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Babysitting Anita Chap 7 8 (mf, pedo, cons)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
I didn't write these stories, don't flame me for their content.

This story contains sexual acts between a teenage boy and a pre-teen
girl, if this subject offends you, or if you are UNDER 18, leave now.

You have been warned!!!!!


Date: Sun, 9 Oct 1994 03:01:10 UTC
Subject: Repost: Babysitting Anita Chap 7-8 (mf young cons)

Babysitting Anita

Chapter 7

The next day was another one spent at the beach. I got a lot
of sun that
day playing out on the sand with Alice and Anita. Later in the
day my mom
and Tami took my brother and they went out. I guess they went
but I wasn't sure. When they returned, we all went out for
dinner. Then we
went out to a movie theater together. My brother, mom, and
Tami went to a
Disney picture at my brother's insistence. It was an okay
movie. I got to sit
next to Tami so that was really the best part of it. After
getting back, I went
to my room and read for a while. I ended up falling asleep,
but woke up a
little later feeling very thirsty. I undressed, put on boxer
shorts, and crept
quietly downstairs to get something to drink. As I passed the
family room, I
saw my mom drinking with Tami. I crept quietly past this room
and went to
the kitchen. Beer cans were piled up in the recycling bin. I
realized they
must have been drinking for quite a while. I got my water and
then crept
back to the family room. I was curious as to what they were
talking about.
Kneeling in the dark recesses of the doorway, I had a clear
view of them as
they continued to drink.
"Yeah, those were some fun times," my mom said.
"We sure were a couple of playgirls," Tami commented.
"I had my share, but you--you had more than enough men," my mom
"Aw, c'mon, Donna. Not that many," Tami chuckled. Their words
slightly slurred as they spoke, and I could see they were
really drunk, but it
was a mellow drunk.
"Oh, yeah, too many. And what about girls?" my mom asked with
a grin.
"Girls?" Tami asked. "What are ya talkin' 'bout?"
"I heard you fucked some girls too," she answered. I was
shocked to hear
my mom swear. She never swore in my presence, not even when
she got
"Did ya?" my mom asked, smiling broadly and leaning forward.
"Yeah, I did mess around some with girls when I was in
college," Tami
"Really?" my mom asked, a little skeptical as she sat back.
"What was it
like?" She took another sip of her drink.
"It was good."
"Ya liked it?"
"Have you played around, with men or women since you were
my mom asked.
"No," Tami lied. At least she wasn't so drunk to reveal what
she and I had
"Do you want to try the girl-thing again?" she asked so softly
I barely caught
what she said.
"I think about it sometimes," Tami admitted.
"What about right now?"
"You mean you and me?" Tami asked. My mom thought for a while
answered. "Yeah." My cock immediately sprang to life. Would
they do it
together, right here, right now? My erection poked through the
loose fly of
my boxer shorts and my fingers began to tease the head. Tami
across the back of the couch and stroked my mom's neck. My mom
put her
hand on Tami's thigh and tentatively began caressing her thigh.
Then Tami's
hands moved to my mom's blouse front where she began to
unbutton the
blouse. Surprisingly enough for me, I was becoming excited by
the idea of
seeing my mom naked. I'd only seen her nude when I was a kid
and those
memories were really fuzzy as I looked back. I felt weird
about getting
excited about my mom's naked boobs and cunt, so I tried to tell
myself I
was excited about seeing Tami naked again and having sex with
my mom.
My mom's blouse came off and I could see her black bra. Seems
like these
two had a lot more in common than I thought! It was lacy and
covered my
mom's more than ample bosom. Mom looked tense, and I could see
hard nipples poking up from the bra. I also saw a fine line of
hair beginning
just above her shorts and Tami was already at work revealing
this hidden
hair to my eyes. Tami had undone her shorts and was unzipping
them. My
mom stood up to let Tami finish undressing her. She hooked her
fingers in
the waistband of mom's shorts and slid them and her black
panties down.
Tami was kneeling before her, having just removed my mom's
clothes. She
brought her mouth to my mom's crotch and began to kiss her
"Oh, Tami, that feels so good," my mom groaned. Her hands were
through Tami's thick, black hair, ruffling it as Tami sucked on
my mom's
gash. My hand began to work a little faster on my erection as
continued her sucking. I saw her reach under my mom's cunt and
she was going to slip a finger up my mom's ass. I really liked
that; I
wondered how my mom would feel about it.
"Oh yeah," she sighed. She spread her legs a little to allow
Tami easier
access. I sat down then. Kneeling on the hardwood floor for
that long was
tough on my knees. I could still see just fine and continue my
stroking while the show continued.
"Hold on," my mom said, pushing Tami's head away.
"What?" Tami asked.
"I really want to suck you. We'd better do it now, too, before
I change my
mind," my mom explained. Tami smiled. "Okay." She quickly
The two women stood naked before each other: my mom with her
large and
slightly sagging breasts, glistening from Tami's saliva, and
Tami with her
impressive tits hardly drooping at all.
"You're really beautiful," my mom complimented. She touched
"Will it be OK? Does this make us lesbians..."
"Don't worry. I know lots of women who go both ways, and they
still love
men just as much," Tami answered with a smile of reassurance.
"Now I'll
lay down and you put your beautiful pussy right over my face."
My mom
did what Tami told her and waited for what was to follow.
"I don't think I'm very wet yet," my mom said.
"I'll take care of that," Tami answered. She spread my mom's
pussy lips and
put her mouth to the crack. I didn't have a very good view
since this was
mostly profile, but I figured she was tonguing the hell out of
my mom's
now-moistening slit.
"Oh yeah. That feels great," my mom told her, pushing her
snatch into
Tami's face for more. Then Tami tongued my mom's clit and put
her finger
inside her pussy.
"How's that?" she asked when her finger was half way in.
"Okay." Tami went ahead and pushed it all the way home. Then
she stuck
two, then three fingers inside, thrusting slowly in and out of
my mom's cunt.
I could hear my mom grunt at each thrust. I couldn't tell if
she was enjoying
it or not. I hope she was even though I was a little jealous
that she got to
have sex with Tami instead of me getting Tami to myself.
Still, it was fun to
watch. The sight of Tami's fingers driving in and out of my
mom's cunt
really excited me. I increased the pumping action on my cock
as I watched
my mom begin lapping at Tami's jerking pelvis, Tami's smooth
clenching as she thrust.
"Suck me, Tami. Oh, that feels so good," my mom said, her body
in tandem with Tami. I couldn't believe my mom was talking so
"You're so tight, Donna. I love sucking your sexy cunt," Tami
answered. I
began pumping faster on my erection, my hips thrusting in time
as I
watched this intense suckfest. Tami thrust faster and faster,
a sweat coming
to her brow. Her hand in my mom's cunt picked up speed too.
she thrust forward hard and let out a loud moan as her entire
body tensed.
Then she collapsed on my mom for a few moments. I stopped
jacking off
and watched as Tami removed her fingers and bent to lick at my
sopping wet pussy.
"We need to finish you off," Tami told her. "Go sit on the
couch." My
mom got up and went to the couch. Tami knelt between her legs
and began
sucking her off again. It was all I could do to keep from
running in there
and joining them. I picked up the speed on my cock once again
while I
watched. Tami's hair was being ruffled once again by my mom as
she was
being sucked. My mom sat with her head thrown back, eyes
closed in
ecstasy, and legs spread wide. I could see the back of Tami's
head as it went
up and down my mom's slit.
"Suck my pussy! Suck that little box," my mom ordered. Tami
picked up
the pace, and I worked my cock in time to her head motions.
Soon my
mom's legs tensed, and she let out a low groan. Tami stopped
her head
motions to watch my mom's juicy come as it pumped into her
mouth. As
my mom came, I realized I was about to come also. I removed my
hand as
soon as I felt it, but it was too late. Semen shot out from my
penis and
splattered all over my chest. I heard glob hit the floor next
to me. 'Shit!' I
quickly slipped out of my boxers and cleaned up the floor with
them and
then ran it over my chest to catch most of the semen there. My
hand was
still sticky with semen, but I would take care of that once I
got back to my
room. I couldn't let them catch me watching. I quickly ran
upstairs and into
my room where I was safe. Once I had cleaned up, and was
laying in bed, I
knew that I now had some new material to replay in my mind when
I was

