US High Power DBS Frequently Asked Questions Version 23 April 12, 1995 NOTICE: This document is Copyright C 1995, Richard R. Peterson. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to duplicate this document if and only if the following three conditions are met: 1. This d...

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O oO O. O OO" . OOoO O oO O. O oO O .O O OOoO O" O oO O O "O. O Oo.O' O .O"O OOoO "O. oO O oO..O O "O OoO" O . O "O' O oO""O O "O There Ain't No Justice 23 A Mind's Eye View of Paradise by Spartacus Chetter was surrounded. He could s...

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Pirate Radio Struggles during Bougainville War International Freedom of Expression eXchange Clearing House IFEX Communique 4 20 15 May, 1995 The coconut tree has become a source of free information on the island of Bougainville in PapuaNew Guinea, reports Reporters sans fron...

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NATIONAL FREQUENCIES Source: Monitor America Reprinted by: John Johnson, KWV8BP Frequency Description 121.500 Air Emergency 243. "" 460.650 460.875Airline Ground Frequencies 129. 132.Airline Company Frequencies 122.850 Air to Air 122.900 " "" 122.925 " ...

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Military Imposter Fools Coast Guard Newsday, Long Island By Joe Haberstroh Staff Writer Oak leaf clusters glistening from his lapels and a dressred cravat neatly knotted around his neck, the U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel cut an impressive figure as he directed helicopte...

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I have noticed plenty of threads over my time here at zoklet requesting information on birth control. I know there is a wealth of information online if only google were used, but I have decided to prepare this overview to combine all of the sources ...
Written by whimsi
I'm in shock. Just complete and utter shock right now. I don't even know how I'm functioning properly right now... I'm going to try and explain what just happened as best as I can but my thoughts are going through my head like a movie being fast ...
Written by The Cheshire Cat
It has come to my attention that many of you experience a sort of social anxiety when it comes to the opposite sex. Countless threads have been made asking for advice on how to convince an unsuspecting young lady that she should, in ...
Written by Unwyred
She's planning the wedding, I'm thinking of leaving. It's pretty much all planned, but I haven't proposed yet. Lately I've been thinking of taking the money I have for the ring to cover her losses, and break up. Tired of her complaining, and a few ...
Written by Death_Merchant

My assistant manager is like, really cute and shit and I really like him. thing is, i am woefully socially inept, and I don't know how to approach a guy. Like I don't know how to make small talk, don't know how to flirt, in fact, when he's ...
Written by WAN
is that chicks like them because they want to shove something inside them. tampons aren't more convenient than pads, unless you're going swimming or have to wear a thong for a certain outfit.

because when you use tampons, you have to touch your ...
Written by jerome
With my many tries and dates with different girls I have finally met a good one. I am very happy now, she is very beautiful and nice, we are going on a date Thursday, I am very excited and hope this turns into something. I am sure I will get allot ...
Written by Duke Zion
Well, it finally happened. I've hit it big this time and there doesn't seem to be a solution that won't get me sent to jail. I don't want it, the whole thing was a induced by suboxone and duster, I don't even remember most of what happened! All I ...
Written by AoxomoxoA


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