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Baby Sex (Fun With Infants!) or How To Get Great

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

(Written 1990)

My name is John. I am 37 years old, and I have 4 kids of my own. I
have repeatedly had terrific sex with all of them, beginning on the day they
were BORN and /or came home from the hospital! Before you call me total
slime, let me point out that I said SEX, not intercourse. If you are a male,
you should NEVER attempt to have vaginal or anal intercourse with any child
until they are at least around 5 years old or older (depending on the
child). There are a variety of reasons for this, not the least of which the
entire purpose of my writing ths file is to teach others how to have FUN for
both themselves AND the baby without causing harm, and intercourse HURTS a
child this small because their body openings are too tiny and cannot be
stretched enough to admit a fully-grown adult penis.

Around the age of 5 or so, most children are large enough to have at
least partial intercourse with an adult male, either vaginally or anally;
again, it depends on the individual child. I have found out that most kids
are eager to experiment sexually at this age, and enjoy it. STOP IMMEDIATLY
if the child says that you are hurting him/her; the whole purpose is for BOTH
of you to have fun; sex is a game. NEVER FORCE yourself upon a child in any
way if they act like they don't want to participate; that's RAPE! I normally
don't have relationships with kids this old, however, simply because they are
at the age where they talk and tell things, even when they had fun, and with
society's current attitude toward this type of thing, a child that talks
about his sex life can get you into LOTS of trouble! LOTS!

In most places, sexual intercourse with a child that is under the age of
13 is called RAPE, even when the child was a WILLING PARTICIPANT and no harm
was done, and can be punishable by up to LIFE IN PRISON, so be DAMN
careful!! I would not recommend intercourse at all, as there are too many
other ways to have fun, as we shall see... so, unless you are living on an
island, stick to mostly non-verbal, inarticulate kids under the age of 3, or
at most, 4. Also, children can be examined to see if they have had
intercourse, and this can be used as EVIDENCE against you; the many other
ways of having fun I will mention leave no evidence of having occured., and
are safe. Taking porno pictures of these kids and/or yourself with them can
be pretty IFFY; they would be considered hard evidence against you if found
and IF you could be identified in the picture; it's up to you, if you decide
to do so, be sure you have a DAMN good hiding place; if you follow the same
procedures I do, there is little or NO chance of your place ever being
searched, but we don't want them to be found accidently, now, do we??

I have taken and sold many erotic sex photos of small kids and babies
with and without myself in them, selling them to an overseas source for an
average of $100 to $200 a picture; so far I have made over $328,000 doing
this, and NO ONE SUSPECTS! Sometimes I can get as many as 20 or 30 good
saleable poses out of a single session. If I am in a picture, I always make
sure that my face is all or mostly blacked out before I sell them overseas. I
take NO chances. I get several thousand dollars for each original video tape
I make, also. Besides my own 4 kids, I have (unsuspecting) friends,
relatives, and neighbors who occasionally leave their babies and toddlers
with me; also, my wife does babysitting. She does not know about my 'hobby',
and occasionally leaves her charges in my care while she goes out. As you
can see, I have many ripe opportunities to have fun AND enrich my bank

Photo opportunities with tiny tots and infants are practically unlimited
to those with imagination! There are those who eagerly buy my pictures where
I am PISSING on babies or tots; they seem to enjoy it, it is like a nice warm
shower to them. Sometimes they even hold my penis while I am pissing on
them, and, if they are old enough to stand up, even direct the stream all
over themselves! And even if I failed to get them cleaned up good I can
always say they pissed all over themselves., though I've never had to. I've
also done lots of poses where little ones are pissing on me! Once I had 3
little boys, all under 3 years old, pissing on me at once, while they giggled
gleefully. They directed their streams upwards onto my chest, legs, and
back. And when one of my daughters was just over a year old and just able to
stand on her own, I stood her on the kitchen table, got on my knees, and let
her piss into my wide open mouth!

Once I even squatted and shit all over a 3-month old baby boy I was
sitting, (a lawyer's son). He liked it! I have had sex with babies who are
the sons and daughters of Judges, Cops, Doctors, and other important people,
and the parents were none the wiser... hell, I even got paid for it! What
they don't know won't hurt them, right? And of course I have NEVER caused
pain or injury to a child in any way! Ever notice how little babies just
LOVE to suck? It is a natural reflex, and most infants will just as eagerly
suck a cock the same as a bottle or pacifier! Many babies don't start
getting teeth until they are nearly a year old, but to make sure, first take
a finger and feel around inside the baby's mouth. You don't want to have him
accidently bite your cock, after all! If all you feel are gums, great,
you're in business! The jaw muscles used for sucking are the strongest in
the body, and babies make the best cocksuckers!

