From: sichermn@beach.cs Jeff Sicherman Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom Subject: CallerID Specifications MessageID: <telecom11.989 Date: 1 Dec 91 01:30:39 GMT Sender: Telecom@eecs.nwu. Organization: Cal State Long Beach Lines: 181 This is a copy of the data sheet picked up at t...

Written by Anonymous

Over the past three decades, people have become dissatisfied with both major parties, and two new minor parties are showing promise of growth and success. They are the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. These are not the only new parties, but they are the only ones that promise to attra...

Written by Dan Sullivan

Have you ever wondered about the future? Yes, I realize that may be a bit of a corny question, but be honest here: Have you ever just wondered what time will bring to humanity? How will we advance? What is to come of the world? Though we try to live on a daybyday method, it still fascinates m...

Written by Keith Parsons

The mystery of those giant circles and odd geometric shapes that have been showing up in recent summers in wheat fields across southern England has been explainedup to a point. Newspapers in London yesterday published the claims of two local men both painters who said they have been s...

Written by William E. Schmidt

PostedBy: autofaq Archivename: radiomonitoringin [Last modified: January 31, 1995] By Ralph Brandi, ralph@mtunp.att.c Welcome to the newsgroup. This group was created late in 1989 after a suggestion by Richard Shapiro, in order for those of us who are...

Written by Anonymous
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Over the past ten years or so I've been, as some would call it obsessed, with computers, networks and their protocols, and technology in general. I had and still do have to this day, a drive and passion for technology, no matter how fast things ...
Written by The Cheshire Cat
So there's that kid at school who everyone calls a "hacker" and claims he's brought down the Ku Klux Klan website using "View Source"! Sure... an idiot who doesn't know how to copy and paste took down the KKK site using the ...
Written by Zephyr
A proxy is basically a server which you go through to access the internet. Whenever you connect to the internet with your modem which your ISP provided you are assigned a unique identification address called an IP. To interact with any online ...
Written by TwinkleTits


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