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Convulsions on Dramamine/Dimenhydranite

by dana foster

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So I hear through some friends at school that you can trip somethin fierce off a box of dramamine( aka benadryl, unisom, etc. OTC sleeping aids). I also read on the net about it, and decided fuck it. Being the druggie i was at the time i went to walmart and picked up a box. Took all 12 pills and over a period of several hours i drifted into very clear hallucinations and constantly hearing someone call out my name, and i would answer them only to realize no one was there. This was very agitating after about 2 hours. Nothing about the drug felt good accept for the excitement of knowing i was on something... So i also had this constant desire to write and write and write, identical to how amphetamines made me do. Anyway that trip ended countless hours later with a continuence of hallucinations and me finally falling asleep. Not a good high at all but not the worst i've had. Nothing to put yourself thru the aggrivation you will feel or anything. I took the same amount a second time and got almost no results.

So anyway after the second time and no success i got pissed off and proceeded to make it to walmart for another try. I was determined to get affects this time so i bought 2 boxes as well as a bottle of Vicks 44 cough medicine, which has the maximum dose of dxm you can get, equal to coricidin pills but only has 8 doses. By the way i was 15, this was one year ago. Anyway so i take the dxm and take the first 12 dramamines which would take about 4 hours to kick in and the dxm would be ending. I didn't want to over do it, it was only 2:00 in the evening and my parents were going to be coming home. After entering the dxm trip, about a 3rd plateau trip, i was unable to even notice the dramamine was already pumping thru me hard. (it has a way of sneaking up on you and scaring the shit out of you.)So i get angry (remember i was tripping and not thinking properly) and decided to down the other box too plus 2 benadryls i found in the bathroom.

Well next thing i remember im starting to walk really weird. My legs would do this jerking thing every time i would walk or applied any pressure to the muscles. I was all distorted and shit as usual, severe pupil dilation, constant thirst, difficulty speaking or completing sentences, and i had red splotches all over my skin from the dxm. Basically if you came within 15 feet of seeing me you knew i was severely fucked out of my skull.

I was constantly hearing my name being called. I remember everything i saw was grey and white, i wasn't registering color. Although everything i did see was outlined with this shimmering blue/green stream of glowing light about an inch off of the object. All tables and walls had this blue shining line going along their edges.. It was cool looking but didn't even matter to me i was so far out. I remember sitting down watching "Natural Born KIllers" and thinking that i was supposed to kill someone because i was with the 2 mass murders in the movie, we were all friends and i was supposed to kill someone too. For a few minutes i was contemplating murder and was laughing hysterically as i pictured myself doing it. Thankgod i came to my senses eventually and my mind went on to more interesting things. Almost all my attention was focused on how badly my legs were starting to shake though. I could barely walk anymore. I remember my dad coming home and finding me fucked up and he was so angry like he always was when hed find me tripping on dxm. Then my mom comes home and they eventually got so mad they wouldn't speak to me. I remember looking out the window and seeing my brother and my dad digging in the trunk of my moms car so i decided to go out there and talk to them. It was so hard to walk and i was trying to not fall. When i got down the steps and onto the sidewalk i remember my body freezing in position and then im falling flat on my face in the grass. Im laying there in the grass jerking up and down on the ground and all i remember thinking was "what is happening to me?" and something whispered to me "you're having a convulsion, just wait until it stops then get up and go inside." So for what was about 10 seconds i convulsed and finally it stopped. It was like this hot beam kept shocking me throughout my whole body. I had no control what so ever. And it was bad because my arms and head and legs were beating against the ground so hard i could have swore i broke something but i couldnt make it stop. After it did stop i got up and suddenly realized, "oh my god my dad and brother just heard me". Yes you can definetly hear someone having a convulsion on the ground or anywhere for that matter. I looked back to my moms car but they were walking off into the woods, so i wobbled back inside. When i opened the door my brother and dad were inside talking in the kitchen. They hadn't even been outside at all. I remember asking them questions and they would tell me i wasn't making any since and didnt know what i was talking about. I asked my mom when did my brother leave to the store to get cigarettes. She said he never went to get cigarettes. Or i'd respond to a question no one ever even asked me. I managed to hide the next 6 convulsions i had through about a 2 hour time frame, much of which is hard to remember after the first convulsion. The last thing i remember clearly was the last convulsion i had, which was also by far the worst and most terrifying thing i've ever felt or seen.

I was going back into my bedroom and my legs were of course still jerking constantly, and i managed to trip over my cat. As i tripped i felt that feeling i had become very familiar with over the previous hours as the feeling i got right before having a convulsion. I slammed back against my mirror i had on the wall, (one of those full length ones) at an angle. The glass shattered and hit the floor on side of the wall. I fell back straight on top of all the broken pieces and started jerking up and down on top of them.. I remember hearing my mom scream "Oh my god" in a voice i will never forget. I laid there staring down towards the door as they ran up the stairs. My looked at me from the door and said "don't move baby". He picked me up and I didn't even have a single cut on me. God was watching over me. (remember they didn't know i was having convulsioins, and had dealt with me on dxm before). After a few minutes of them checking me for cuts they decided for my own safety i needed to lay down in my bed. I was really aggrivated and afraid because the whole night they had been treating me like a cripple, holding my hand and helping me walk and shit. He tried to walk me over to my bed, holding onto my hand, and i screamed "let go i can do it!" I guess the drug decided it wasn't thru with me yet. He was still holding my hand and as i tried to lift one of my legs i fell to the floor again, except this time he was holding me up by my arm. I remember the heat shocking me like electricity every time i would jerk. AFter about the third shock wave went through out my body my ears started popping and my eyes felt like they were going to explode. I was convulsing so bad that i was lifting my own self off the floor by that one arm he was holding. Then he finally let go and he said i straigthened out like a board on the floor and my eyes were rolled back in my head. Then i started flopping on the floor like a fish does. I remember for some reason i could see myself in my mind as if i was another person in the room watching, and the way i looked was scaring the shit out of me. They said i kept screaming FUCK!! You watch someone's whole body jerking violent as shit and see if it dont mess with your head. I remember my mom saying "why is she moving like that?? And my dad said i was having a seizure to call 911. As she got down the stairs it stopped and i screamed for her not to call 911. I had been to the hospital before my first time on coricidin, and for overdosing on ibuprofen. ANd i didn't want to go back even if it meant dieing. SHe had already called them though. For some reason the ambulance people didn't take me away but they told her she was required to place me in some sort of facility for help. They kept asking me questions but i could only get 2 words out and then for some reason i couldnt say anymore. I didnt want them to see my legs still shaking on the sofa so i hid them under a cover. Maybe thats why. Anyway i've written forever so i'm going to wrap it up by saying that ever since that experienced i have suffered permanent brain and nerve damage. I shake slightly all the time and cant even smoke weed without having muscle spasms throughout my body the whole time. I constantly have panic attacks and stutter from time to time. I have trouble completing sentences and dont remember about 80% of the first 13 years of my life. And every time i almost fall or trip or something i feel like im about to have a convulsion again so i have this constant fear of falling down. In no way would i wish this on anyone. You never forget experiencing a full body convulsion. Dramamine doesn't even make you feel euphoric. It just fries your brain and makes you frustrated after you sit down talking to someone for 30 minutes only to realize they were never even there. You have no way of telling what is reality from whats a hallucination and you will most probably end up either in a mental hospital, in a hospital itself, in jail, dead, pissing off your family, causing permanent brain damage or depression, or finding that for some odd reason your friends are avoiding you. Don't risk it, yea you could die, but there are worse things than death, like ending up a vegtable who can't speak or move for the rest of your life.

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