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Institutional Analysis

Are you a conspiracy monger or are you just drawing logical conclusions based on a sane analysis of some not-quite-sane institutions? Here are some stories to amaze and befuddle your brain...

101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vincent Foster by Richard L. Franklin
 Please bear in mind that the purpose of this catalog is rather modest. I merely want to highlight what I see as a large number of gross "peculiarities" surrounding the Foster case. I hope to convey to the reader some sense of the sheer weight of over 100 discrepancies and unanswered questions. Also bear in mind that the number "101" is itself a modest number. As a practical matter, I was forced to omit dozens of striking anomalies.
500 Possible Conspiricies Going On
 Last year, I attended a Science Fiction convention during which I discovered (along with other things) that the makers of the recently-demised TV series War of the Worlds, had a scene in the very first episode, where the original Martian war machines were found mouldering in an LA warehouse. For fun, the special effects folk labeled one of the boxes in the warehouse 'Ark of the Covenant', indicating that it was the SAME warehouse where the Govt. hid everything that folks were not to know about.
9/11 Theory by Mike Dowd
 Why was the date 9/11 chosen?
A History of Secret Human Experimentation
 A short chronology of secret US human biological experimentation using drugs, highly toxic chemicals, radiation, Flouride, pathogens & vaccinations on the public and as 'Ethnic Cleansing Weapons'.
A Review of The Strange Death of President Harding by Lauren A. Colby
 Warren Harding was elected president in 1920, on the basis of a promise of strong support for Prohibition, but an equal promise not to enforce it, especially in the White House. He kept his promise, so far as it applied to the White House, but not otherwise, and an enforcement system went into effect staffed by federal agents.
All US "Evidence" Now Fraudulent by VOXFUX
 Everything the US population is being told is a lie - Everything.
America's Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vince Foster by David Martin
 I propose herewith to apply it to the Dreyfus Affair, and the Vincent Foster case, which began with the discovery of the deputy White House counsel's body almost a hundred years later, on July 20, 1993. As the Dreyfus Affair disrupted France, the Foster death, and its handling by the authorities, has shown signs that it will haunt the U.S. government into the next century.
American Anti- Jewish League
American Anti- Jewish League
American Anti- Jewish League
American Anti- Jewish League
An Introduction to the Mexican Assassinations
 The recent string of political assassinations in Mexico makes for a true-crime story of epic scope. The convoluted plot line revolves around the cozy links between Mexico's powerful drug cartels and the ruling government's corrupt "narcopoliticians": During the presidency of Harvard-educated Carlos Salinas de Gortari, drug lords enriched venal officials at the highest levels of government, in return for their protection of the underground drug economy; when reform-minded politicians threatened to put an end to the graft, narcopols in the ruling party had them bumped off.
Anti- American Jewish League
Armed and Dangerous: Federal Agencies Expanding Use of Firepower by Sarah Foster
 The National Park Service Adopts Gestapo Tactics.
Attempted Assasination of Ronald Reagan by Bryan D. Watson
 My father has information that leads to the real truth of the attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan.
Bali Disco Bombing - Another US "Inside Hit." by Voxfux
 Looks like another US Military/Intelligence Black Op. Introducing the "Link" and "Pivot" bombs. Here's how they work
Banned Computer Material by Carl Kadie
 Inspired by Banned Book Week '92, this is a list of computer material that was banned or challenged in academia in 1992. Iowa State University has the dubious distinction of being listed most often (three times).
Bavarian Illuminati M/C Club and Conspiracy by BMC
 The Illuminati MC is a Collective of Free Individuals, and claims no affiliation with any national, regional or political bodies or organizations, nor do we acknowledge any authority other than the Higher Self!
Big Lies of Government Research Spending
 Big lies of Government Research spending - medical and space - Experts say something is kind of stupid, we go ahead and spend the money and it doesn't work. We lose money and opportunity and self respect. Examples are the Space Plane (NASP) total lie, Space Station lie, War on Cancer lie, AIDS crisis lie, Space Shuttle was just a fib, Apollo Moon Shot was honest. We are good at messing up opportunities with short sighted mentalities and distortions of fact
Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy by Son Of Gomez
 A Cypherpunk convicted of death threats against Bill Gates is shown to be part of a much larger conspiracy than the court records indicate.
Bina's Rant
Black Helicopters Over Arizona by Jim
 The important thing was the caption. It said "A line of UNMARKED BLACK HELICOPTERS carrying GERMAN TROOPS arrives from Nellis Air Force Base to assist in the Arizona flood relief efforts"
Bloodsuckers Are Bugging Me! by Frederick Walton Peeler
 My name is Frederick Walton Peeler, age 31, and I am told my birthdate is December 29, 1948. The individual who pretends to be my father is William Frederick Peeler, news editor of the Washington Star News. William Peeler is a bloodsucker, a black eyed bloodsucker.
