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cDc Files Listing

cDc communications
list of releases
updated: 09/30/89

Currently: 123 releases - Collect 'em all!
All files on DRU's sTAC: volumes 19 (100+) and 20 (1-99)

# Title Author
_________________________________________________ ______________________
1. Gerbil Feed Bomb Swamp Rat
2. Wizardry Docs Swamp Rat
3. Wizardry Spells Swamp Rat
4. Rescue Raiders Docs Swamp Rat
5. Renegade Cows (dist.) HAL 9000
6. Assembly Fun Sid Vicious
7. Slow Death Swamp Rat
8. Book of Cow Franken Gibe
9. Society Sucks Psychotic Opposition
10. P.E.A.C.E. Psychotic Opposition
11. Suicidal Tendencies-Join the Army (lyrics) Wasted Pandemonium
12. Metallica-Master of Puppets (lyrics) Swamp Rat
13. NPA List Franken Gibe
14. UNIX Bible Franken Gibe
15. Yellow Pages Vol.I Franken Gibe
16. A Fucked Life Swamp Rat
17. Gnu Christmas Story Franken Gibe
18. Bunny Lust Tippy Turtle
19. The Cat in the Hat Swamp Rat
20. Green Eggs & Ham Swamp Rat
21. The Cold Truth 2600/S. Ratte'
22. How to Card Shit, When You Live With Your 'rents L.E. Pirate
23. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Swamp Rat
24. EZ Destruction Dial Tone
25. Method of Destruction-USA for MOD (lyrics) Swamp Rat
26. The Phone Sex Scandal L.E. Pirate
27. Frankie's Fireside Phreak Primer Franken Gibe
28. Yellow Pages Vol.II Franken Gibe
29. Cow Chronicles #1 Franken Gibe
30. The Bovine Epic of Creation Franken Gibe
31. A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster Psychedelic Warlord
32. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Crossover (lyrics) Swamp Rat
33. Fun With Traffic Lights Dial Tone
34. Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience...(lyrics) Suicidal Amoeba
35. Scarfing Suicidal Amoeba
36. On BLACK FLAG... Suicidal Amoeba
37. A Few Good Songs off of Eat Your Paisley Psychedelic Warlord
38. Area Code and Time Zone List Dial Tone
39. Fuck The World Swamp Rat
40. Sex With Satan (dist.) Psycoe
41. The Mentors-Up the Dose (lyrics) Mr. Drunkfux
42. Apple Shape Tables The Dark Static
43. Metallica-Kill 'Em All (lyrics) Swamp Rat
44. Mail Fraud L.E. Pirate
45. Beaming Dream: a poem Tequila Willy
46. Fun With Small Animals and Other Household Pets Sunspot
47. Hacking Into Hell The Raver
48. Evil Poetry: Vol. I The Raver
49. The Queen is Dead: a poem Sunspot
50. The Song of the Cow: a poem Psychedelic Warlord
51. The Day My Kid Turned Punk The Dark Static
52. Cross Of Iron 1.1 The Raver/editor
53. Cross Of Iron 1.2 The Raver/editor
54. Cross Of Iron 1.3 The Raver/editor
55. About Cross Of Iron #1 The Raver
56. The Prophecy of Cow Franken Gibe
57. History of the Bovinomicon The Raver
58. The Nameless Pasture The Raver
59. Interview With Neo-Nazi 'Ausderau' Psychedelic Warlord
60. Megadeth-so far, so good... so what! (lyrics) Swamp Rat
61. Bovine Death The Raver
62. Scotty's Tale of Sex and Death Racer X
63. Sesame St. Possession Swamp Rat
64. Death Angel-Frolic through the park (lyrics) Swamp Rat
65. Agnostic Front-Liberty & Justice For...(lyrics) Racer X
66. Dayglo Abortions-here today guano tomorrow(lyrics) Swamp Rat
67. Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 1 Racer X
68. Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 2 Racer X
69. Testament-The New Order (lyrics) Swamp Rat
70. The cDc compilation: volume one (Apple II/2 sides) Swamp Rat/editor
71. The *ONLY* Way To Get Telenet Thingies Tequila Willy
72. Toxik-World Circus (lyrics) (dist.) The Omen
73. Visions From The Last Crusade Psychedelic Warlord
74. The Camping Trip Franken Gibe
75. Metallica-...And Justice For All (lyrics) Swamp Rat
76. Institutionalized Necrovore
77. Held Captive Racer X
78. Danzig (lryics) Racer X
79. The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow Psychedelic Warlord
80. ...a Slayer kind of day... G.A. Ellsworth
81. Trail of Blood Sunspot
82. Geek: The Saga Continues The Pusher
83. Lyrics to Both Youth Of Today Albums The Pusher
84. Big Black Interview G.A. Ellsworth
85. cDc core #1 The Pusher
86. Screwdriver Flippin' Sunspot
87. A Tale of Two Sexes Swamp Rat
88. Armageddon's Coming: a poem Sunspot
89. The cDc compilation: volume two (Apple II/2 sides) Swamp Rat/editor
90. Cow-San Necrovore
91. The Reel Way The Pusher
92. "Group Revue" The Pusher
93. Las Vegas Mutantz From Hell! The Pusher
94. Fighting - The Clean Way! The Pusher
95. Impresario: Malcom McLaren and the British New... The Pusher
96. Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters (lyrics) Necrovore
97. Twisted Reality Necrovore
98. On The Porch Swing Suzy Rust
99. Top Gun Don Howland
100. The cDc #100 BamBam File The cDc cultees
101. cDc core #2 The Pusher
102. FUGAZI lyrics G.A. Ellsworth
103. cDc core #2 1/2 The Pusher
104. Gun Control The Pusher
105. POetRIE Obscure Images
106. Dream Tripped Racer X
107. cDc core #3 The Pusher
108. The End Obscure Images
109. A Feeling of Electricity In the Air Jennifer Petkus
110. The Flesh Man Richard Avis
111. Jack and Jack Obscure Images
112. Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #1 Krass Katt
113. The cDc compilation: volume three (Ap2/2 sides) Swamp Rat
114. cDc core #4 The Pusher
115. Bear Trap of Love Krass Katt
116. A Slight Miscalculation Bob Cram
117. Lost Love Egyptian Alchemist
118. A Moment In Time Obscure Images
119. Retrospective Rock The Pusher
120. The Bus Driver Scum
121. Ultra Trendies Psychedelic Warlord
122. David and Goliath: Goliath's Point of View Leper Messiah & Swamp R.
123. Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #2 Dave Louapre

cDc systems list as of 6/19/89

The Dead Zone........................214/522-5321
Demon Roach Underground..............806/794-4362
PURE NIHILISM........................517/377-7319
Tequila Willy's GSC..................209/526-3194
The Convent..........................619/475-6187
The Toll Center......................718/358-9209 (cDc/T)
Greenpeace's Inverted Granola Bar....916/673-8412
Time Centre..........................312/377-0359

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