@ @ @ @@ @ @ @@ @ @@ @@@@ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @ Electronic Humor Magazine. Issue023, Volume VI, Number . May, 1988. NutWorks is published semimonthlyish by Brent C.J. B...

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McCoy sayings: Lifted from various sources: "I'm a doctor, not a " Pocket novels: dream merchant Killing Timepage 30 theoretical scientist Killing Timepage carrier pigeon Killing Timepage 156 film critic Killing Timepage 188 magician Triangle page 82 an engineer...

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The Network Interface Tap by Idefix To enable access to the raw networklink layer SunOs offers the Network Interface Tap NIT4P. NIT consists of a streams device driver streamio4, nitif4M, and two streams modules. One module for filtering, nitpf4M, and one module for buffer...

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> > communications presentsHung Like a Horse by Krass Katt >>> a cDc publication.1994 <<< cDc CULT OF THE DEAD COW cDc digitalmediadigit It so happens that I work at a Emergency Vet place where we deal with a l...

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Over the past ten years or so I've been, as some would call it obsessed, with computers, networks and their protocols, and technology in general. I had and still do have to this day, a drive and passion for technology, no matter how fast things ...
Written by The Cheshire Cat
So there's that kid at school who everyone calls a "hacker" and claims he's brought down the Ku Klux Klan website using "View Source"! Sure... an idiot who doesn't know how to copy and paste took down the KKK site using the ...
Written by Zephyr
A proxy is basically a server which you go through to access the internet. Whenever you connect to the internet with your modem which your ISP provided you are assigned a unique identification address called an IP. To interact with any online ...
Written by TwinkleTits


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Topic: http://codelove.org :: Below is above in 2 codes 1 love. :: whotooknomikos was blown up by a Creeper :: < SpecLad> I think Yoss got a boner. < Yossarian> it means understanding has been reached
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