Building the Prison Planet by Nick Sandberg
 The process of restricting an individual's freedom, such that one may exploit the consequences, is well recognized in occult circles. It is known as harnessing the power of Saturn. Saturn has represented restriction from time immemorial because of the planet's famous rings, which to the occultist symbolize restraining bonds.
Bush Human Sacrifices Sedila, Colorado & NWO Agenda by Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower
 I currently have a Federal Grand Jury Demand filed in Las Vegas, Nevada US District Court Sept 2001. Case Number CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL soon to be appealed. This case filing states I can prove The Bush Crime Family Stole 1 trillion Dollars from America.
Bush's Boys Club: Skull and Bones
 To be a member of the ruling elite, George Bush must meet certain criteria. He must be white, he must be male, and he must be rich. He must also belong to certain elite clubs and institutions which help to distinguish him from those he is called upon to rule.
Bushwacked: HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard by Uri Dowbenko
 Federal whistle-blower Stewart Webb thinks he knows why Catherine Austin Fitts and her company, Hamilton Securities, were bushwhacked. In fact, he believes that her operation was a direct threat to the "Denver Boys" -- the Bush Crime Family's money laundering operation based in Denver.
CIA/FBI visits author after posting/sending truth of Flight 800, Oklahoma
 Within 72 hours of posting, a "retired" CIA agent/operative known to me from prior surveillance of myself which was undoubtedly related to my (then) post of 400 CIA fronts/200 CIA mind control fronts, began dogging me at my place of work.
COG: Secret Shadow Government by Amy Goodman
 You can certainly put several hundred people in waiting underneath a mountain, but if they are actually to be capable of running a government, they have to be running the Government. They have to be actually active in policy decisions, implimentation of policy, and so on. That's what they are doing.
CSU, Northridge Newspaper Silenced
 Story about the censorship of the California State University, Northridge college newspaper.
Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholarships
 The idea gleaming and dancing before ones eyes like a will-of-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan. Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making the Anglo-Saxon race one Empire. What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible.
Conspiracy Book List
 Huge list of conspiracy books.
Conspiracy Fact vs. Goverment Fabrication by Ian Williams Goddard
 If we define "proven true" as "consistent with facts," then there are many conspiracy theories proven true...
Conspiracy Theories: Doubts Refuse to Die by Bob Dudney
 The shots fired in Dealey Plaza on a sunny Dallas day 20 years ago still reverberate in a bizarre way: the belief that President John F. Kennedy's assassination resulted from a conspiracy.
Conspiracy to Kill the SDI Scientists
 Did 22 SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?
Convicted Felon Phillip Winn Gets Presidential Pardon by Stew Webb
 You might think that the Savings and Loan Frauds never happened--or that the multi-billion dollar HUD Frauds never occurred.
Did a Secret Military Experiment Cause the 2003 Blackout? by Anonymous
 Could a secret HAARP experiment have caused the blackout?
Do Assassinations Alter the Course of History? by Simon Freeman and Ronald Payne
 They have paid their tributes, expressed their horror and pledged, as they always do when one of their number is murdered, that democracy will triumph in the face of terrorism. Now, in their weekend retreats, with their foreign affairs advisers and their top secret intelligence reports, world leaders will have to judge the true impact on India of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
Driver's Licenses are a Conspiracy by the Government to Defraud the People
 The driver's license is being used in a conspiracy by the State and Federal revenue authorities to establish a juristic commercial person for excise tax purposes. This is fraud, as nowhere in the application does it qualify that the acceptance of the driver's license changes one's status for revenue purposes, and that you voluntarily waive your constitutional rights to accept a privilege which is taxable and regulatable.
Eccles Wierd Posts about Star Trek and Hitler
Emergency Command Posts and the Continuity of Government
 The Mount Weather site is an unacknowledged continuity of government (CoG) facility operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The 200,000-square-foot (18,600-square-meter) facility, with an estimated floor space of three times that amount, also houses FEMA's National Emergency Coordinating Center, which operates twenty-four hours a day, tracking worldwide disasters, both natural and manmade.
Enron at a Glance
 By the early 1990s Enron wanted to branch off into trading energy futures and derivatives. This wish was granted by Wendy Gramm, who George H. Bush had appointed to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Her husband, Texas Senator Phil Gramm furthered Enron's wishes by removing virtually all regulatory oversight over Enron's trading.
Even Bigger Mystery of the Passenger Lists by Frank Levi
 Not all the passengers names were published in the list that was given out that day. Quite intresting what simple math can reveal.
