Many Nights I've prayed with no prove, anyone could fulfill Still my hopes kept dragging me, but never could fulfill But now I'm standing here, and there's no one that can make me frail For I am a feral Swan that quickly flew away There ain&146;t no peers in my way, unlike the pathos that...

Written by Adeel Ansari

!!THE BUG DETECTOR !! BY: FORD PREFECT UPLOADED BY: The Phoney Phoner and The Skeleton Krew What you will need: the number in brackets is a reference number which matches the schematic. The number in paranthesis is the amount of the part needed. [1] 1 1n34a crystal diod...

Written by Anonymous

Dedaparamaxxagino Productions presents . . . THE HISTORY OF THE BBS USER A Musical Drama in V parts INTRODUCTION: This is the first in a series that may go as long as five parts. This file and the other files in this series deal with really young computer users wit...

Written by Anonymous

[ x x ] cDc communications [ x x ] presents ` '` ' U U SESAME ST. POSSESSION by Swamp Rat >>> A CULT Publication1988 <<< cDc CULT OF THE DEAD COW cDc This story was written for a test in my senior HS English class. I hope you lik...

Written by Swamp Rat
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A quick note on acetone peroxide - Acetone Peroxide is a very sensitive very dangerous primary explosive unless you have prior experience in synthing various explosive's I wouldn't attempt this in any scale that would yield more than a few grams and ...
Written by warweed
Black Powder, the original blasting
Written by crackhead
Think twice, before you switch on the lights.
Written by Bender
I recently had a mate ask me how one would go about producing this. After a few hours searching, we still ended up with the same answer. Now, im wondering if there is an easier route to the procuring/producing of this much desired chemical.

Any ...
Written by Irukanji
Copper Acetylide is an explosive that is synthed with copper salts and bubbling acetyline gas through a solution containing NH3. Now my question is how strong must the presence of ammonia be? Can I use store bought clear ammonia with copper chloride ...
Written by InspiredByMe
Decided to write up a lil guide about, what is commonly known as Ap or TATP.

First and foremost, I myself have never synthesized any explosive. I am a law abidding person, and only use this info for educational purposes and general knowledge. ...
Written by Stick2Herbs
Just go with me on this one, guys. For now.

Written by HeaT
Copied from the BB at modrs2, I'm the mod so no copyright issues.

Below are links that will help you get started in the business of explosives/pyrotechnics. Also listed are some suppliers for chemicals and pyrotechnic supplies. I've found these ...
Written by InspiredByMe
This was one of the last good threads I remember on &T:BB. Stuck to promote more pics/vids/media! Zero's cartridge based pneumatic.
Written by nuclearrabbit
I've already tried crushing rocket engiones and putting the powder in c02 cartridges to make little bombs, but what else can a minor get ahold of that'd be
Written by Cock-Overdose
so....I got this idea right, pyro quotes...go... I'll add more as i remember them

*thou shall not filter AP with thy sisters panties

* woah! that's a lot of heat! ( of you niggers would say it
Written by lordnitrox
This will be heavily edited and re-organized over time. Anything in particular that you would like to share that helped you out while you were starting to learn pyrotechnics is cool here. Books, sites, items, etc... Consider this brain storming ...
Written by asilentbob

Chick makes art using fireworks and controlled burns :-P Pretty cool. I suppose this could go in Visual Arts but I think it would be appreciated more here. Check out her site, there's some badass stuff
Written by nooner
We have had this thread before back at BB...

Post contact info IF YOU WANT OTHERS TO HAVE IT and be able to contact you. IE AIM, MSN, email, skype, web site, etc. I'd recommend obfuscating it in some way. IE email (at) something (dot) computer... ...
Written by asilentbob
Removed. Check out flamethrower updates on
Written by 13579
Rogue science is down - "This Account Has Been Suspended". It's been almost a day since I noticed it so I'm guessing it's not just a tech problem. Anyone know what's going
Written by The Savage
As the title says.

Personally there is a burn ban here... so I might go try to watch a big show somewhere... or might just chill with my friends. I probably wont be lighting off much at all unless it is small road side 1.4g shit... Or I might end ...
Written by asilentbob
I tested a shaped charge today. I turned a conical hole in a 1" steel rod, filled it with the fools' explosive, placed a piece of aluminum foil on top, and wedged it against a sheet of 1/2" plywood. Here is the result:


As you can ...
Written by Spatula Tzar
I would like to know the following information about fuses: (not the electrical ones, but the kind that you light.)

1. How are fuses made?
2. What are the most high quality made out of?
3. Certain fuses are made out of different things, is it ...
I post this guide on every forum I go that has a pyrotechnics forum. It's essential to know how to treat a burn if you're going to deal with pyrotechnics. Feel free to contribute anything else you know on the subject!

First, you need ...
Written by ILTST
Accidents, mishaps, catastrophes, near misses, and stories. Make them good if you can. We all want to feel nostalgic sometimes and remember the past. Or hear about recent stuff that happened to you or a friend. Go!
(we might need to get a quotes ...
Written by asilentbob
In anticipation of the holiday coming up... I thought perhaps the BB regulars could post some easy OTC pyro related ideas for noobs. I might temporarily sticky this thread. Think Halloween. So basically colored flames and simple smoke mix. Each is ...
Written by asilentbob
Yes, I really am leaving this forum.

Several reasons...

:hrmph: Morally
Morally... having a ethical pyro sub-forum on a site with a sub-forum that promotes bad-ideas like stealing, hard-core fuck your shit up revenge, random lashing ...
Written by asilentbob


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