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Default How to remove MSM (and most other cuts) from meth HCl

Want to clean some MSM-cut gear? Read on.

Things you will need:
Distilled water (dH2O)
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
Sodium chloride (NaCl)
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)
An eydropper or pipette
1 plastic soda bottle (500ml) w/lid
45cm (18 inches) of 3.175mm (1/8 inch) aquarium tubing
Utility knife or other sharp knife
1 Baby food jar
1 mason jar/glass container
1 plastic stirring utensil
Litmus paper/pH meter
Zipper sandwich bags
Filter paper

Cut a hole in the lid of the plastic bottle so the aquarium tubing fits snugly into it.
Using dH2O, completely dissolve 32g NaOH in the big glass container.

Crush contaminated product into a fine powder and place in baby food jar.
Add dH2O with stirring until the product completely dissolves.
Using the pipette/eyedropper, add the NaOH solution with gentle stirring to the baby food jar slowly until the pH is 13+.

Wait 20 minutes.

You will see a layer of oil start to form on the top of the water as the pH becomes more basic. This is your meth freebase. Meth converts to an oil at high pH levels. Cuts do not.

Add an equal volume of toluene and stir. NOTE: MSM is soluble in many nonpolar solvents, but minimally soluble in toluene. Failure to use toluene will result in your cutting agent (MSM in particular) dissolving right along with your meth freebase. Cold toluene would work even better.
Pour the whole solution into a zipper bag.
Hang zipper bag by its corner from a nail, allow solution to separate.
Clip off a small piece of the corner of the bag and allow the water (bottom) to drain out.
Drain remaining fluid back into the baby food jar (make sure it's DRY).

Add 32g (1/4c) of NaCl to the plastic bottle.
Add the volume equal to one capful of the H2SO4 to the plastic bottle and cap tightly.
Gently squeeze the plastic bottle like a bellows over the surface of the toluene solution until no more powder/crystals form.

Filter out the crystals, allow to dry.
Acetone wash if desired.

Poof, clean dope.

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