FAS Sues CIA for Intelligence Budget Disclosure by FAS
 The Federation of American Scientists filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit today against the Central Intelligence Agency to compel the disclosure of the total intelligence budget.
FDA Intimitation: Terrorizing Tobacco Workers by Ian Williams Goddard
 The AP article states that the "two men jumped out of the car, and Mr. Light shoved a blue-and-white badge into Mr. Deane's face and said he and Mr. Doe were special agents of the Justice Department working 'under the special jurisdiction of the grand jury.'" Increasingly, terror is the tool of choice in governmental operations.
FEMA swat team raids the Clearwater County Flood Control Center
FEMA's Blueprint for Action: NSDD 47 by Herbert Quinde
 In 1989, President Bush issued National Security Directive 10 (NSD 10), creating several Policy Coordinating Committees, including one for Emergency Preparedness Mobilization Planning under the National Security Counsel (NSC). The chairman of the committee was designated to be the director of FEMA. But that move, Bush put under his personal direction a proto-military "command and control" structure which can suspend or alter the letter of the law and intent of the Constitution during a real or manufactured crisis.
Fake Terror: The Road to Dictatorship
 It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.
Fidel Castro: Supermole by Servando Gonzalez
 He had a violent argument at the university with a man named Camaid. To avoid problems with Cuban authorities, he flew to the U.S. with his wife and voluntarily exiled himself in New York city for about a year and a half.[17] Nothing is known of his whereabouts during that long stay in the U.S., and he carefully avoids any mention of that period of his life when he practically disappeared into thin air.
Financing Fraud: Does your Insurance Premium Support Murder? by Mary Lou Nelson
 Analysis of interview with Eric Moebius, "Three Grooms and a Bride." Insurance rates inflated by fraudulent claims. Friend's personal experience with staged fatal accident attempts.
Flight 800, the FBI and the Author's Response by Ian Goddard
 This author's response when FBI moves against investigative writers to silence friendly fire opponents.
Flight 93: The Improbable Truth by Robb Magley
 Article describing a history of RF weapons development, along with a theory and supporting evidence that they were used on 9/11 to bring down one of the airliners.
Fort Peck Reservation's Twilight Zone by Chip Tatum
 Three weeks ago Blacks Ops Reporter ran a feature story which mentioned Circle attorney Arnie Hove's attempt to get authorities to look at official corruption in northern Montana. The result of Hove's efforts is that the entrenched Montana criminal cartels are now targeting Hove. Unfortunately for Hove, members of the criminal enterprise include State and Federal officials.
Government Heroin and Cocaine Conspiracy by Sax Allen
 It's time for another disgustingly radical, and very zen-anarchist-atheist, smutty left-wing propaganda upload from that computer modem maniac: SAX ALLEN!!! Today's piece helps answer the question, "Why is there so much heroin (and cocaine) killing my brothers and sisters in the streets of my country... and what is my government doing about it?"
Harrassment of a Whitewater Grand Jury Witness
Harvard's First Century History by John Duran
 This book was written to tell how and why the Roman Piso Family wrote the New testament. The Jews, who were tired of being ruled over by the Roman Aristocrasy, were lead in their third great revolt against Rome since 6 C.E., in 60 C.E., by Benjamin the Egyptian of the Pharisaic Party. Though they were defeated by the Romans, the Romans knew that something had to be done.
I Can See the fnords! by Binky
 A fnord is a word that you have, unknowingly since the start of your "education," been conditioned to associate with fear and unease. You have also been conditioned not to notice that they are there. The institution of "fnord conditioning" into American elementary education was first done in the fifties.
Identifying Undercover Activity and Agents by Timothy W. Tobiason
 Two women I recognized from a discovery channel program had been conducting surveillance on me in Columbus and I hadn't seen them in a few months. They were easily recognizable as a pair and I had noted their involvement in a US Army program that had been highlighted on the show in which they placed electrodes in the brains of army volunteers to see how effective brainwashing might be using electronic methods. The women were interviewed on the program and I think they were CIA employees.
Inside The Postal Mail Cover by Full Disclosure
 A postal mail cover is where a law enforcement agency makes arrangements with the Postal Inspectors to obtain a copy of the addressee, sender, return address, place & date of postmark and class of mail for all mail being delivered to a given address.
Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 by Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, USN Ret.
 TWA FL800 was intentionally destroyed by a powerful, proximity fused, airbursting, anti-aircraft weapon launched from a postition approximately one nautical mile off shore and three nautical miles east of Moriches Inlet Long Island, New York.
