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How to Make Special K from Liquid Ketamine

by slimshdy521

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Pot to boil water<br> Metal bowl, plate or pan that fits over pot <br> Stove, Hot-Plate, i.e....


Water<br> Liquid Ketamine


First, fill the pot with water about hald way and alow to come to COMPLETE boil and let it boil for about a minute. Turn the flame down a bit, not so much that it stops boiling, just enough to keep it at a low boil.

Put the metal plate or pan on top of pot and let it heat untill when u put a droplet of water on it it sizzles and evaporates. Pour the liquid Ketamine on the plate and it will boil and turn to a powder, but make sure to get it off plate and stove before it burns and you have an expensive waste.

The yeild is about 3/4 so if you started with about an ounce of liquid Ketamine you will have 3/4 of an ounce (21 grams) of pure, powdered Special K

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