End Part 7

Babysitting Anita

Chapter 8

Our vacation was coming to an end. I woke up the morning of
our last day
in Florida and felt a tremendous sense of loss. Looking back
on the past
week, I realized that there had been some really good times,
many of which
included sexual encounters. I met a girl who knew some great
tongue tricks,
explored a new sexual avenue with Tami, and seen my mom and
Tami fuck.
I really couldn't ask for much more except for the week to
never end so that
I could have these adventures forever. Unfortunately all good
things come
to an end. The morning started out beautiful, warm, and sunny
just as every
other morning that week had been. I went out and played with
Alice and
Anita for a while on the beach. I asked Alice about her cousin
and found
out that her cousin lived in Illinois, near Chicago. That two
state distance
wasn't very encouraging to me. I had hoped that I could meet
her some day.
Alice had shown me a picture, and the girl was really cute.
Plus she seemed
to know a lot about sex, and she was my own age. I desperately
wanted to
have sex with her, but right now I didn't see a way to do it.
After finding
this out, I felt a little depressed about the situation until
lunch. Tami pulled
me aside and said that she would meet me tonight in my room.
She wanted
to celebrate our last night there with a special surprise for
me. That really
perked up my spirits. I wondered what she could have in mind.
That night I
ended up going to bed early, hoping that it would speed Tami's
arrival. It
didn't really work; it made the time go slower as I constantly
looked up from
my book to check the clock. I wore only a pair of boxer shorts
so Tami
could undress me faster. Finally a soft knock came at the
door, and Tami
entered. She was fully dressed and looked as sexy as ever. I
couldn't wait
to strip off her clothes and feast my eyes on that body of hers