Is There a Unabomber / Zodiac Killer Connection? by Bill Adams
 Lately there has been a lot of speculation in the news media about a possible link between the Zodiac Killer, the Unabomber, and Ted Kaczynski. Suspicion of being the unabomber and being convicted of the Unabomber crimes are two different things. If Kaczynski is eventually convicted of any Unabomber crimes he will then be referred to as the Unabomber. Until that time he is only referred to as a suspect in the Unabomber case. Therefore, comparisons with the Zodiac killer will include separate information for the Unabomber and Kaczynski.
Italian Probe Could Mean New Woes for Oliver North by Leonardo Servadio and Mark Burdman
 Developments in Italy during the week of July 23 have raised new questions about the potential involvement of the Iran-Contra mob around Lt. Col. Oliver North, in both the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and the ensuing coverup. What is emerging in Italy points to that side of the North crowd's misdeeds which has never been brought before an American court and investigated by any U.S. commission.
James Bo Gritz
John Hinckley and the Assassination Attempt on President Reagan by Lee Proctor, Roger Shoffner, Robert L. McCartor
 We dispute the government's claim that John Hinckley, Jr. was the would-be assassin who shot President Reagan. Hinckley certainly was present at the crime scene, and he had a gun in his hand. However, this article will prove that it was impossible for Hinckley to have acted in the manner described by the "official" version of the story.
Lawsuit (1993) vs. Clinton, Carter, etc. by Teri Smith Tyler, Plaintiff-Cyborg
 Plaintiff also makes the following allegations against the defendants. Former President Jimmy Carter was the secret head of the Ku Klux Klan; Bill Clinton is the biological son of Jimmy Carter; President Clinton and Ross Perot have made fortunes in the death-hunting industry, and are responsible for the murder of at least 10 million black women in concentration camps, their bodies sold for meat and their skin turned into leather products.
Lyndon LaRouche, a Short Bio
M.E.R. Magazine's Brian Quig Columns from 1991 by Brian Quig
 Review of Monetary and Economic Review magazine's 1991 issues - the New World Order is coming!
Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy
Michael Levine Interview by Paul DeRienzo
 Michael Levine is a veteran of 26 years of undercover work for four federal agencies. He is the recipient of many Justice and Treasury Department awards for hi s work undercover, including the International Narcotics Enforcement Officer Association's Octavio Gonzales Award. He is also the subject of Donald Goddard's book Undercover: The Secret Lives of a Federal Agent (Dell, 1990).
Mindreaders are Criminally Insane Child Molesters by Joe Euclid
 Joe Jonah Euclid of Menlo Park, California, is an "Appointed Messenger of God," who currently posts his "weird, crudely typed and xeroxed screeds" in and around Stanford University.
Mississippi Bill to Outlaw Obscene Bumper Sticker by Dr. Bizarro
 I don't think the good senator has much of an imagination. As far as I'm concerned that asshole can lick my nutsack while I shove my dick into his wife's pussy. Hey! I didn't use any of the naughty words.
Mount Weather
 The Mount Weather Special Facility is an unacknowledged Continuity of Government (COG) facility operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The 200,000 square foot facility also houses FEMA's National Emergency Coordinating Center. Located on a 434 acre mountain site on the borders of Loudon and Clarke counties, the above ground support facilities, with 240 employees, include about a dozen building providing communications links to the White House Situation Room.
Mount Weather: Fallout Shelter of the Ruling Class
 Mount Weather is a real place; eighty-five acres located forty-five miles west of Washington and 1,725 feet above sea level, near the town of Bluemont, Virginia. In the event of all-out war, an elite of civilian and military leaders are to be taken to Mount Weather's cavernous underground shelter to become the nucleus of a postwar American society. The government has a secret list of those persons it plans to save.
Mount Weather: Primed for Martial Law by Patricia Neill
 Mount Weather contains a working duplicate of the Executive Branch of the Federal government, ready to swing into action at a moment's notice. Mount Weather personnel also maintain a database of information on U.S. citizens. But relatively little is publicly known about this facility.
Mt. Weather - U.S. Underground Complex
 Mount Weather is a real place; eighty-five acres located forty-five miles west of Washington and 1,725 feet above sea level, near the town of Bluemont, Virginia. In the event of all- out war, an elite of civilian and military leaders are to be taken to Mount Weather's cavernous underground shelter to become the nucleus of a postwar American society. The government has a secret list of those persons it plans to save.
My Letter to Diane Feinstein by Edmund J. Light
 Surveillance aircraft conducting laser attacks on me and civilians in general. FAA can back this up, but has no jurisdiction over them.
New Revelations of Pope as CIA Spook: A Fitting Christmas Present by M A Shaikh
 New revelations, from the horse's mouth, linking the Pope to the CIA and US foreign policy during the cold war confirm allegations, first made in a 1996 book but dismissed as wild by commentators, that 'his holiness' was locked in an anti-communist alliance with American intelligence - an alliance Muslims are justified to conclude is now chiefly directed against them, given that Islam has since replaced communism as the west's principal enemy.
