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How To Properly Smoke Crank, Meth, Crisso, Wire

by Some Dumbass

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

How To Properly Smoke Crank, Meth, Crisso, Wire

So you have that little white, possibly yellowish, off-white, powdered, granular-like substance that may seem like it will forever keep you rolling. Especally if you dont frequently use the shit. The lesser the tolerance, the bigger the high. The effects could usually be described as a Major Stimulant, Increased Heart rate. For some, An increased level of awareness, and mental process. Others may experiance hightened physical statue. Some, depending on the doseage - and present usuage of other drugs along with substance, May experiance a sense of euphoria and some minor hallucinations.

(A)****Equipment for smoking****

-Perferably a Zippo lighter and extra fluid. Those cheap Bic lighters, that you can pick up at your local gas station or local cheaper mart work. However they 'occaisionly' tend to get to hot, and in turn melt the plastic and fuck up.

Or a nice big-long buring candle will work just fine.

-A small... Mirrow. Hand held. Ideal size would be about 5 inches by 5 inches. Or so.

-Two straws with slits cut in the ends, so it forms a scallope, or a 'Scooper'.

-A FIRM playing Card, like the ACE of Spades.

-Some Thing To SMOKE it out of..

#1 and most effective.

A glass pipe.

#2 and alittle less effective.

Aluminum Foil

-A old rag or small towel.

(B)**** How to make a Quick GLASS Pipe****

-Obtain a standard light bulb. -With plyers. Pry and cut off that little Metalalic Circle thing on the end of the bulb that makes contact with the lamp, etc. -With plyers Smash and remove all Ceramic shit that encased the piece you just snipped off. -With wire cutters or heavy-duty scirrors snip the Thin metal piece that has the gvoves in (the part which screews in). Snip it in About 4-6 places as far down into the bulb as you can. -Bend the pieces you just snipped -Outward-. -With some sharp object or plyers clean out all that insulator shit, It will break off like crumbling a piece of dirt. -You should se alittle Glass thing hollow like, and inside you notice the filament. with Needlenose plyers carefully squeeze this piece, hearing a crunch and the sound of breaking glass. The Outside bulb should not break. Do this in all directions to free a hole. -With the plyers, and cutters -scissors- remove the filament and all other crap in the bulb, by turing it upside down and dumping. -Next is the most imporant part. And you must be very carefull. I have fucked up sooo many times and have had to re-start the whole process again.

--(You should have something that looks like this by now)--

((((((((( ((((((((((((( Bulb--> ((((((((((((((00000 <-- Screw in part, in which you removed all the ((((((((((((((00000 insulating ceramic shit, and the filament. ((((((((((((( All you see is a hollow hole and the bulb (((((((( insides.

-Find a Heavy-duty steel file. And where the "X" is in the above diagram, slowly back and forth file a hole in the bulb, your stroke at the face of the bulb should leave a 'fileing' mark about this long -------.

BE CAREFULL. Dont put too much presure on the bulb for you will break the entire thing. This should take about 10 minutes, then carefully add the finishing touches up on the hole making it about this big (actuall size) ____ (hole) ^^^^

-Make sure there is NO - ZERO cracks even the smallest will fuck you up in the bulb, EXCEPT for the hole you put in. If any cracks present youll have to start over.

-Next rinse the Enitre bulb in a sink. This will remove all of that thin, layer inside the bulb which gives it a Soft white type color. Rinse for about 3 min.

-Let dry, If you want to use it quickly. Hold it to a hairdry at hot. Or with your lighter heat the water out. Alittle water left in the bulb is ok, it wont hurt the dope.

-Bend back those Thin metalic pieces you snipped to their original position, and take a straw insert it in the hole, just so you can bearly see it sticking out in the bulb (glass) part.

-With strong tape, tape the straw in place. and cut the excess to approate length. Make sure no tape is touching the glass portion, only the 'Screew' in to the lamp portion. Tape it good. Airtight!

!!! Actually this form of a glass pipe, works better -Personally- than any other Professional form ive seen. Why. Theres a bigger Bowl for the shit you can really get it Rocking!

(C)**** Foil Smoking ****

-Take a piece of Aluminum foil about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches high

-Put it on a FLAT surface with no groves or anything, and carefully flaten any and all creases out of the foil.

-Make a crease in the middle and half the foil.

(D)**** Time to SMOKE THE SHIT ****

I perfer a mildy lit small room, No wind or breeze. And ALONE! No other dope chasers.

-Most likely you recived the purchased goods in a small plastic baggy. Take the Straw that you made a 'scooper' out of and throughly remove all the dope in the baggy out onto the mirror. And remember to scrape the edges and interior of the baggy to remove all embedded dope.

