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Default Difference in snorting vs oral

So obviously snorting anything gives you a quicker onset and more powerful effects but why? when you snort it goes down your throat just like a pill would. or is it not going to the stomach because your not swallowing? sometimes when i snort pills i swallow the drip since i have post nasal drip and it gets very thick and doesnt move down the throat very fast does this defeat the purpose?
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Default Re: Difference in snorting vs oral

It does not go down your throat. It absorbs into your mucous membranes, thus entering your blood stream much faster, and reaching your brain quicker in return.

Swallowing the post nasal drip does not defeat the purpose, unless you plan to spit it out, and snort your snot.
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Default Re: Difference in snorting vs oral

Snorting does not provide stronger effects than swallowing for every drug. There many drugs for which swallowing or other Routes of Administration (ROA) are more efficient.

The two factors that affect how strongly you feel a drug you have ingested (besides tolerance and current body chemistry) are Bioavailability (BA) and Peak Plasma Concentration (PPC). Bioavailability is how much of the drug you ingested actually makes it into your blood stream, While PPC is the amount of drug that is in your blood at its highest level.

Bioavailability is different with every drug and with every ROA. For example, oxycodone has an oral BA of 65-87%. That means that for every 100mg of oxy you swallow 65-87mg will actually get into your blood. Exactly how much is absorbed depends on your individual body and different other circumstances like how much food you have in your stomach. Oxy's intranasal (snorting) BA, however, is approximately 50%. So for every 100mg of oxy you snort only 50mg actually gets into your blood stream. Now, most people who are experienced with oxycodone will report that they get higher from snorting than from swallowing. How can this be given the fact that the oral BA is more than 25% higher? The answer is Peak Plasma Concentration.

It is important to note that bioavailability is different for every drug and for every ROA (for some drugs intranasal BA is actually higher than oral). Also, Bioavailability varies widely from person to person. For some people the oral BA of a drug may be 50% while for others it may be closer to 90%.

Peak Plasma Concentration is the amount of drug present in the blood at its highest point. This translates to how "high" you feel. When you swallow oxycodone much more of it is absorbed into your body, but it is absorbed over the course of several hours. So while your stomach & intestines are busy absorbing oxy, your liver is filtering it out. Because oxy is being removed from your blood at the same time the amount of oxy in your blood never gets too high.

On the other hand, when you snort your oxy all of it is absorbed at once. That means that the PPC is much higher than it ever gets when you eat the same amount. Because it is all absorbed before your liver has a chance to begin filtering the oxy out of your blood, more of it gets into your brain at one time and you get much higher.

When you snort a drug it goes into your nasal cavities where it is absorbed through your mucus membranes. It never gets to your throat except, as you noted, the drip. Swallowing the drip makes no difference since that amount of the drug is no longer in your sinuses so it may as well go into your stomach where it may be absorbed as well. However, if you can, you may try lightly blowing air out through your nose while opening the hole between your mouth and your nose. If you do it properly this can actually blow some of the dripped substance back into your sinuses, where it can be absorbed more efficiently.

So, as you may have deduced, it is very important to do a lot of research on your drugs before you ingest them. Not only does this keep you relatively safe, it can also help you get the most bang for your buck.

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Default Re: Difference in snorting vs oral

the more water soluble the substance is, the faster it should absorb into your mucus membranes and pass into the blood stream..

The faster any drug gets into your system the higher you get..
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Default Re: Difference in snorting vs oral

hey thanks for the info
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difference, oral, snorting

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