Non-linear Electromagnetic Effects Weapons by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
 How to cook people from orbit using microwave satellites.
Of Biological Warfare, Antisemitism, and Aphrodisiacs
 I guess the issue with believing this is how do you distinguish between a crazy person telling a crazy story, and a sane person telling a story that sounds crazy but isn't. After all, you never took this drink, you never experienced its results, and further some of the things I claim seem to be simply impossible, such as the existence of a half bottle of drug that lasts years.
Ollie North and The Operation by Daniel Sheehan
 Transcript of a speech given in late 1986 by Daniel Sheehan, chief counsel for the Christic Institute
Operation Mount Rushmore, the Plot to Kill Clinton by David H. Stern, M.D.
 Bok Pon is alive and well, and very active in Republican Politics in California. This fact casts doubt on the Assassination plot story relayed here. However, the documents provided by the alleged participants / whistleblowers indicates that whether true or not, the story may reflect a domestic intelligence operation.
Organized Crime: Psychiatry/Child "Protective"/Judical System by Diane Booth
 In March of 1999 my then six year old son, my only child, was "diagnosed" as having "ADHD". The only options given to me by the Santa Clara County school system was Ritalin or Special Education. My refusal of either and my demand for a proper assessment as guaranteed under Federal law brought retaliation so horrible that it reeks of the regimes of Stalin.
POWs from Southeast Asia
Paula Jones VS. William Clinton
 Plaintiff Paula Corbin Jones, by counsel, brings this action to obtain redress for the deprivation and conspiracy to deprive Plaintiff of her federally protected rights as hereafter alleged, and for intentional infliction of emotional distress, and for defamation.
Perot and Nixon by William Safire
 Ross Perot used to make himself useful around the Nixon White House, in hopes of settling disputes his company was having with the Social Security Administration.
Pollard Revisited: Is Mr.X Spying in Washington Again? by Yossi Melman
 Pollard Revisited: Is Mr.X Spying in Washington Again?
Pollard: An American-Israeli Patriot by Edward Langer & David Wolfe
 It is no secret that over the past 42 years, since the establishment of the state, American-Israeli relations have seen no small measure of trials and tribulations. Undoubtedly, recent events reflect one of the finest hours in the relationship between Washington and Jerusalem. Similarly, one would be unlikely to find many objections to a definition of the "Pollard Affair" as one of the lowest points in that relationship.
Qualye's Prison Dope Accuser and the Bureau of Prisons
 Kimberlin began making allegations involving then vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle just before the 1988 election -- and the press began to pay attention to those allegations -- then the Bureau of Prisons took a number of actions to silence him.
Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr. by Office of the Independent Counsel
 On July 20, 1993, police and rescue personnel were called to Fort Marcy Park in suburban Northern Virginia. They found Mr. Foster lying dead with a gun in his right hand and gunshot residue-like material on that hand. There were no signs of a struggle. There was a gunshot wound through the back of his head and blood under his head and back.
Saddam-Glaspie Meeting
 Transcript of Meeting Between Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie on July 25, 1990 (Eight days before the August 2, 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait). This is the infamous meeting where our ambassador gives Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait.
Sample FOIA Request
 Using the Freedom of Information Act to request your government dossier.
Saudi's Royals to be Sacrificed Soon by voxfux
 The signs are unmistakable - The Saudi royals have outlived their usefulness and will soon be sacrificed. The first hints of the waves to come appeared several months back - Unsubstantiated rumors of child sex slaves in Saudi Arabia started popping up all over the Internet. Mainstream media started broadcasting many pieces on the Saudi Royals, nearly all negative. With awareness building, the American people were ready for the next level. - Child Abduction
Secret U.S. Forces Plan Pretext for Clamp-down by voxfux
 Clandestine forces loyal to George Bush Sr. are planning to attack the US population, blame it on Islamic terrorists and use the attacks as a pretext for a total clamp-down on dissent, basic civil liberties and normal democratic processes. In the confusion that will follow they will wage unchecked war and aggression against Iraq and other nations, Islamic or otherwise, who have natural resources, particularly oil reserves, that this shadowy group of petrochemical and arms industrialists are thirsting for.
Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh by Paul Thompson
 Just who is Saeed Sheikh? He is deeply implicated in the Sept. 11 attacks, yet the mass media and Pakistani and US governments have obscured his role and his background, and soon will hang him. The cover-up may have something to do with the fact that he wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Sept. 11 hijackers at the orders of Pakistan's secret service, the ISI.
Shadow of the Swastika by R. William Davis
 Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis - Before, During and After World War II - up to the Present.
