You are five years old. You are lieing on a grassy hill, blowing bubbles up into a clear field of blue sky. Bubbles. Right now, as a five year old child, you look at the bubbles, and words pop into your head: "pretty", "", "float". To you, the bubbles are almost like people at least som...

Written by Andy Hawks

SUCCESS AS A CIRCULAR MAILER Don't be taken in by those "big headline" advertisements promising you instant riches as a Circular Mailer! It just doesn't work that way Full page, 8 12 x 11 circulars are meant to call attention to a special offer, and are best used as a "followup...

Written by Anonymous

NOTICE DELINQUENT ACCOUNT Date: To: Payment in the amount of $ was due to us on , 19 as compensation for the following debt: To date, we have not received the $. Would you please mail a check to us immediately. Very truly yours, ...

Written by Anonymous

7.Carefully pull the front panel up from the transceiver do not break the wires connected between the front panel and the body of the transceiver. Lay the front panel to the side of the transceiver keep track of the PTT and F.LOCK covers if they come off. 8.Gently lift the top panel...

Written by Anonymous
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I've done several experiment relating to Cannibutter and several edibles and i would like to share my conclusion: The Best Way to Make Cannibutter!

One of the biggest problems in cooking up your cannibutter is contacting the pan and the buds ...
Written by Ouroboros
1) The safety mechanism - Crickets have two different kinds of safety mechanisms, the click button, and the loose wheels. The click button is a shitty plastic contraption that won't allow the gas button to be depressed unless the safety button has ...
Written by Anonymous
This article will go over how I made my DWC hydroponic buckets. I've made a couple different DWC systems before, but this is the type I've had the best results with. The buckets are based off of a thread on grasscity(i believe), but with a couple ...
Written by olive
A simple Howto guide for making Cannabutter by
Written by
A high person's guide on finding, selecting and germinating cannabis seeds as well has caring for
Written by Dose Me
A simple, easy to make cannabis tincture which can be taken
Easiest way to consume cannabis orally. Peanut butter, weed, and crackers.

Firecrackers are composed of peanut butter and ground cannabis sandwiched between two saltine (soda) crackers. A variation of this is the leary biscuit, which is essentially ...

Well, almost literally. Not literally smoking...
Written by Fish
Not for Human Consumption Rules of Posting

By using the Not for Human Consumption forum you are obligated to follow certain rules.

These rules are also subject to change, and it is your responsibility to know the current rules daily to see if ...
Written by scovegner
Editor's Note: I merged this thread with the new and improved opioid potenation thread so that I could archive them both together. This post has the original, the modified one is below.

Just in case anyone is looking for it or had it ...
Written by Thought Riot

Written by Rizzo in a box
Dose Me is a
Written by Zay

/*~The LSD Adventurer's Guide~*\

Spent a bunch of time on this for BLTC, so I archived it. Might as well post it here, too. This post is intended to answer the most popular and frequent questions asked about ...
Written by darkus
We're getting shitloads of these threads, so please put any discussion related to ecstasy/MDMA in this thread. I say ecstasy because it's preetty unlikely everyone's gonna have pure mdma in their pills ..

To start us off (a few snippets from ...
Written by scovegner
...Well, why not? JP keeps ranting and raving about it that the idea of dosing up on nutmeg and kicking back for the rest of the day, smoking bowls of cali dank and drinking coffee is very appealing to me. Lately I've been getting used to the taste ...
Written by Rizzo in a box
This is just a quick recipe book/'guide' with nutmeg oil as opposed to raw nutmeg. Nutmeg oil is just another essential oil that you can get anywhere you'd expect to get them, health food shops, aromatherapy etc, random hippy shops, anywhere you'd ...
Written by scovegner
...For no apparent reason.

And very much to my surprise, I'm actually feeling quite interesting right now.

If I was a number, the best way to describe the way I feel is as if I've undergone exponentiation.

