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How To Steal Meat from A Grocery Storre

by The Butcher

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Lets say your hungry and you dont want to spend 8 bucks for a steak, well, here's how to steal it.

I work in a meat dept of a grocery store, and I package and cut a LOT of meat, so i know how this shit is packaged.

The Magnetic Strip is under the price labels, and really fucking easy to take off. Also any cut of meat under 3 lb does NOT have a magnetic strip.

Anyway, just feel on the white price sticker to see if it has a magnetic strip, if is does, just rip the bitch off, it ususally comes off with it, and just throw it down an aisle or something, and just steal the shit.

Also, if you want to risk it, go up to the display case, where they display the fucking expensive cuts of meat, they'll wrap that shit up and it doesnt have a magnetic strip, thats the best way too, because it doesnt have a stryofoam plate on the bottom, and it fits easy in a coat pocket or whathaveyou. Just dont steal from my store. Thats money out of my god damn check.

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