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
 This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War", being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons."This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry. May 1979 #74-1120"
Smoking for the Future by Nick Myra
 The REAL benefit of tobacco?
Snapple Escapes the Grip of Rumors by Barbara Presley Noble
 At first, there were only one or two inquiries, by phone and very specific: Was Snapple, soda maker to the New Age, supporting Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion group that tries to shut down abortion clinics?
Staged Terorism: A Money Laundering Gang War by Mary Lou Nelson
 Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 staged to cause anti-money laundering legislation. These laws will create a monopoly for a secret method of money laundering through contingency reserve accounts of mutual insurance companies.
Stanley Hilton Lawsuit by Stanley Hilton
 Stanley G. Hilton has filed a class action lawsuit in Federal court in Northern California against against high officials in the current Bush administration (including the federal government, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Mueller, Tenet, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft), for complicity in aiding and abetting and facilitating the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks.
That Which Is Seen, and That Which Is Not Seen (1850) by Frederic Bastiat
 One man's keen insight into how economic systems really work. Read this and maybe the politicians won't fool you the next time they make promises that can't be kept.
The Alleged Murder Weapon in the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by John Judge
 The FBI told many incredulous and conflicting stories about their ballistics work in this case. They claimed that the rifle was not tested on retrieval to see if it had been fired that day, a simple and standard procedure, the omission of which strains credulity.
The Ancient Engineers and the Unabomber by Timothy J. Bergendahl
 There were books both the Unabomer and Kaczynski appeared fond of. One was The Ancient Engineers, a 1963 text on ancient history. The Unabomer had cited the book in his manifesto; Kaczynski had checked it out of the library in Lincoln.
The Ashtray Conspiracy
 Mainstream media always has the fear of being not mainstream, and the easiest way to get nudged off of the pedestal is to lose your seat on Air Force One. Losing those passes is one of the clubs the White House uses to discourage critical thinking.
The Assassination State: The "Octopus" Seizes Control of America by voxfux
 The religious orders who control the CIA have penetrated all religions, all major institutions, all news agencies, all governmental bodies and now control from the inside. It is called, "The Octopus"
The Book File
 Lawyers have amassed into a worldwide coalition to dominate the world in the tradition of the Bavarian Illuminati. Back in the 1800's they managed to gain control of Amerika by planting their seeds in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch of U.S. Now separation of powers of the 3 branches exists only on the hemp paper the Constitution was written on.
The Bush Conspiracy by Atlas
 The Bush conspiracy to finish the job uncompleted during the Gulf War. The Bush Heirarchy, The Orange Agency.
The Bush Crime Family: Three Generations of Treason by Randy Lavello
 There have been terrible crimes and criminals in United States history - but because the Bush family has passed their misdeeds down through generations, they are unequivocally the most corrupt. Rarely has there been a whole family of underhanded criminals where nefariousness was the rule rather than the exception. It’s not as if they have no code of conduct, the facts prove they lie, cheat and steal as their code of conduct.
The Case Against Theodore Kaczynski by Ross E. Getman
 According to press reports, one completed bomb and one partially completed bomb was found. The completed bomb has been described as similar to either the 1994 or 1995 bomb. The importance of this evidence will depend on the strength of the forensic comparisons.
The Challenger Transcript
 Transcript of tapes AFTER the Challenger explosion - They were alive until the wreckage hit the water.
The Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr. by Hugh Sprunt
 Hugh Sprunt's investigation into the death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
The Epidemiology of Fear by John Lauritsen
 If the 84 men studied by Lui, Darrow, and Rutherford were at all similar to the 359 men in the AJPH study, then they can hardly be representative of the total universe of 1.5 to 3 million individuals in the U.S. estimated by the CDC to have HIV antibodies. It would be surprising if people who lived like this did not become seriously sick; a lifestyle of heavy drug use, multiple venereal diseases with frequent antibiotic treatment, and unhealthy and dangerous sexual practices.
The Facts of Jonathan Pollard's Case
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) vs. Your Constitut
The Federal Mafia by Irwin Schiff
 How it illegally imposes and unlawfully collects incomes taxes.
The Fourth Reich, The New World Order by Natasha Thompson
 The Nazi's are not a thing of the past. The neonazis are not representative of the true power, which the real Nazi's still wield world wide. To them World War 2 is just a lost battle. The WAR goes on, and they are winning it.
The Freedom Of Information Act
 A Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records.
The Government Watches Us Everywhere by Kyle Short
 It is believed that the government watches us everywhere and has archives of everyone and certain things that they have done that is, lets just say, not legal or "bad"
The Government's Mania for Secrecy
 President Ronald Reagan nicknamed 1987 "The Year of the Reader," but throughout 1987 the Reagan administration outdid itself in its efforts to control, interpret, manipulate, disinform, and censor all forms of information.