If he's already got a bottle, gently remove it. He may fidget and start
to cry, but just lean or squat over him with your cock out and near his face,
and watch him immediatly latch on to it and start sucking! Unweaned babies
give great head! Their heads are small, though, and he may not be able to
get much more than the head of your cock into his mouth as he sucks, but it's
rubbery and firm and he will love it! If you want him to suck or lick
different parts of your dick, such as underneath, gently pull out and smear
it with a little something sweet, such as honey, and watch him go! Babie's
tongues are really slick and smooth and feel great as they do butterfly laps
all over your cock licking off the sweet stuff! If after awhile he seems
like he would rather stop sucking (probably because he isn't getting any
milk), try letting a few drops of milk run down the shaft of your cock and
into his mouth by using an eyedropper or something similar every now and
then. Some of my best selling photos are of babies sucking cock! Older
children (1, 2, or 3 years old) can suck great cock too, once you teach them
to be careful with their teeth. They really seem to enjoy pleasing an adult,
all my kids were experts at oral sex by the time they were two-and-a-half
years old!

By the way, this is fun if you get the occasional rare baby who doesn't
seem to want to suck your cock, or who cries incessantly or is the son or
daughter of someone whom you are secretely jealous of or don't like, and they
don't have teeth yet, simply grasp the baby's head like a cantaloupe, take
aim, and plunge your dick into his mouth anyway! (be careful not to bruise
him). You can hold his head and FUCK in and out of his mouth, and get a good
length of cock shaft into his face in the process, much more than with the
voluntary sucking described above! The problem brat will flail his arms and
legs and chew in panic on your cock with his gums while you pump in and out
clear to the back of his throat, but this just make the whole job feel better
than ever, and also it shuts up (temporarily) the infernal wailing made by a
crying baby. Be sure to pull out for a few seconds every six or seven
strokes or less, you don't want to cut off the baby's air supply!

Never be afraid to ejaculate into a baby's face or mouth; it has been my
experience that most of them LIKE the taste of semen. I had a little
10-month-old girl that I sat for twice a week for the minister's wife, and
she liked the taste of my semen so much that she would lay on her back and
pump on my cock with her tiny little hands until my sperm shot out onto her
lips, and tongue that was darting expectantly and rapidly in and out. Dozens
of babies have ate my semen (Hey, it contains protein... it's good for
them!) Usually, though, I'm a 'sharp shooter'... babies like to look at
everything in amazement with those great, big, staring eyes, and I like to
get 'em with a shot of sperm, right between the eyes! They're really amazed
then, they usually wipe some off with a hand, look at it, and taste it. I've
never had one cry to date.

By the way, if you mess with an infant or small tot in any way, first,
please be sure that you are 100% free of any kind of infectious or venereal
disease., as I am. You DON'T want to make a baby sick or give it V.D.,
that's NO fun! Did you know babies give great French kisses? It's mostly a
case of monkey see, monkey do: Stick your tongue out into a baby's face, and
watch him stick his out too! He will even suck on your tongue if you stick
it into his mouth, this can be great fun! I've had many babies lick and
swirl their tongue around mine at least as good as any woman can do, while I
jacked off! Take a drink of Pepsi or Coke and swallow it, then watch the
baby explore all around the inside of your open mouth with his tongue!

Here's another great way to have fun with an infant: Did you ever
notice how babies like to lay on their back and press their back feet
together with their little bowed legs? Kids under about 3 years old have not
developed arches in their feet yet, and the soft fatty pads on the bottoms
feel fantastic when you hold a baby's feet together and run your cock between
them! It is an additional turn on, especially, if the baby has been wearing
shoes all day, sometimes the feet are sweaty, smelly, and maybe even a little
'greasy'. This is great for sliding your cock through! When you are about
to CUM you can point your cock straight up and climax all over his toes, or
point it straight ahead and spray his belly, if you want. An additional way
to 'fuck' a baby without intercourse is turning him or her onto their back,
and 'fucking' up and down along the groove made by the crack of their ass,
that is, between their ass-cheeks! Then you can shoot your sperm right into
the small of their back! Most healthy babies have deep, fat ass cheeks and
this makes for a terrific 'pseudo-fuck'.

