The Stryker is a family of eightwheel drive combat vehicles, transportable in a C130 aircraft, being built for the US Army by General Dynamics Land Systems and General Dynamics Land Systems Division of USA owned by GE. Stryker is based on the GDLS Canada LAV 8x8 light armoured vehicle, in ...

Written by Eridu

QUANTUM MAGIC REALITY AS DESCRIBED BY QUANTUM MECHANICS In quantum mechanics, reality is described by waves defining the probabilities of different outcomes from the same interactions. These waves manifest as what we have been taught to call matter, energy, particles, and...

Written by Anonymous

Some of the side effects you describe in your article, attributed to MPTP, can be obtained with high doses of Meperidine Pethidine in Aust. I have been an IV drug user, of opioids, for the past 15 years. I have been on methadone 180mg daily for the past 11 years. If you administer Pethid...

Written by Craig

The following article is from "Business Week" February 4, 1991. page 90 Does Someone Have Your Company's Number?: Phone Hackers are Tapping PBXs, Running Up Millions in Charges by Mark Lewyn When Linda N. Paris opened the August, 1989, phone bill for Philadelphia ...

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Several new ICOM hand help equipment have the capability of wide freq coverage by executing only simple keypad commans. IC2SA With the power off,hold the following keys down and turn it on. CALL,FUNC,LIGHT then release the keys. IC2SAT With the power off hold the following keys dow...

Written by Anonymous
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So my name isn't important since everyone calls me B-Boy anyway - God knows why. But what is important, is that I'm 17 and the summer before my graduating year I worked a part time job in the restaurant of a pretty up-scale hotel. It's your typical ...
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