"Hi, Alex," she said, coming to the bed.
"Hi," I whispered back. She leaned over and kissed me
passionately on the
"Are you ready for your surprise?" she asked as we broke.
"Yeah." Tami smiled and took a pair of scissors from her
"I think it's time we trimmed that pubic hair of yours," she
stated. My heart
beat picked up speed at the thought of her trimming me.
"Yes," I answered. She tugged at my boxer shorts, and I lifted
my hips to
allow her to slip them off.
"I'll get the waste basket," she explained as she moved away
and over to the
corner where it was.
"Take off your clothes," I whispered. I needed to see her
naked body now!
She smiled. As she walked over to the wastebasket she slowly
pulled up her
blouse and tossed it off. She wasn't wearing a bra this time,
and I wondered
if she had on panties. Then she sat down on the chair and took
off her socks
and sneakers. She picked up the can and returned to my side
with it. At my
bedside, she slowly peeled off her shorts and I saw I was
right. No panties.
Her neatly trimmed bush was beckoning me as it became exposed.
I slowly
stroked her crotch and it became wet with my touch. I kissed
her pussy
before lying back to let her trim my crotch. She brought the
scissors down
and snipped away at my pubic hair. She took away a lot of the
length and
then trimmed it into a neat little mound at the base of my
cock. Then she
carefully clipped off the hair on my balls until they were
smooth. I stroked
them after she was done. I liked the new look. We left the
bathroom and I
went and laid down on the bed at Tami's suggestion. She
crawled between
my legs and brought her mouth down slowly on my cock. She took
it all
the way in once and then removed her lips. She then began
licking at my
now hairless ball sac.
"Mom," a new, but familiar voice whispered from the foot of the
bed. Tami
spun around and came face to face with her daughter. Anita
stood at the
foot of the bed in the dimly lit room wearing only her T-shirt
and white
cotton underpanties. I could see her nipples were poking
through, and knew
she was excited by what was happening before her, but I wasn't
sure what
Tami was going to do now. Here her own daughter had caught her
on my dick. What would she say?
"Anita, dear, what--" Tami began, at a loss for words.
"You have a really hairy pussy," Anita observed, staring at her
mom's muff
which was fully exposed.
"Uh...Anita, why don't you and I go back into your room and
I'll explain
what's going--"
"I know what you're doing. I didn't think you did this though.
I thought
just us kids did this stuff," Anita said.
"Well, no, not just kids. Adults do it too," Tami answered.
"Can I do it with you?" Anita asked.
"No, Anita, girls don't do that to other girls. I don't think
that would be a
good idea..."
"Can I do it with Alex?" she asked. Tami just looked at me. I
didn't want to
give away the fact that Anita and I had already had sex since I
wasn't sure
how she would react. I hoped that Anita would have enough
sense to keep
quiet about it too. I just nodded and shrugged my shoulders in
"I guess that it's okay with Alex, but there's something you
have to
understand, Anita," Tami said.
"You can't tell anybody about what happens in this room
tonight. Do you
understand. Nobody. Not even your dad," Tami said. Anita
nodded. "I
won't tell anyone. It's a secret." Tami nodded. Then she
turned back to me
and as she looked at me, I could see a light twinkle in her
"Would you like to do this?" Tami asked.
"Sure, if its allright with you," I answered, pretending that
this would be the
first time, since I knew that was what Tami would expect. Tami
turned to
Anita. "How does this sound? Some girls like it when someone
girl sticks
their dick into her little hole. Would you like Alex to do
that to you?"
"Yeah," Anita nodded. Tami got off the bed and I immediately
rolled over
onto my back. I figured letting Anita slide onto me at her own
pace would
lessen her discomfort, even though in reality it wasn't her
first time.
"Okay, Anita, take off your underwear," Tami said. Her
daughter eagerly
tore them off and climbed onto the bed. Tami brought out the
Vaseline and
began lubing up her daughter's tiny pussy with it. I saw the
surprise in her
eyes when she noticed how wet her daughter already was.
"Okay, Anita, now what Alex is going to do is stick his dick in
there and
push it in and out. Do you understand?" Tami asked.
"Yeah," Anita answered. Tami put some Vaseline on my erection,
too, and
really noticed its size again. Then she looked at her
daughter's eagerness and
"Yep, you're my daughter all right. You're going to be just as
hot as me
when you grow up," she said.
"I hope so, Mom." Tami guided Anita's pseudo-virgin hole onto
my dick.
"We're going to do this real slow at first. Let me know if it
starts to hurt,
Anita," Tami told her.
"Okay." Tami eased her daughter's slight frame down onto my
member, and began to slowly raise and lower her, slipping more
of my hard-
on into her each time. Anita was already accustomed to
fucking, at least
once, so she kinda knew what to expect. She didn't seem to be
feeling any
pain, and she was grunting with her efforts to get more of my
dick inside of
her. The Vaseline helped, and now her own secretions added to
the easing
of friction on her. And Anita was starting to enjoy it. Then
Anita was given
free reign as Tami moved back and let Anita thrust up and down
on my
blood-engorged member.
"How does that feel, Anita?" Tami asked.
"It's so tight and my pussy feels all tingly," Anita answered.
I could see that
Tami was excited by the display. She stood just off the side
of the bed with
her hands in her own cunt, slowly stroking it and watching us
Matching Anita's rhythm, I began to push up as she came down,
trying to
push even deeper into her. I felt an orgasm begin to build
within me and
tried to hold myself back. Anita's bouncing hips began to
speed up and
soon I felt her tight pussy lips twitch a little on my dick; I
knew she was
cumming, but she kept on humping down on me like a little
trooper. From
experience, I knew that she could have multiple orgasms, and
hoped she
could come a few more times before I lost my sperm inside her.
I guess
when you're that young, and its your first years of real sex,
life is just one
big orgasm. Tami couldn't stand being apart from the action
and soon
joined us on the bed. She put her head under Anita's ass as
she continued
humping my semi-hard dick. Her hand found my erection in
thrusts into her daughter's pussy, and she began alternately
stroking me and
Anita's pussy. I couldn't believe the sensations I was
feeling. With this
hand and pussy treatment on my dick, and watching mother stroke

