This is Irwin Schiff's fourth book on the federal income tax, and reveals in shocking detail how every aspect of it is implemented in violation of law and the U.S. Constitution. YOU WILL DISCOVER, among other things, THAT NO LAW REQUIRES YOU TO FILE INCOME TAX RETURNS OR PAY THIS ...

Written by Irwin Schiff

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION First Season Episode Guide Second Edition Compiled By Jim Lyon 72571,3002 Encounter at Farpoint Hide and QComing of Age The Naked NowHaven Heart of Glory Code of HonorThe Big Goodbye The Arsenal of Freedom The Last OutpostDatalore Symbiosis Whe...

Written by Anonymous

Will Smith "Men in black" Here come the Men in Black Here come the Men in Black Uh it's the M.I.B.'s Here come the Men in Black Here come the Men in Black here they come They won't let you remember Right on, right on The good guys dress in black remember that Jus...

Written by Anonymous

TIRED OF LOSING OUT IN LIFE? SICK OF BEING MR. AVERAGE? BECOME GOD! That's right. Unbelievable as it may seem, we have a limited number of magic amulets that will giveu the power of the Lord God. RAISE THE DEAD! CREATE LIFE! WALK ON WATER! Impress your friends and improve you...

Written by Anonymous

PAY TV DECODER PLANS MATERIALS NEEDED: 1Radio Shack minibox 270235 114 watt resistor, 2.2k2.4k ohm RS 2711325 175pf100pf variable capacitor Hard to find 2F61a Chassis type coaxial connectors RS 278212 12" No. 12 solid copper wire 12" RG59 coaxial cable INSTUCTIONS ...

Written by Anonymous
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Clay cooking pots have been used for centuries. They are an excellent way of cooking anything from chicken to vegetables to bread. This recipe is for a garlic stuffed chicken - sometimes called "40 cloves garlic chicken." It's best served ...
Written by Zok


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