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View Full Version : synthesis of GBL and/or GHB

2008-11-19, 20:05
I have been researching GHB and GBL. It seems that they are contained in common household chemicals and appear to be able to be easily synthesized. I am just wondering if anyone on totse has had any luck with this. I am NOT looking for directions or recipes, i'm just wondering just how feasible it really is to do in a simple laboratory. Another procedure I have been looking into aside from the synthesis of, would be a way to isolate the GBL in household chemicals such as stain removers or similar, and separate and remove it.

So does anyone have any knowledge that may be useful to my question?

2008-11-19, 20:10
Lots of good info here (

2008-11-19, 20:14

2008-11-19, 20:27
Maybe you misunderstood, but i was not looking for internet links to research it more, as I have been doing that all afternoon. I was wondering if anyone on here has firsthand experience of actually trying this for themselves. Finding a recipe and directions is one thing, but actually hearing of someone who was able to successfully follow through with it is what I was looking for.

2008-11-19, 21:24
For fucks sake






While I appreciate what you're asking, the answers are there to be had, with a little effort...

2008-11-20, 09:23

There are fucking 10 threads about it! It all works god damn. From THF, from gaba, from gbl etc!