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Default Extracting mophine from mscontin

Hey everyone Ive been banging these fuckers for a couple months and Ive got to say its been hell on my lungs so Ive stopped for now. I read a writeup on how to extract the morp and was wondering if it looked correct? Also can you really just order acetic anhydrous from a chem site and not get in shit? It took me 5 mins on google to find a supplier.
As most of you who have received a new prescriptions of either MS
Contin (Morphine Sulphate 100 mgs or 200 mgs) and OxyContins
(Oxycodone HCl 10, 20, 40 or 80 mgs--160 mgs are no longer made) .
There is a newer type of wax that makes it almost impossible to get
more than 5% -10% out of the pills using previous ways. When heated it
basically forms a thick solution which, if you can even get any in the
syringe requires a great deal of water and many rinses. The science of
drug delivery and absorbtion is called pharmaceutics (as opposed to
pharmacology which is the study of drugs on living systems).

I am not a trained chemist although I have significant coursework in
organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry. (I do have a Ph.D. in
pharmacology (1994). My current position allows me to spend a lot of
time experimenting in a situation that most other junkies would
consider paridise. I have been working on the extraction of Morphine
from the waxy pills (as well as the extraction from oxy's.) I have
come up with a great way the most people can remove the product from
the pills.

First, the best way to do it is with a ceramic hotplate with a
magnetic stirrer. If you must use your home stove, IT MUST NOT BE A
HAVE A NEWER RANGE WITH THE FLAT BURNERS or at least use your oven at
its lowest setting. Even this is very dangerous and you must watch it
constantly and were safety goggles.

First you need a beaker (300 - 600 ml ) or something pyrex that will
not break from temperature changes. Take the coating off of the pills
with a wet tissue. You do not need to get into the impressions of the
pill where the numbers are. Crush the pills with a mortar and pestle
or a coffee grinder. I recommend doing no less than 5 at a time. The
more you do the better this will work.

Take the powdered pills, put them in a beaker and add a few drops of 1
N HCl to change them into Morphine HCl. You can probably skip this
step if you are using Oxy's, but I do it anyway. Then add about 50 -
100 mls of distilled water. Mix well. Now make up a mixture of 85%
mineral spirits to 15% toluene (laquer thinner). Add about twice the
volume of the mixture of the water you added. It is preferable to stir
with a magentic stirrer, but if you do not have one, stir with a glass
rod or a plastic knife. Then heat the beaker up to about 80 degrees C
while stirring at least every couple of minutes (if there is no
magnetic stirrer). Be very careful as the flash point of mineral
spirits is lower than its boiling point (have a plan of action if it
catches fire like a plate or something to smother the fire). After
about 10 -15 minutes of heating and stirring, the morphine will be in
the aqueous layer (the bottom), the wax will be in the organic layer
(the top. Use a 5 cc syringe and tilt the beaker to draw off the
bottom layer (do not try to get every last drop of water. Leave a
speck in there otherwise it is difficult to remove some of the
remaining organic solvents). Place each of the draw's into a 2nd
beaker. Leave the organic / wax layer alone unless it is oxy's. If it
is put another 50-100 mls of water in the organic layer and repeat.
Restir and redraw. Place the draw into the same beaker as the first

Now heat the morphine (or Oxy) and water (there is also a few
carbohydrates in there that are placed in the oringinal pill, but
these will not hurt you. Reduce the volume to 5 cc's or less. Allow
the mixture to cool for about 2 minutes and pour it through a metal
coffee filter into another beaker. Any additonal wax will have clumped
together and will remain in the filter. Only the liquid will go
through the funnel. It is best to check the pH with pH paper and
adjust to about 6.0 -6.5 with Sodium Hydroxide. If the pH is lower
than 6, the shot will burn.

The remaining liquid after filtration will be morphine HCl, about 90+
% of what was in the pills. If you want to remove the carbohydrate so
you have pure product, add Calcium Hydroxide. This will cause
insoluble Calcium Morphenate to precipitate. Filter through a regular
paper coffee filter and reacidify to pH 6-6.5
If you want to make heroin out of it and have access to Acetic
Anhydride. Allow the morphine liquid to evaporate by leaving it on the
counter top for several hours. You will get a white powder (M HCl and
CH2O or just M HCl. If you neutralize it to pH 7 or >, you will just
have morphine freebase. Both can be converted to heroin (diacetyl
morphine). Add about 3 -5 mls of Acetic ANhydride to Morphine or
Morphine HCl powder cover the beaker with aluminum foil tightly and
bake in the oven at 80- 90 c (200 F) for about 4 hours. Then put the
exhaust fan on and uncover, raising the temperature to about 250 F
until the Last of the vinegar smell cooks off, but being careful not
to burn. It is best to cook until almost completely dry and then allow
the rest to evaporate on the counter. You can also run a lighter
underneath the beaker to make sure. Add enough water for all of your
shots. Check the pH and adjust down with HCl(or vitamin C) or or up
with NaOH(or baking soda). The ideal pH is 6 - 6.5 Remeber, about 25
- 50 mgs heroing is a great shot for most junkies. If you are not
addicted, take 25 or less. If you are on 120 mgs a day of methadone,
start off with 100 mgs.
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Default Re: Extracting mophine from mscontin

the way I used to avoid the turn to gel thing is that when u bang them instead of cooking the pill in water u just get the coating of and crush it up then take a spoon full of water and cook the water till its boiling hot then put the crushed pill in then throw a cotton in and hurry the fuck up and find a vein while its still hot. it wont turn to gel you until it starts to cool down.
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extracting, mophine, mscontin

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