The Greenbaum Speech on Ritual Abuse by D.C. Hammond
 The Greenbaum Speech on Ritual Abuse: Recruiting Ex-Nazi Scientists to Start Cults of Child Pornography.
The Historians by David "Dead Avatar" Barrena
 The Historians are a subgroup of New World Order who are dedicated to change the history to benefit us and our objectives.
The IRS is Here to Protect our Rights by Full Disclosure
 Phoenix businessman David Carroll was acquitted in federal court of two felony counts of assault on a federal officer. Judge Charles L. Hardy, United States District Court Judge, found Carroll not guilty after hearing the testimony from the Government's only witness, Leo Anderson, an IRS revenue officer. The case was tried before a jury, but Judge Hardy ruled there was insufficient evidence for the case to proceed further and granted the Motion for Judgment of Acquittal made in court by Carroll's attorney, Mac MacPherson of Phoenix.
The New World Order Conspiracy is Just Another Diversion by Maple Fink
 Many people contend that Americans are losing their freedom due to a New World Order Conspiracy to bind all the nations of earth in a pact of blood and treason. Do we face an impending police state in America? Is liberty a lost cause?
The October Surprise by The Other Americas Radio.
 Vice President-to-be George Bush tells Ayatollah to keep hostages so Reagan can win the 1980 election.
The October Surprise by Other America's Radio
 November 1979: 52 americans were taken hostage in Iran. The American public was held in suspense while the Carter administration worked to bring the hostages home, first in the failed 'Desert 1' rescue attempt, and then through negotiations with the revolutionary Iranian government. In October of 1980 an agreement was reached to unfreeze Iran's monetary assets for the safe return of the hostages. For some reason, the hostages were not released until January 20, 1981, the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president. In the dawn of the Reagan era, many, in momentary blindness, neglected to seriously question the implications of such an event. It is now charged that in the few months before the 1980 presidential election, the tremors of a covert action against America, by Americans, was shaking the nation.
The Octopus and the Physicist by Vince Lodato
 The basic problem with these smart cards is that they can be duplicated. In order to stop the duplication one must embed chips that cannot be duplicated. The only way to do this is via an x-ray lithography process and a unique step and repeat tool. This is why this high cabal, need to control this chip making and the x-ray lithography process.
The Omega Agency: The Guys REALLY Running the Show
The Opal File
 The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand.
The Opal File
 The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand.
The Plutonium Economy vs. A Free Democracy by Jim Garrison and Pyrae Shivpuri
 The next stage after fruitless protest cannot fail to be a challenge to that part of the system of which the individual has become the victim. If this challenge is met with either refusal or with repression, the frustration of those in protest can lead to violent action. Protest by violence against the system which cannot meet their demands when peacefully presented is labelled by those in power as `terrorism.'
The Power Elite: Just Plain Folks by Vaustein
 Inspired by a reading of the Keith Parkins article about intelligence agencies, which was really a socio-political thesis on the power elite. This is my response, not to the particular article which was fact-based and articulate, but to power elite theorists in general.
The Profits Of Death: Insider Trading & 9/11 by Tom Flocco
 On October 9th, FTW broke a story on insider trading connected to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center that sparked worldwide controversy. In that story we reported how the Israeli Herzliyya Institute for Counterterrorism had documented that unknown individuals -- with accurate foreknowledge of the attacks -- had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of put options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Sergyei A. Nilus
 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was originally published in Russia around 1897 by a anti-semite known as Sergyei A. Nilus. The book was supposed to expose "Jewish trickery" and to enrage people and get them to treat jews even worse than they already treated them. It was the great-grandaddy of all Big Lie Propaganda. Hitler believed the book was a true glimpse into the aims of the jewish people, as did Henry Ford, many members of the British parliment, members of the U.S. Congress, and other people who should have known better. Today's "Christian Identity" (white power) groups still refer to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in order to justify their hatred of anyone different than themselves.
The Ritual of the First Degree of Freemasonry
 This is the text of the previously secret ritual of the first degree of Masonry.
The Role of the LaRouche Movement in World History by Warren J. Hamerman
 Warren Hamerman delivered this speech to the Labor Day weekend conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, in Arlington, Virginia. The conference title was "The 1990s: The Decade of LaRouche and Leibniz." Mr. Hamerman is a member of the ICLC National Executive Committee.
The Secret Police and Con Edison by George Dahl
 Upon returning to New York I began looking for a place to live. I looked at around ten apartments and called to inquire about several others. Since the secret police had already selected and prepared an apartment for me this proved to be a futile endeavor. I signed a two-year lease for apartment twenty-four at 620 East 11th Street and moved to the building in November. The apartment provides me with a place to live but it also provides the secret police with a living environment they control...
