I am not confortable with publishing this at all. I wrote it not long ago and I hope you can learn somthing from it. I am publishing this because I feel the main problem is that things like this are usually kept in the dark, or are surrounded in psychobabble and things the average person ...

Written by John Tate

alt.tasteless.pen [1] Penis Poetry i942019@redgum.be BettyNugs back once again. I found this "poem" in the newsgroup rec.arts.peoms and thought it was perhaps appropriate to post here. So here it is: > > Path: sheoak.bendigo.la > From: "Melyssa S." <...

Written by Anonymous

Pablo Ratta Von Paz ALTERNATIVE Badenstr. 256 8004 Zurich SWITZRLAND OXFIN Unit 1, Business Centre Paradise Street Oxford ENGLAND SHADOWPLAY PO Box 343 Petersham 2049 NSW AUSTRALIA Lindley Bhanji BALANCE POEMS PO Box 262 Carina Queensland 4152 AUSTRALI...

Written by Anonymous

Moebius presents The Azlumic Reading List and other strangeness The following is a list of published books or short stories which ARE NOT affilliated with Azlum but inadvertantly either reflect the philosophy, view of the future, or some aspect or mood of Azlum. "A C...

Written by Anonymous
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