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How to Cook Cocaine into Rock

by jay j

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I sold crack for about 5 or 6 years. I know the proper way to cook and sell the shit. I seen some articles on how to cook it and they were a lode of crap. So I decided to show you...

First things first, you're going to need some dope. I mean !powder cocaine! (1 oz =.28 grams) Look around, don't buy the cheapist whiteist shit you can get! -look for powder in the form of a break look for shales refleckting off the powder (looks like fish scails)

where to get your dope from you can call me?(just joking) ok now the best way to get the hookup is to asks around go to bars locals one's meet pepole dont be to blunt about it but find someone if you dont already have someone...

go to your kichen pull out the baking soda from the frig. (go to the store and get mesherment cups stainless steel ones thay come in 4 or 6 difrint cups ) use the one thats (1cup) put about 1tabulspoon of bakeing soda in the cup.and a hafe a oz of coke 14grams in the cup ...

fill the cup up with water til 3/4th of the cup is full ster and leve it for about 5min it will boble and fizz . in the mean time put a small pan full of water on the stove at mid tem ... now take the cup of shit and put it in the water hafe way and let it cook take a butter nife and ster it it shoud start fomeing up push it down and keep stering it do this till it starts to look like oil! push it together with the nife. pull out of the pan take the cup and put in frezer fore about 10min take out and strane the water you shoud be left with a chunk of rock -crack -freebase..... it shoud way around 13 grams (do this two times fore 1 oz ) thats how you make base .....

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