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Smile The Rules

First, know that it's the moderator's role to decide whether or not your post is violating any rules and whether any course of action should be taken.

The Rules

1. Your thread needs to provide come sort of constructive content with potential for discussion. This means no one-word threads (e.g. "Discuss"), exhibitions (e.g. post count threads, "look at this picture" threads, etc), parody/clone threads, or complaints towards anyone.

2. Your thread needs to START by providing constructive content. That is, you can't post something and expect a constructive discussion to start from another user's post. Your thread needs to be able to self-suficciently create a constructive discussion.

3. If you choose to try and circumvent these rules, and it's reasonably obvious to the mods and admins, then your thread is in violation of those rules.

4. The only exception to the rules is that the mods and admins, should they come across any of the previously mentioned types of threads, see that the thread actually DOES create some form of constructive content, then it'll stay up.

Remember, also, that you are always subject to the rules outlined in our FAQ (Which can be found by clicking here.).

And thats it. Pretty simple, yeah?

These rules can and will change at any time without notice. Remember, its up to the reasonable moderator's judgement, perception, and hindsight to determine what is actually breaking rules and what isnt. Users that disregard these rules may be subject to penalization from the moderation or administrative team as they see fit.

For a full list of details outlining more specifics of the rules, click the Spoiler button below.

These rules are, and have always been, a part of this forum. They are listed here for reference by definition. Just because they are printed for easy reading doesn't make them new, it just makes them accessible.

1. This is not a place for content-less threads. Your thread must contain some useful content that drives discussion. Content-less threads include, but are not limited to, the following:
1.1. One word originating posts.
1.2. One sentence originating posts.
1.2.1. One sentence originating posts that are non-constructive.
1.2.2. One sentence originating posts that reference a showcase or otherwise non-discussion entity.
1.3. Originating posts with no sentences.
1.3.1. Originating posts with only a word, hyperlink, picture, or combination therein.
1.3.2. Originating posts without words, hyperlink, picture, or a combination therein.
1.4. Clone threads that appear reasonably intentional to the moderation and administrative team.
1.4.1. Threads who'se sole purpose is to parody another thread title and/or original post. Parody by means of rhyme. Parody by means of script, image, or other simile.
1.5. Threads about post-count.
1.5.1. Threads based on exhibition of ones own post count without constructive content.
1.5.1. Threads based on exhibition of another user's post count without constructive content.

2. This forum is not for the following topics:
2.1. Threads specifically fashioned for a complaint against another user.
2.1.1. Threads specifically fashioned for a complaint against multiple users.
2.2. Threads specifically fashioned for a complaint against a moderator or administrator.
2.2.1. Threads specifically fashioned for a complaint against several moderators or administrators.

3. The rules herein apply to the thread originator, NOT the thread contributors, with several exceptions.
3.1. If a thread originator guises a thread described in section 1 with content, it is a content-less thread.
3.2. Thread contributors are still, and always, subject to the rules outlined in Zoklet's Official FAQ.
3.3. Thread originators are still, and always, subject to the rules outlined in Zoklet's Official FAQ.

4. Threads perceived by the reasonable moderator or administrator to be in attempt of rule circumvention is, in itself, violation of this rule.
4.1. Threads that are specifically fashioned to avoid or circumvent rules.
4.2. Threads with no original constructive content, fashioned to have content start by the thread repliers.

5. The only, definitive exception to the rules outlined in the previous chapters are outlined in section 5.
5.1. It is at the discretion of the moderation and administrative team to determine weither a thread fitting the descriptions of the previously mentioned sections is constructive and contributive towards the normal operating function of the Zoklet forums.

Again, THESE RULES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE. They have just never been put together in such a fashion.

If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to contact by Private Message any one of your Generally Speaking moderators.
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