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It could have worked [Fiction]

It's getting close to the time to end this show. It's funny, but
I can't help but reminisce about it's beginning and the course it
took. Both of us sat and planned, dissagreeing on a few parts,
sometimes going our seperate ways. All the time knowing the rules of
the game we played at.
I'll not forget soon the first great chasm which almost divided
us. But I was eventually able to reason Him to use evolution instead
of instant life. It was unfortunate that he wished for them to
develope so slowly. I swear that I was trying to do a favor whin I
introduced that first bit of knowledge, which was later to be called
And throughout the ages, because I had gone behind His back he
set his artists to work aganist me. Me! How easily they forgot that
it was I that helped them to learn their art. How quickly they were
turned, used, to put my one small mistake into a burning pit of
scenery at which all pointed at and shouted "Egotist! Deceiver!".
But, beyond that, the game went on, though it was a long hard
struggle to mend the fences. I admit, here and now, to my mistakes
although it won't do them any good. It all seems such a waste of
time. But it is His will, and so it must be done.
And so the game is coming to an end; the stage is prepared for
the final scene, and the angels are standing by for the host of souls
which will comE from that small little stage. And here I stand.
All of His theologists and priests were certain that I was to be
punished forever. They don't know the true meaning of "eternity". I
do. I am sure that some will be surprised to see me here, sitting
next to His son, working as an advisor. But they will know the truth
when they arrive.
Maybe they were right about my punishment lasting forever. At
one time we were nearly equal and worked together. But time changes
things and perspectives. I sometimes wonder if the game would have
ended as quickly if I had sent the knwoledge more carefully. But it's
of no use.
I can see the final act now. It's a spectacular sight. A bright
flare, almost a halo, surrounds the planet. I hear that my wish has
been granted and that the star will become a neutron star to mark the
area. I hope so. I would truly hate to see all of the work go
completely to waste.
And so it ends. The light dims, the halo diminishes, and the
souls begin to appear.
Maybe things would have been different if I hadn't used that


all of the work go
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