Innocence Tortured Molten bubbling undesirable flowing ooze Currents changing with redirects of incidents Triggered by slight external temperature changes that cause the bubbles to pop Constant pain that goads the walls of insanity to pummel and burst Burst into inflammatory hell...

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Ambien is a sleeping pill for insomniacs that is very effective. The main ingredient in it is zolpidem tartrate, which does not show up on drug tests, so for those who are concerned don't worry about that. Anyway, I had heard that 20 or 30 mg of this stuff will trip you up pretty good. ...

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Archivename: musicalternativef Lastmodified: 19931001 New things in this version include the "Blind Melon sucks" question, the Valley Girl question, the This Mortal Coil question, the Negativland question, the new Pearl Jam question, a couple of fixed typos and modifications of th...

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TELEX WIRELESS INFORMATION 2 Telex Communications, inc. Stock Frequencies HT400 & WT400 Multiple Channel Transmitters 150216 MHz Standard Frequency Combinations CH 78CH 78 CH 78CH 78CH 78 175.0 177.0 177.8 178.4 178.8 181.0 183.0 183.8 184.4 184.8 CH 78CH 78 C...

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Clay cooking pots have been used for centuries. They are an excellent way of cooking anything from chicken to vegetables to bread. This recipe is for a garlic stuffed chicken - sometimes called "40 cloves garlic chicken." It's best served ...
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Topic: :: Below is above in 2 codes 1 love. :: whotooknomikos was blown up by a Creeper :: < SpecLad> I think Yoss got a boner. < Yossarian> it means understanding has been reached
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