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Crystal Meth Ingredients

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There are only 3 main ingredients to making crystal meth. This are how to get them...

1. Psuedoephedrine (E)

This is the active ingredient in Sudafed. I would recomend getting the generic brand. They are about $8.00 for 96 pills. You can get these at any Pharmacy. Of course they are over the counter. In the methhead synthesis he goes about extracting it in a different way. The easiest way is to crush the pills and let them soak in denatured alcohol for 4 to 8 hours. You can get denatured alcohol at any hardware store. It is by the paint thinner and mineral spirits. Then filter and take the liquid and slowly boil it on the stove until it gets down to the bottom. You will want to finish the drying with a hair dryer so you dont burn the psuedo. Now take the powder and mix it with distilled water. Let it settle and set it in the freezer for 1/2 an hour. Now take the semi-frozen liquid and filter again. Take the psueo water and slowly boil it again. Take out the hair dryer and finish drying it. Now its powdered....and you have pure psuedo.

2.Iodine crystals (I2)

Iodine is watched by the goverment and they will take your ID and put you on the list if you buy it from a chemical supplier. So the safest way to get it is to go to a pharmacy and ask for Iodine Tincture. If they ask what it is for say that it is for your horse. It is used on horses for a problem with there hooves. The probaly wont ask though. It is sold in 1oz. bottles and you can usually get about a gram of pure iodine crystals from one bottle. The problem with this is that you will need to go to many pharmacies and just buy a few bottles at each one. That way they dont get suspicious. I made up a synthesis on converting iodine tincture. It is on the main page. {{New Info!!-- You can purchase iodine tincture in gallon and 1/2 gallon sizes at any Quality Farm & Fleet. But don't buy to many of them. I would recomend only buying a gallon at a time. It is about $12.00 for a gallon. Just take it up to a cashier that is young and stupid. They shouldn't ask any questions. This way is much easier than going around to a hundred different pharmacies and buying it in 1oz. bottles. A lot cheaper too!!}}

3.Red Phosphorus (RP)

RP is made from the strike pad on a match book. NOT the matches themselves but the pad it is striked on. If there is a Spartan store around your area go to it and buy some boxes of match books. I recomend the Spartan brand cause it comes off easy and is cheap. The match books should have a light brown or reddish striler on them. Not the stripped or dotted kind. The smooth light brown striker is what you want. There is also a sythesis that i wrote up on how to get the RP off the match books on the main page.

Ok, next i will list some of the other shit you will need and where to get it....

1.Colemans Fuel----sporting goods store, K-mart or Walmart

2.Muriatic Acid (HCl)---any hardware store. also near the paint thinners.

3.Acetone---any hardware store

4.Methanol---dont recomend it. use denatured alcohol instead. also near the paint thinners.

5.Tubing & PVC connectors---any hardware store

6.Flask---hobby store, chem supplier

7.Red Devil Lye---In a lot of K-mart or Walmart type stores. Or maybe even in your local grocerie store. It is by the drain cleaners in a little white bottles with a red top. It is a very strong drain cleaner. Just look in a bunch of different stores and you will find it.

8.PH strips---hobby store or you can make your own with red cabbage.

9.Vision Ware Bowl---K-Mart or someplace like that. It has to withstand high temps. and be able to go from the stove right into ice water. Look in kitchen stores also. My buddy had a very hard time finding one of these cause he lives in a little town. Just go somewhere that has a lot of pots and pans and stuff.

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