Anyways, it was eight 3mg tablets ...
Written by Spacecase
I don't know about you guys, but I love to learn. With that in mind, I'm going to set down a few rules for this thread:
  1. Absolutely no malicious or misleading links, whatsoever, even if its lulzy.
  2. Do not clutter up this thread with any OT nonsense. ...
Written by Rizzo in a box
Here's my SoBe waterfall bong I made. I'm going to put in an actual bowl or maybe trombone piece when i feel like going to the flea market. I've also used a can.
Written by Pringles
I'm working on a sci-fi story and I'd like to introduce a few new drugs for some added flavor as well as to add to the intrigue. Anything which is novel and would have a serious political/economic impact is what I'm looking for. Something more in ...
Written by Rizzo in a box
Basically, i suck at shooting up. Occasionally, i will register, and then lose my vein, this leaves blood in my syringe, and eventually it gets hard to push down the plunger. I assume this is due to the blood in there clotting and stiffening, but ...
Written by HeaT
"A thousand years ago, deep in the darkest jungles of the amazon, the ancient incas discovered the mysterious vine, to brew up the sacred, psychoactive, hallucinogenic drink. The holy ayahuasca"

And in 2002 that was about all I knew about ...
Written by studious_redux
SO, there have been some talkings on bluelight about primary alcohols besides ethanol and excluding methanol acting as very efficient intoxicants.

In particular, n-butanol and n-pentanol. Theoretically, these unbranched alcohol are relatively safe ...
Written by N0 W4RN1NG
There are so many web outlets for stoners nowadays I figured I throw a bunch of links out of one's I like visiting.

I always like finding new websites with new ideas and ways of spreading information so post your links to stoner communities and ...
Written by Dose Me

I'm interested to hear what strains are circulating in and around &Z.

The idea of this thread is simple. What are you smoking?

Post the name, preferably pictures, and personal review of your current herb.

Feel free to include ...
Written by Grinch
Quit being a fag. Smoke a
Written by crackhead
I'd like to build a thread with all information on current cannabis laws, its legality, or any issues and stories that have to do with cannabis law reform or the war on weed. I'll keep this information as current as I can but you can always look for ...
Written by Dose Me
So zos told me to start a shroom thread so here it is.

Well which do you prefer to do, immediately do cakes and get mushies quick or wait a couple weeks and do a couple extra steps and get more??

I prefer to case because all the mushies just grow ...
This thread will be open from 12:01 (Eastern Time) until midnight on 4/20/2010.

This thread is where all documentation of zoklet user's 420 celebrations will be posted. After 420 is over this thread will be closed and archived as a testament to ...
Written by Dose Me
I found that rather interesting....

Written by mr.poopypants
Eventually i'd like this to be a sticky with links to all the contributed cannabis text files...for now, if you're unable to get through the sytem to contribute, if you would write em up and post em here and we'll get them processed along and ...
Written by
This is an arcticle published in one of Seattles alternative newpapers, The Stranger. Interesting read.

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine
What's a drug used to deworm livestockóa drug that can obliterate your immune systemódoing in your cocaine? ...
Written by DECI4
This is for submissions to the contest and discussion of the submissions only. Any off topic/rude shit will get warned and infracted accordingly.
Written by Dose Me
Recall in the last days of BLTC, JoePedo's getting high naturally thread? Well, the general consensus is that the method would not produce drug-like euphoria through increased dopamine production. That's fine, we were expecting too much.

However, ...
Written by mksnowboarder
I am primarily interested in methods for testing the purity of heroin. Specifically, I would like to know low cost approximations, as well as the high cost super accurate methods.

More low cost approximations will probably be most helpful to me. ...
Written by duder
hey, been a while
question: anyone used an egg to smoke out of?
im bout to try, pack it with freshhhhh snow and hit it but idk how safe it is...any of the eggparts toxic when heated?

Written by leaf
There use to be a site where you can put in the url of an online RC source and it would tell you if it was legit or not (give you reviews, ect).

I forgot the name, anything like that still
Written by Lysergic Rain
I'm sure many of you know of my old guide and may have used it many times to help you achieve a better high, but unfortunately, it was written when I myself was new to that route of administration and over the years, I have learned a few tricks as ...
Written by panthrax
As many of you may or may not know, i likes to get high a lot. It's
pretty much all i do anymore. But yesterday, while getting high, i
realised that my life has more value than inhaling toxins, it was then
i realized i had to do something with my ...
Written by bleh
The most glorious holiday of the year is upon us!



