Profiles of the U.S. Intelligence Community Air Force Intelligence The mission of Air Force Intelligence is to ensure that the US Air Force and other customers receive the best intelligence, enabling them to establish information dominance in peace, crisis, and war. In conjunction w...

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Gather round, you sick drunks and punks, it's time to drown your sorrows and play the September 11th Drinking Game! This game is all the rage in the dorms at U.C. Berkeley, and if you know the rules you can play too! First, get half a dozen of cases of your favorite beer. Get glasses for...

Written by Berkeley Undergrad

1 Introduction 2 Knowledge 3 Availability 4 Purposes of use 5 How You Can Obtain 6 Expense and what it does to you! 1 This is for straight informational purposes only. Don't expect your friends to talk about this with you either Also know I am only letting pe...

Written by Weazel

> > communications presentsSelf Defense by THE NIGHTSTALKER >>> a cDc publication.1991 <<< cDc CULT OF THE DEAD COW cDc It was 1970, and I was in Vietnam as a civilian defense contractor. I had thought I'd lu...

Written by The Nightstalker

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Over the past ten years or so I've been, as some would call it obsessed, with computers, networks and their protocols, and technology in general. I had and still do have to this day, a drive and passion for technology, no matter how fast things ...
Written by The Cheshire Cat
So there's that kid at school who everyone calls a "hacker" and claims he's brought down the Ku Klux Klan website using "View Source"! Sure... an idiot who doesn't know how to copy and paste took down the KKK site using the ...
Written by Zephyr
A proxy is basically a server which you go through to access the internet. Whenever you connect to the internet with your modem which your ISP provided you are assigned a unique identification address called an IP. To interact with any online ...
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