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Stealing from Sears

by Corinthos

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Over the past 4 years I've learned a lot working at 3 Sears stores in 2 states within 6 different departments. Over my time there I have figured out how to get away with most at the store. Things to know..

Roughly 30 minutes before the store closes Assett Protection (security) will be away from the cameras watching the employee in jewlery count diamonds. If you see a person that looks like a customer just standing there in one place and not moving then that's AP. On a wednesday or some night they are not busy usually one person is working and that is the time to do it.;

If you have the money buy something on clearance to get a bag then go get what you want at the time AP is in jewlery. Get a small 1.99 screw drive from hardware to get a small bag for it. Go grab something you want that's too big to put in a bag like a tool set and put it in cart. Sears doesn't have many registers so look for a spot near the entrance where no one will see you and tie the bag around the tool set handle and walk past the register and out the store. Since tools are commission usually they want you to ring it up in hardware but you don't have to so most people at other registers think you already paid for it since the bag is in plain view. You can also do this with drills and most other items but be watch out for electronics because most the time they want them rung up there.;

If you have the balls to want to get into the register then go up look at the reciept for the associate number of the person who rang you up. Go up hit 5 on the keyboard and it will ask for the associate number put it in (7500 also works as one) then open the register grab the money and run like hell. Or you can take this route, come in on a busy day dressed as other sears employees, black or khaki pants and a black or white dress shirt. Go up to the clothing registers and ask if they need change. No one but the cashier manager on the floor will know who the new employees are. On the name tag you can tell who that is also, Customer Service Representative. If it's just a name then they will be clueless. If they do need change then you open the register with associate number 7500 then put it in a small sears bag and walk away from that cashier and out the store. Still I do not recommend stealing money.;

If you ever want to know what AP looks like or want to distract them then get hurt in the store. Just walk into something and act like you knee hurts and report it to a cashier. They'll get them down to take a report then have your friend go steal something while they are distracted. Sears usually only has one person working assett protection unless it's a holiday or around christmas time.;

GREAT thing to know about Sears. Asset protection CANNOT touch you. You have to willingly go with them if they come after you. I've worked in AP for about 3 months and we are basically just a joke. Be careful though because just because AP can't do anything doesn't mean a cop on duty in the area can't. If it is a mall store then usually there is a cop somewhere in the area but AP doesn't call them until after the incident occurs since you have to leave the store with the stuff to actually be prosectuted.

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