This is the ...
Written by Dose Me
About a month or two ago, I tried nutmeg at a ten gram dose. That experience was quite pleasant. So on sunday at approx 4:30 pm I dosed 15 grams of grated nutmeg, fifteen grams being three whole nuts. I was feeling the onset by around 9-10pm, with ...
Written by Ambient
Over the past several months I have seen a number of threads where people were unsure what to say to their doctors in order to obtain a specific prescription they were looking for.

It brought to mind robbinthehood's old thread of the same title ...
Written by panthrax
If you are curious about shooting up Wellbutrin (Bupropion), I give you a guide:

1.Start off with 2 Wellbutrin XL 150mg and rinse their coating off with distilled water. some Wellbutrin XL are purple.
Written by Konglomo
Hai BLTC ajrn7l.jpg

It has come to my attention that many who frequent BLTC are often overwhelmed by some of the higher-level pharmacological discussion that takes place here sometimes. I'm going to attempt to explain what some of this jargon means, and hope ...
Written by Gun Lover
This is going to be TLDR but I feel I should share my experience with opioid addiction and dependance:
The first time I got high on an opioid was when I was like 13 years old, I had an eye injury and was prescribed hydrocodone/apap and I remember ...
Written by ilovechronic

This article that i wrote was originally going to be in the BLTC eZine. However seeing as progress on the zine has stagnated i have decided to put it in this thread for you to enjoy.

General Information

The opium poppy, or papaver ...
Written by psychomanthis
I like making oil with cold acetone. It's super simple and the results are great. Potency is very slightly lower than BHO but the taste of the pot is preserved. And it's really not that much of a potency difference anyway. Acetone is easy to source, ...
Written by 36fuckin5
So, with awareness and complete respect to the Thomas recipe for opiate/opioid withdrawal, I was thinking we, as in the BLTC userbase here on zoklet, could add even more information to the collective amount of knowledge that the internet contains in ...
Written by IWD
Written by mr.poopypants
i know benadryl has depressant properties and atropines has stimulant properties so what im thinking is mixing 350benadryl powdr and a few drops of atropine and cooking it up and injecting it.
this isnt a troll thread
i feel like we might get a ...
Written by sploogook

Alright first off we're talkin bout this shit, nigga:


That's the dank shit right there, them mawfuckas even talkin bout magical nutmegs on they baggies n shit ...
Written by turboneger
I decided to put my own personal history of drug experimentation into a spoiler box, because I know how people around here respond to overly long posts. That way you can't say: tl;dr. But it's there, in case you're curious. To summarize: I basically ...
Written by gadzooks
Anyone tried this yet?

Heard a lot of good things about it; reasonably similar to ket itself, better than mxe etc. Got some on the way now, will report back in a few days if anyone's
Written by Eridani
Here's a link to the old thread I wrote. This new way is much better.

I love oil. It is by far my favorite way to consume THC. So I figured out how to make it, because fuck paying what people charge for what basically amounts to a little bit of ...
Written by 36fuckin5
I can't remember the philosophy that states live, and make decisions that will lead to maximizing overall happiness.

This includes everything and adds it up to like a total. So if money makes you happy, but you work at a job that you hate for 60 ...
Written by eBagger
Yes, I know it's a cheesy title. I would like to take this opportunity to write for you guys a trip report of a magical mushroom adventure I went on a while ago. I will start by laying out the stage, and explaining the characters involved.

The year ...
Written by ObscuredByClouds
Anyone that's ever bought drugs has had to deal with the accursed middle-man, that shiesty fucker that gets in between you/your money and the dealer that has the shit you want. He is a necessary evil. But sometimes you find yourself on the other ...
Written by iMagiNation
Cannabinoids I Have Known And Loved

This is being written from an iPhone, and is a work in progress. Excuse the current state of formatting, it will improve. Please feel free to ask questions and add comments.

It has come to my attention that ...
Written by N0 W4RN1NG
Written by Zok


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