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How to make Ricin

by InfernoMDM

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Here's the formula for Ricin. The reason I place this on here is because if you try to make this poison (kills in 4 days, no good cure and the cure is rare) you will probably get some on your skin and die. I wanted the fomula just so I could know it. This stuff is extrodinarily poisonous -- arsenic takes 100 granuals to kill someone, ricin takes 1-2 granuals.


  1. Obtain some castor beans from a garden supply store.
  2. Put about 2 ounces of hot water into a glass jar and add a teaspoon full of lye. Mix it thoroughly.
  3. Wait for the lye/water mixture to cool
  4. Place 2 ounces of the beans into the liquid and let them soak for one hour.
  5. Pour out the liquid being careful not to get any on exposed skin.
  6. Rinse the beans off with cool water and then remove the outer husks with tweezers.
  7. Put the bean pulp into a blender or coffee grinder with 4 ounces of acetone for every 1 oz. of beans.
  8. Blend the pulp/acetone until it looks like milk.
  9. Place the milky substance in a glass jar with an airtight lid for three days.
  10. At the end of three days shake the jar to remix everything that’s started to settle then pour it into a coffee filter. Discard the liquid.
  11. When no more liquid is dripping through the filter, squeeze the last of the acetone out of it without losing any of the bean pulp.
  12. Spread the filter out on a pan covered with newspaper and let it dry stand until it is dry.
  13. The final product must be as free of acetone and other contaminants as possible. If it is not powdery but still sort of moist and pulpy it must be combined with the appropriate amount of acetone again and let sit for one day.
  14. Then repeat steps 9-12 again until a nice dry powder is produced.

Don't ask me where to get the beans I don't know but its a semi-common plant (as in a large greenhouse will have it) Now you see why kids back in the day didn't wanna drink that castor bean cough syrup.

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