Most tiny ones love to have oral sex performed on THEM, too... boy
babies especially love having their little penises sucked! Did you know that
boy babies even get erections in their mother's womb, before they are born?
It's true, and in addition to that, they can have multiple orgasms, a dozen
or more in a row! One surefire way to quiet a crying boy baby is to start
sucking or playing with his cock between your fingers. He will get a stiff
little erection, up to three inches long! This may not sound like a lot, but
it's really plenty... stick out your index finger... it's almost exactly 3
inches long on most people... now, if that were a penis, it would be plenty
to suck on or play with, wouldn't it? Of course, don't expect any kind of
emission... boys don't ejaculate (and then it's usually clear liquid), until
they are around 11 or 12 years old. However, baby boys CAN and DO experience
the pleasure of an orgasm, and you can tell easily.... they will usually
squirm happily and coo like a dove, and if you look you can actually see (and
feel) the muscle contractions of his little penis! Then it will usually go
limp almost immediatly afterwards, but keep playing... it'll soon be stiff
like a pencil again!

If any of this sounds shocking, it is because you are a product of an
overly-conservative, puritan society... why would anyone NOT want to give
their small ones that they love physical pleasure like this? It relieves
stress, relaxes them, and makes them happy. Many primitive peoples around
the world practice sex with children on a regular basis, yet in our twisted
culture it is called a crime! I do it anyway, not only because I love to,
but as a form of protest: It is my way of spitting in the face of those who
would make and support such laws, and if society doesn't like what I do....
then that's SOCIETY'S problem! (catch me if you can!) Baby girls can have
orgasms too... most of them love to have their vaginas tickled with a
feather, or licked with your tongue... I have even had year-old baby girls
begin gasping, panting, giggling, and bucking their pelvis rapidly into my
face while I licked them, only to relax a few seconds later with a satisfied
sigh. If this wasn't an orgasm, what was it?

It is very easy to get babies to masturbate, and in fact I have sold
many pictures of them doing this to eager buyers around the world. the boys
manipulate their penises with their hand, and the girls sometimes insert a
tiny finger into their vaginal canal. It is usually safe to put a small,
soft object such as a crayon into a boy or girl baby's anus; they grunt, as
if enjoying the sensation. I would not recommend putting anything into the
vagina of a baby girl, as this is more easily detectable, ESPECIALLY if you
accidently tear her hymen and cause a bit of bleeding. This can be
dangerous... for YOU!! However, MANY baby girls are born with undeveloped or
only partial hymens, and then you can put (small) things in there, if for
nothing else than the sake of a good picture. If the baby can get her own
finger into her vagina, it is usually safe, and if you want to make sure,
gently spread wide apart the outer lips of her vagina, and take a good look
to see if there is already a partial opening in her vaginal canal. (Usually,
there is). Sometimes, if the baby is a fast learner, she will rapidly learn
to masturbate herself with small objects, while gurgling happily! This makes
great film footage.

One baby, only 14 months old, would sit up and hold her hairless little
vaginal lips wide open for me, smiling, while I took close-up pictures!
Children of two are three are old enough to have fun watching themselves in
action on film, too! (While still too young to babble to others about it,
they will recognize themselves). I am usually able to get some harmless fun
out of ANY baby; even if I'm only alone with one for a minute, if it's a boy,
I usually take a quick peek to see if he's a 'natural' baby or if he's been
'skinned'... that is, if he's been circumcised. I've found that lately it's
been running about half and half. A few years ago, most of the boy babies I
sat for had been circumcised. Both of my two boys still have their
foreskins... they seem to give them extra fun when masturbating, as a matter
of fact... a little something extra to play with. In addition, skin is very
elastic, and I have deliberately stretched and pulled on both their foreskins
and scrotums for long periods of time, so now that, even when they have full
erections, there is over an inch of floppy skin that hangs over the ends of
their penises, though they can draw this back easily when they want to.

Also, their little balls hang very low and dangling; it looks very
erotic in pictures! I don't want to leave anything out... did I mention that
babies are great scrotum suckers, too? Yes, they are... A small kid will do
anything you tell them to, that's one thing that makes them so much fun! When
each of my sons were just a few months old, I would help them stand up on two
legs, with a small weight on a string that I had attached hanging from their
little hairless testicles... this helped to stretch the skin, too, (and made
a great, weird snapshot!) It seems like the weirder the porno picture, the
better it sells (and I have a great gift for putting together weird poses
with babies and small kids!) Sometimes, I even let babies fuck each other!
If they are just a few months old, they usually need a bit of help to get
into position, but once they feel what's happening, just watch them go! One
set-up I arranged for a 30-minute video (that brought $5,000) was of my
little girl, just over a year old, happily getting fucked in the butthole by
my two-year-old son, while at the SAME TIME getting fucked in the vagina by a
year-old neighbor's boy I was sitting for...while she sucked on my cock! All
were 100% naked, it made a great video, called 'baby sandwich'!!

