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Confused Kevin Pollak standup

Where can I get this Larry King interview on video?
Kevin Pollak was talking about this interview as part of his stand up.
It sounds hilarious.


January 22, 1993

Larry King Live

Alan Arkin on the Golden Age of Baseball


KEVIN POLLAK (8th CALLER)Los Angeles, California] [impersonating Alan Arkin] Hello, Larry?
Larry, listen to me. This is Alan. I don't know who that is on your show. He's an impostor. I've been held
kidnapped, and I just want to say I do not appreciate this.

Mr. ARKIN: Is this Kevin?

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Alan Arkin] First of all, I know- The thing he said about
television- I did not want to do television movies. I don't appreciate what he said about that.

Mr. ARKIN: Is this Kevin?

KING: This is Kevin Pollak.

Mr. ARKIN: Oh, good grief! [laughs]

KING: He currently stars in A Few Good Men. He's one of the great impersonators - and he's the only
impersonator that does Alan Arkin.

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Alan Arkin] Wait a second! You fellows don't understand
something, here. I don't appreciate- I have somebody else here, too, like-

[impersonating Peter Falk] Alan, it's Peter. Let me just say something, if I may. The chicken-salad
sandwich story was my idea. You know it was.

Mr. ARKIN: That's enough, now!

I just did a film with Kevin Pollak. I got a phone call on my answering machine last week. There was a
message on my answering machine. I picked it up, and it was me. And I said, 'When did I leave that
message?' And after about five minutes, he revealed himself as being him.

KING: He's really got you down.

Mr. ARKIN: Yes. He made me think that I [sic] was me-

KING: All right, Kevin, let me ask you a question as Alan Arkin. We'll put the camera on Alan and you
answer as Alan, OK?

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] Sure.

KING: All right. Did you enjoy doing Edward Scissorhands? Did you have fun doing that movie?

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Alan Arkin] What are you saying, did I have fun? What do
you mean?

KING: Well, I mean, was it enjoyable, or was it hard work?

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Alan Arkin] First of all, I don't really think that you care
about this question, Larry. But I will say I did have fun, yes.

KING: All right. Is Arkin difficult, Kevin?

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Alan Arkin] How was that your business?

[as himself] No, he's not difficult at all. Listen, he's easy to do, because he's got such a big heart and he
wears it on his sleeve and it's a joy.

KING: I'm glad Kevin's having a good year, too. Aren't you-

Mr. ARKIN: Did you get my message this morning, Kevin?

Yes, he's having a great year.

KING: All right, Kevin, say 'Good night' as Albert Brooks.

Mr. POLLAKon telephone] [impersonating Albert Brooks] Oh, geez! Let me just say this, Larry - please,
if I may. This is not about me. This is about Alan, OK?

[as himself] No, I just wanted to- I actually wanted to call to say what an inspiration it was to work with
Alan. We did a film together this summer that comes out in April, called Indian Summer, and it was an
amazing inspiration to be around this man, let alone work with him in a scene. And he is in the character
while you're working with him, Larry. I'll tell you that. And it really pulls you to the highest level of your
game, and it was a joy. And I just wanted to call up and say, 'God bless.'

KING: Thanks, Kevin.

Mr. ARKIN: The man stole my soul. He stole my soul.
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