-With your playing card. Arrange the dope into a nice pile.

BE SURE NOT TO BREATHE HEAVILY OR COUGH OR SNEEZE for you will blow away all that lovely shit!

-With your scooper, empty a good amount into The glass pipe of any fashion. And tap it left and right so all the shit forms a pile.

-WIth your flame source. Keeping the flame, so it barely doesnt touch the glass over the pile. It will soon smoke and slowly or quickly turn into a lyquid form, while this is happening roll the pipe from side to side until all the pile has turned into that thick lyquid. Remove the flame. And Wait for the lyquid to Re-Solidify - return to solid form. This is quite intersting so watch closely.

-After That. Prepair yourself. Light the flame source and hold it very close to the glass where the dope is. Slowly start to EXHALE all the air out of your lungs, Approx exhale time should be 5-7 seconds. At this time the dope should be smoking pretty thick and fast. After fully exhaled, slowly, very slowly suck on the straw (mouthpiece) that you tapped firmly. Suck the dope slowly. And turn the bulb 3/4 left to right, keeping it level while smoking. Also, while smoking, after intervals of every 5 seconds. Completely remove the flame, and continue slowly sucking the smoke in, after 2-4 seconds of no flame. Relight the flame and hold it very close again to the dope pile, which should still be a smoking thick-like lyquid.

-When your lungs are full. Remove flame. And take to pipe away from your mouth. Keeping it centered and level, And yes it will still be smoking dont worry about it. Hold the smoke for ONLY about 2-3 seconds, and slowly, slowy exhale.

If you GOT A REAL cool hit. You'll be amazed as you see, a Really-thick, Long cloud of smoke come from your mouth. Stand in front of a mirror, its worth it.

-Let the pipe cool for 1 min. Think about it, and see what you feel. -Hit that SHIT again! About 10-20 hits Do me for the Day. 3-8 should do a begginer WELL. Depending on how good the stuff really is. And if you wanna quit and theres still shit left in the pipe! Lucky YOU! Just stash the pipe in a safe place, and it will be READY and LOADED for next time.

(E)**** Foil Smoking ****

-As ABOVE. That is. EMPTY the shit out onto the Mirror and scrape the Bag well.

-Now. Make a U shape of the foil.

-scoop off a nice pile onto the foil, center of the crease is cool.

-Note. You will hold the foil, On the ends.

-Using your flame source. Hold it. Kind of close but not too close to the foil right above the pile. It should smoke and slowly-quickly turn to a liquid like state. Let it cool, untill it Resolidifies, about 3-10 seconds. Then re-admit the heat source and by tilting the foil back and forth in both directions, follwoing it with the flame (UNDERNEATH the foil of course) not so close to the ends so you burn your hands. SMOKE IT. Smoke it by place- ing a straw into your mouth, over the dope pile and suck in the smoke and follow the pile as you smoke it.

!!!Foil smoking is less effective for you Dont CATCH all the nessacary smoke and you HAVE to suck harder, since the smoke is not encased in a pipe. Sucking Harder, means inhale-ing quicker and getting less smoke volume.

I DISLIKE DOING LINES, So Even the above Foil method is perferable. If Foil is the only avaible way for you to smoke it. Think about it, And you can master it, so the whole process will become more effective.

! Taste it. When you buy, even if you trust the person. With you little finger smoosh alittle little little bit onto your finger and taste it. It should have a STRONGER the Better nasty Taste (hard to describe) but not like powdered sugar or salt or candy.

! When you smoke It YOU WILL AT ONCE know if it is TRUELY ok-GOOD shit. It the smoke whould not be black, and smell like plastic burning. The dope pile should not TURN BLACK and should not remain a solid form, a free- flowing thick lyquid should appear. And upon REMOVING the flame the dope Should Resolidify, re-harden to solid form within 3-8 seconds.

! The stronger the taste I do think im correct in saying, Even when smoking. The Stronger the Shit. The taste is not that bad when smoking, usually.

! Dont FRONT money.

! Dont becomce MENTALLY addicted. I can go for months and months at a time with out doing Crank.

! Physical Addiction - I BELIVE is only as strong as the Mental State of mind.

! Think you ran out and want more. Especally after 1 or more uses in the same pipe. A layer should start forming or allreayd be formed. As long as no heat is applyed to this layer it should continue to get thicker. Get a paperclip or some other tool to scrape this layer. THIS LAYER IS FORMED inside the pipe. Repeatly dump and scrape the layer onto a mirrow. Reload the scraped dope into the pipe.

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