Scenarios are only limited by what you can think up... when one of my
little girls was just over two years old, she enjoyed getting down on her
hands and knees and getting mounted and fucked from behind by our little
white male poodle dog. (THAT was a good seller, too!) Also, I made one called
'Babies and Snakes'... three babies fascinated by harmless garter snakes I
placed on them, to crawl all over them, until near the end, they get a visit
by the biggest snake of all... a trouser snake (my cock!) Most babies enjoy
playing with and squeezing my cock, with just a little encouragement (both
boys and girls). Those tiny little hands can have a strong grip! I have
enlarged my urethra (piss hole) over the years by putting increasingly larger
objects up it, and many kids enjoy sticking a tiny finger up INTO my cock as
far as it will go! Also, a little boy can actually FUCK me... IN MY COCK! A
tot's penis will fit all the way up into my urethra! I like the feeling, and
I can tell the kid sure does... some people think it's wrong for a child's
innocent face to be twisted into a mask of happy lust and sexual glee, but I
think it's beautiful!

Another thing I enjoy doing is lying naked on my back and letting a
small child FIST me... that is, putting their slender fingers, hand, and
sometimes arm up into my ANUS and plunging it in and out of my asshole! Many
two and three year olds have had their solid, smooth little arms up in my
rectum clear to their elbow! I certainly enjoyed it, and I could tell by the
look of wonderment on their face that THEY certainly did; some of them even
enjoyed playing with my cock with their one hand until I creamed, while
stuffing me with the other one like I was a Thanksgiving turkey... I loved
it! It's easy to get a child to lick your anus, too... some will do it with
hardly any prompting, while at most a bit of honey on it will encourage the
rest! If you want to get an older baby (two or three years old) to suck your
cock, a good way to show them how is to take a dildo (rubber dick) and lick
it seductively while they watch, then have them do it, too... then take out
your REAL dick. They'll usually get the idea, then., and also know that
there's nothing 'bad' about it.

So remember, almost any nude (or otherwise) photo of a child can be
erotic, to those who are fans of such material. I even made pictures of a
baby happily sucking my dirty, filthy big toe. While a photo like this
cannot really be considered 'obscene' by anyone, it is 'filthy' enough to be
considered sexually exciting (and valuable) to those turned on by such
things. Best of all, after all these years, no one has ever suspected a
THING! In fact, we get LOTS of baby-sitting jobs now because everyone brags
about how happy and contented their babies seem after they leave them with
us! And they are! Despite what you have heard from a society that tries to
suppress such behavior, kids LOVE sexual attention; they CRAVE it! And then
there are millions of people out there from all walks of life that think the
way I do! (Some of my best customers are Priests and Ministers). One hot
seller for them is a movie I made of one of my baby girls when she was 15
months old, sort of an erotic-blasphemous type of thing. Naked, I dolled her
up with a (fake) crown of thorns on her head, a crucifix cross hanging from a
golden chain around her neck, and a crucifix sticking out of her anus, while,
kicking and gurgling happily, she masturbated herself to orgasm after orgasm
with a third crucifix that she held in her hand and plunged in and out of her
wet slippery little vagina, over and over and over. I even stood over her
and dribbled sperm down the cross and into her little pussy while she played
with herself.... she loved that!!

So you see, there are LOTS of ways to have good sex with babies and tiny
tots WITHOUT intercourse or harming them (or leaving evidence that could get
you in trouble). Hey, I think older kids (up to 18 years old) make fantastic
porno pictures too, and can be even MORE fun maybe, than babies and tiny
tots, BUT the risk is much greater (BECAUSE OLDER KIDS TEND TO BRAG AND
TALK). I am interested in them, too, however. In summary, I cannot tell you
my full name or even what state I am in, but I am on lots of bbs's under the
handle RASTAN, so, if you ever see that name anywhere, drop me an E-mail...
love to talk! One bbs I frequent is the IMAGINATION FACTORY (513)-787-3777.
The Sysop there hardly ever checks what's going on, access is easy, and
besides that there is a great option built into the E-mail there, called
F-mail (for FILE-mail). You can leave me a message... and attach a .GIF (or
other format) picture file to it for me! So if you call and leave mail to
RASTAN, send me a digitized picture file, too, and maybe we can swap! I'm
always interested in seeing others besides the ones I make myself (and I've
got some GREAT ones!) Then we can get together on other 3rd-party,
independent bbs's that I know of if you wish!

Yours Truly, RASTAN
To the best of our knowledge, the text on this page may be freely reproduced and distributed.
If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy. certificate signatures
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