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The P/A's guide to living in the UCB dorms

_|__|_ _|__|_
| | -/--/- | | Killer Joe Presents:
| | / / | |
| | / / | |
| |/ / | | The P/A's Guide
| < | | To Living In
| |\ \ | | The UC Berkeley
| | \ \ _|__|_ | | Dorms.
| | \ \ | |__| |
_|__|_ \ \ _|________|_
| | \ \ | |

Hello, since I'm a sorry ass who couldn't get decent housing, I have
taken it upon myself to write a help file for new residents of the
dorms. So, what does that mean to you? Well, nothing if you don't
live in the dorms. But if you do, this is a small list of the many
fun and interesting things you can do while you are an inmate er,


There are many opportunities to do some sort of phreak activity during
your stay here. In the dorms there are three types of phones: Pay,
Campus, and your own Room phone. Keep in mind that although a Room
phone is a Campus phone, a Campus phone is not a Room phone. I'll
explain more on this later.

1. Pay Phones: Downstairs in your lobby you'll find a pay phone.
There is one vital device you will need to fully exploit
this phone, and it's called a redbox. Try to get a file
on building your own redbox (I recommend the one printed
in 2600 magazine.) Look for file using the radio-shack
tone dialer, it's the one I use and the one my friend
uses to routinely call Argentina. The redbox is a must while
in the dorms, use it as a bargaining chip as much as
possible. If you have an *very good* tape recorder, try to
make a recording of the tones from the phone and replay it
with walkman headphones.

2. Campus Phones: Next to the payphone downstairs there is a campus
phone. If you haven't been told by your RA's by now, this
phone can only be used for making on-campus calls. It will
only accept 5 numbers such as 3-xxxx or 2-xxxx, where xxxx
is the extension you wish to call. That's about it. SO SAY
THE RA. In reality the campus phone is the most flexible of
the three. First let me tell you that the Campus phone you
are using in your dorm is the on the *same* system as the
ones used by the administration and faculty. In order for oh,
say, Chancellor Chang to make a crank call to Stanfurd, he
must have some way to dialout. So, the designers of the
system included a way for him to do just that. Let's say
you want to call the local number 549-0825:
That's it. For LD calls just include a 1 and the area code.
(btw, if you have the chance, please call the above number
and ask, "Hi, is Fred there? I'd like some free sex." Don't
worry, you won't have to talk to Fred, he's the ghost that
lives there. REALLY! Anyway, he's a pervert.)

Okay, maybe you don't want to sit in the lobby and talk to your
girlfriend. Just do this: Have your roomate go downstairs and
dial your room number. Answer the phone (duh) and hold on.
Next have him put you on hold by depressing the hangup lever and
dial her number. When it rings at her end, he should depress
the lever again. This is three way calling, so now you, your
roomate, and your girlfriend are on the same line. He can't
just hang up and let you two talk, so he must remove the
handset from the phone. Reach under the phone and unclip it,
so nobody can listen in. Please remember to clip the phone
back in, so others may do the same.

Oh, one last thing for you Pee-Wee Herman types. This
unrestricted dialtone will allow you to dial 1-900 numbers...

3. Room Phone: If you are planning to use any codes, extenders, other
people's IAC's, etc. from your Room phone, DON'T. The Room
phone is fully ANIed. There is however, a metal plate in
the hallway between the bathroom and the trash chute.
Under this plate is the junction box, where all
of the phone lines make their connections. If you are
electronically inclined it is very easy to hook up a variety
of phreaking boxes to the lines. (D/L some box schematics)
Other than that, don't even try to do anything with the Room

One side note, I said there were three types of phones in your
building. Well there is actually another phone in the elevator.
I know of two numbers 2-2775 (Spens-Black hall) and 2-2801 (Priestley
hall). Do what you want with them...

ANARCHY: There are virtually limitless things to do in the dorms,
most of it is just harmless, but there are a few things that
you could get in trouble for.

1. On Your Floor: If you get a co-ed floor, and there's no reason why
you shouldn't, it is possible to 'see' into other peoples rooms
by removing their peep-hole. I know this is childish, but hey, you're
in college now, it's your job. With the door closed just place your
fingers around the face of the lense and turn. Believe it or not
the peep-hole will unscrew. Now all you have to do is remove it,
push the piece on the inside through, and look. Before you put back
the device, fill it with soap and then screw it back in.

I already mentioned the junction box in the wall. Please feel free
to remove it and switch all the lines around.

2. In The Lobby: There are coke machines there. If you aren't familiar
with ripping those off, it's fairly easy. Take a dollar and lay it
flat on the table, on the end (the narrower one) place a piece of
tape across it like this: ==|[($)] (where [($)] is the dollar bill
and ==| is the tape. Reinforce the tape as much as possible. Making
sure it doesn't cross the white part of the bill. Insert the bill
into the coke machine and let it take it until all you can see
is the tape. Now with a snap, pull the bill out so it *slides* out
without putting friction on the rollers. If the rollers detect
the backword movement it will reject the dollar. Drink up.

3. In The Mailroom: Carding is one of the riskier scams, and since
I am not very experienced in it, I will only tell you how to
get them. The Mis-Sorted mail slot is one of the easiest, just
reach in when people aren't looking and take a handful of mail.
Sort it out when you get to your room. (MAKE SURE YOU THROW AWAY
THE EVIDENCE) The thin plastic windows on the mailboxes snap out
with a push, so it's a free for all, have at it. After hours people
throw misdirected mail behind the bars, scoop up as much as you
can with a stick and take it upstairs.

4. From The Balcony: Spit or throw trashcans on the heads of passers-by.

Well there you go, I hope this helps you get through your first year at
Berkeley and having to live in the dorms. Oh, and please don't be lame,
start looking for an apartment a good 2 months before school ends.
If you have any questions, you can find me on these *great* boards:

SKELETON CRUE BBS: 510-376-8060
><ANTH BBS: 510-658-5681
NERD MAGNET BBS: 510-814-0175

Killer Joe

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