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Calcium Carbide: An Anarchist's Best Friend

by AzUrE BLuE

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Calcium carbide is a rock/powder substance that reacts violently with water to produce acetylene gas. This gas is highly flammible, so store the C.C. in a dry bag or can.

Anyway, there are many advantages to using C.C., one of which is its ability to be concealed and another is its ease of use.

For fun, put some C.C. in a gelatin vitamin capsule and flush it down the toilet at school or at Mc Donalds. When the capsule breaks the gas is produced and BOOM the pipes burst. Either that or they shoot massive amounts of gas and water out of every open hole. Simply order your burger, eat, then simply excuse yourself to the bathroom. Then drop in the capsule, flush and get the hell out of there. Unless you want to be showered in toilet water. This makes for a good laugh anytime so keep a few capsules in your pocket just in case the little asshole at the counter gives you an attitude.


For this you'll need C.C. , a 2 liter bottle and about 1 and a half cups of water.

In case you haven't already figured it out, put the C.C. in the bottle along with the water. Put the cap on and place it where ever you see fit. You can put the C.C. in capsules if you want to wait a while. The gas builds up pressure and the bottle explodes with a sound resembling that of a gunshot.


Follow the same instructions above to make the C.C. bomb, except this time you'll need to make an addition. Take a candle, flaming rag, whatever you want and place it on the outside of the bottle. Now when the bottle explodes you'll have a nice fireball accompanying that bang.

There are many things you could do with calcium carbide. These are just a few options.

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