Gulf War Syndrome, Biological Warfare Conducted on U.S. Military Members, and Corporate BioGenocide Levied on the Planetary Population A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in Houston, Texas on Jan 15, 1996 Transcript by Leading Edge Research Group,<br> P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washingt...

Written by Captain Joyce Riley

I recommend displayingprintin this document in a monospaced font such as Courier. Your choice, though. CRANK 3 Do you like to laugh? Well, sure you do! Who doesn't like to laugh?! indicates omission from textonly version CONTENTS 1. Teenage Misfit Revisionism 2. Me...

Written by Anonymous

Citation: People Weekly, Nov 22, 1993 v40 n21 p1153 THE BRIDE AND GROOM YOUNG, BLOND AND ATTRACTIVE were as perfect as their elaborate wedding, planned down to the last detail. She was a 23yearold veterinary assistant, he an accountant five years her senior, and they gathered to ex...

Written by Anonymous

TREATY OF GREENVILLE WYANDOTS, DELAWARES, ETC. [concluded August 3, 1795] A treaty of peace between the United States of America, and the tribes of Indians called the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pattawatimas, Miamis, Eel Rivers, Weas, Kickapoos, Piankeshaws,...

Written by Anonymous

Date: 27Apr89 22:22 From: John Windmueller To:Ron Sparks Subj: Re: Godgood or evil? I'm not to fond of organized religion as a whole. Frankly, I think God is a manmade security blanket. Further, if a God did really exist, I'd have to hate him for the suffering he has allowed ...

Written by Anonymous
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