The Tools of Deception: A Matter of Context by Peter J. Celano
 If anybody doubts that the public education system is deliberately undermining the patriotism and psyches of our children, they must be playing "see no evil, hear no evil".
The Trial of Lyndon LaRouche
 The following is a fact sheet documenting the background to the trial of Lyndon LaRouche at the Federal Court in Alexandria, Virginia USA.
The Truth About the Underground Cities of Mars by Dr. Ernest L. Norman
 For centuries before spacecraft transformed our understanding of the solar system, almost all the planets were believed, with varying degrees of conviction, to be inhabited. This belief conformed to the Copernican world view, in which Earth is not unique among the planets.
The Unanswered Questions of Jonestown by Art Silverman
 Outside of the war it was the greatest mass murder in American history. Nine hundred bodies lay rotting in the Guyanese jungle, most of them black. Many of them came from right here in the Bay Area. Nearly three hundred were children.
The Vril, the CIA, and Nazi Secret Societies by Kerry Wendell Thornley
 Rumors of a secret society called the Avonites have reached me through the intelligence community grapevine often. Their philosophy is outlined in MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS (an Avon Book); they are a guild of scientists who have mystified and complicated physics...
The War On Privacy Hits You in The Pocket Book! by Full Disclosure
 Why does the FBI and other select government agencies pay over $4,000 for a pocket tape recorder? One of the most important elements in an electronic surveillance operation is the tape recorder. Whether hidden in one's pocket or recording information from a wiretap or bug, the tape recorder can be the key to success or failure.
The Yogurt Shop Murders by Mack White
 Former Texas Assistant Attorney General Eric Moebius' most recent interview concerning the Yogurt Shop Murders, from 2001. Implicates that a snuff movie was involved.
The corruption of the DEA
There's Gotta be a Better Way (from Full Disclosure) by Glen Roberts and Bill Vajk
 This issue of Full Disclosure is devoted to the current attempts at solving the problems of computer security through prosecution of computer crimes.
They Don't Want Us to Know by N@FEK
 I'm a curious guy, always interested in the awesome or extraordinary news and/or articles. But I've never believed in conspiracies until tonight.
This Is Not A Test by Stephen I. Schwartz
 Activated in full for the first time on September 11 were plans for ensuring "Continuity of Government," or CoG. Shortly after watching the attacks in New York City on a television in his White House office, Vice President Dick Cheney was evacuated by the Secret Service to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), a hardened bunker buried beneath the East Wing of the White House.
Those US Government officials whose
Unabomber Detailed Charges and Incident Reports
 On October 8, 1981, a UNABOM device was planted within Milton Bennion Hall (then the Business Building) at the University of Utah. Frequently, reports within the news media state that the bomb was placed in a classroom at the University of Utah and that it was discovered by a maintenance person. That's not so. The facts are as follows...
Understanding Covert Repressive Action by Christian Davenport
 An Assessment of Political Surveillance and Anti-Red Squads in the United States.
Vernon Walters?Renaissance Man
 About a key person in Watergate
War for Oil Profits! by Deirdre Griswold
 When Bush or Quayle or, for that matter, Clinton get around to talking about the Middle East and why they are for a dominant U.S. military presence there, they of course profess to be defending human rights, democracy, self-determination and all the things that are in such short supply in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, their great allies.
Was Flight 93 Shot Down?
 The 3 fighters that arrived over D.C. at 9:40am proceeded to do something else over D.C. for 15+ minutes WHILE we were well aware of an incoming Flight 93, then mercifully, finally turned toward Flight 93 and made 5-10 minutes progress - which puts them 60 miles out. That is the Government position.
Was Stalin an OKHRANA agent? by John W
 Some further evidence by way of corroboration has been provided by Alexander Orlov, a high ranking Soviet Secret police (NKVD) officer who defected to the West in 1938. According to this source, Vissarionov had a secret file which contained reports and letters in Stalin's handwriting addressed to the Vice-Director on his activities as an "agent provocateur", 'who had worked assiduously for the tsarist secret police'.
Who REALLY Killed John Lennon? by Steve Lightfoot
 In this news letter you will learn many things. I will show you the big picture of John Lennon's assasination, who is covering it up and why and you will learn that last October's arrest of me for setting foot in Santa Cruz Bookshop was a Soviet style sting to set me up for murder in the near future.
Who Was Protecting Aum Shinri Kyo?
 As with the Tokyo gassing, the police quickly came up with the official story and clung doggedly to it. Kono had made the sarin, perhaps accidentally, while trying to formulate a home-made weed-killer in his fishpond. Aside from the utter absurdity of the conclusion, there were technical problems.
Who's Afraid of Jonathan Pollard
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