daughter, my orgasm came quickly. I erupted into Anita's
spasming pussy,
pouring out the semen from my fantastic orgasm, while Tami
licked the
excess from my dick and her daughter's hole.
"Okay, Anita, you can stop now," she told her. I was happy she
something because Anita's movements on my wilting penis were
starting to
hurt, and I just wanted to lay back for a little while and
catch my breath.
Tami joined us on the bed, between me and Anita. She put her
arms around
us both and hugged us to her.
"Can I suck your pussy, Mom?" Anita asked. Although Tami had
over some of her inhibitions about her daughter and sex, I
could see she
wasn't going to go that far.
"No, Anita, but you can watch Alex do it," Tami answered.
"Okay," Anita sighed. Her little hand lightly touched her
mom's bush before
we got up and moved into position. Anita got off the bed and
stood next to
it watching while Tami lay back with me between her legs. I
brought my
mouth down on her wet box and worked at getting her hot again
some of the new tricks that I had learned.
"Unh, Alex, that feels really good. You've learned..." Tami
noticed. I
continued to work on her cunt, attacking it with all my energy.
I was
determined to give her a great climax. I slipped a finger
inside and felt her
loosen the muscles to allow it. I wormed it in as far as I
could and
continued to probe as I sucked. As I sucked her clit she came,
her cunt-
muscles contracting around my finger, and her clit jerking on
my tongue.
This time her climax was complete and I was quite proud of
"That was great," Tami gasped right after. She sat up and
kissed me with her
mouth open. I returned it. I could feel her tongue inside my
mouth, tasting
her own juices.
"Anita, go back to your room. I'll come in there in a little
bit and tuck you
in," Tami said. Anita nodded and then left.
"You know that tape of me that you found?" Tami asked. 'How
could I
forget it?' I wondered.
"I had always hoped that you would find it," Tami said.
"You did?"
"Yeah. I put it there just for you. I used to check it every
night after you
baby-sat. You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw that
you had
finally found it."
"I'm glad I did."
"Me too." She kissed me again and then got up and got dressed.
She said
good night and then went into Anita's room. I lay there for
quite a while
after she left thinking about everything that I had done since
I'd found that
tape. I was very happy about it all, but I knew that my time
with Tami
would have to come to an end some time. I needed to find
someone my
own age to fool around with. My time with Tami had been great,
but it could
become a problem if anyone else found out about it, and the
same went for
what Anita and I had done. I needed someone like Alice's
cousin. Once I
came to this conclusion, I knew that the journey for a sex
partner my own
age would be a fun one. I looked forward to it.

The End

Babysitting Anita

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