Physical Penetrations: The Art of Advanced Social Engineering Scott Higgins February 22, 2001 Introduction If you ask an Information Security professional to tell you about their security architecture they will probably rattle on about Intrusion Detection Systems IDS, Firewal...

Written by Scott Higgins

SERIAL NUMBER DECODE POLICY The DDIB does decode reverse control channel data if a good quality signal is presented to the DDIB. The serial number for the mobile phone is NOT decoded by the DDIB. With the serial number it would be possible for someone to easily commit fraud and steal...

Written by Anonymous

Fr: Joyce Neu 814 8657365" <JN0@PSUVM.PSU To: Multiple recipients of list XCULTL@PSUVM.BITN Intercultural Newsletter 7: Nonverbal Communication, Emphasis on Personal Space Spcom 497A Dr. Joyce Neu Hello again from the MCBIMDAVIG's. The many aspects of nonverbal ...

Written by Anonymous

FILENAME: INTROA An INTRODUCTION to HYPERSPACE in Your Everyday Life WHERE IS HYPERSPACE? and HOW DO WE GET THERE FROM HERE? THE Ancients imagined a timeless space beyond human comprehension that they called Heaven, Hades, Valhalla, Gehenna, Limbo, Ely...

Written by Anonymous

BAND EXPANSION MODIFICATION FOR IC02AT FOR SERIAL NUMBERS ABOVE 34 BY LTC STEVE PETERS, CAP 1. Remove back from radio 5 screws and bottom plate 4 screws. 2. Carefully remove radio chassis from front case by pulling out top of radio and lifting slightly to remove battery co...

Written by Anonymous
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Clay cooking pots have been used for centuries. They are an excellent way of cooking anything from chicken to vegetables to bread. This recipe is for a garlic stuffed chicken - sometimes called "40 cloves garlic chicken." It's best served ...
Written by Zok


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