then attempt to peel the window away. Doing this, I find that it is difficult, and noisy. The glass acts like a friking wind chime and makes a lot of noise.

Thinking about the X shape

Unless you cover the window in ducktape, only then will you be able to peel it, at the expense of a lot of time and noise. The peeling tech really only works well on tempered car windows. But it DOES work.

Wetting 'Licking' the Ceramic

Tried this:

In all honestly, I found no difference, maybe I need to test it under more controlled conditions, but, if there is a difference - it does not seem to make enough difference to care about.


After thoughts and alternatives(?)

- When hitting glass, if you hit it with the edge of the ceramic, it seems to put high tensional force on it, meaning it could break off, this happened to me. HOWEVER, I only had it glued badly for 2 hours before trying it out, and did not reinforce it with duck tape or anything.

- - - IMPORTANT: I STRONGLY suggest you use proper glue designed for metal onto ceramic, and duck tape to reinforce it and any other method you can think of. This tool is not designed to last for a LONG time, only enough to get the job done a few times quickly. There is also glue 'zap-a-gap' or something designed to fill in the gaps left by the super glue, which is a good idea.

- In less than 7 or so seconds you can easily circle a car and smash every window, this is quick and very expensive revenge for someone you dislike.

- I am thinking of the idea for removing the handle completely and having just the metal head, so its something you hold in your fist and strike the window sideways; may be awkward, yet easier to carry and conceal.

- Remember, most of the sound will come from the glass falling onto the floor. Duck tape prevents this: However if not done properly, will possible make more noise.

- Low quality duck tape will not still well to glass, get the strong stuff.

- If you happen to be using this for not-so-innocent purposes, don't hang around. Don't get to the window with the hammer in your hand and stop; too scared to hit it. Get it done and get it done quickly.

- Trust your instincts.

- This guide is my work and my results, you may want to experiment yourself to find a way you think is better.

- I may do another version - if you think I should do anything major for the next one, tell me.

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Default Re: The Ninja Rock Guide

Very nice guide! If you want to add more to it, I would suggest a section near the end for alternatives to ninja rocks. One of THESE works pretty damn well. Your totally right about the majority of the sound being from the falling glass though. My friend says he's never tried duct taping the window, so he might be bringing some duct tape with him on his next trip.
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Default Re: The Ninja Rock Guide

Not a bad little tutorial.

Some people try to earn their way into heaven, I just learned how to dance with the devil.
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Default Re: The Ninja Rock Guide

I told my friend about ninja rocks and he doesn't believe that they'll work. He has an old, beat-to-shit car and he doesn't mind if we test them out on a couple of windows. We're not sure if the electrical system is FUBAR'd due to corrosion, however; will breaking the window more or less guarantee that the alarm will be triggered? He lives in close proximity to others and his neighbors aren't particularly fond of him. Don't want to rub salt on the wound, you know?
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Grin Re: The Ninja Rock Guide

the frequency of the glass shattering will not set off any alarm if it tinted its even easier just break and push it in because the tent keeps all the glass fragments together
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