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Legal Methamphetamine

by Jamiroquai

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Let me see a show of hands of those of you that know a pharmaceutical corporation manufactures methamphetamine? That's what I expected. Abbott Laboratories is the manufacturer. And it is prscribed to people with narcolepsy and Attention Defecit Disorder. I myself was prescribed Adderall for roughly three years with much dissatisfaction.

Oh the first year was great but it soon became no more effective than say a placebo. Up until my diagnosis I was into meth bigtime. And then after losing everything to the "Angel of Meth" I checked into rehab and tried to get a grip on my hunger for the stuff(to no avail). Luckily my counselor at rehab pointed out to me that I had the characteristics of someone with ADD and that stuck in my head.

So I decided to go get tested by a specialist for adults with ADD and found I had 16 out of 18 characteristics. So I began getting amphetamines(Adderall) and thought life was perfect. And then the honeymoon ended and I was back to scoring crank off the streets and messing with the white-trash bastards that come with it. And so once again I lost everything, got arrested and felt like dying. And then low and behold I found the answer to my situation.

I discovered that methamphetamine can be obtained via your local pharmacy. I discovered Desoxyn generic name methamphetamine. So I went to my psychiatrist sang the song and did the dance and got a prescription for it. Now let me tell you, the first time I walked up to my pharmacist requesting methamphetamine I felt surreal like this can't be for real! But it was and is. And now for the rest of my life I'll have methamphetamine legititamly and legally. Incredible huh?!

Currently I am on probation for meth and I have to take piss-tests every month. What's funny is I show that I've got meth in my system yet nothing can be done since I have prescription! My probation officer is just baffled and angry that she can't touch me no matter how much she doesn't like the fact! Kind-of an oxymoron huh?! Now no beer and pot sucks but so does jail!

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