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Beth and Len are thirteen year old twins whom I wa

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Beth and Len are thirteen year old twins whom I was asked to babysit for,
during the Labor Day weekend, from Friday till Monday eve. On Friday morning
their mother, Debbie, dropped them off. She told them to behave and reminded
them that if they didn't that I had her full permission to discipline them as
needed. They settled in and were busy playing and watching the television
shortly after Debbie left. That afternoon I was working in the garden out back
and the children were running in and out, and doing the things all eleven year
olds do. I guess it was thirty or forty minutes before I missed them asking me
another question, that it dawned on me that they were awfully quiet. I went
into the house to see what they were up to. They weren't in the den watching
TV although it was on. I walked down the hall to their room and was stunned by
what I saw. Beth was sitting at my dressing table, and was playing with my
make-up. It was all over the place, except where it should be. And Len. Well,
he had a pair of my best four inch heels on wading around the room, and he had
gotten my newest silk camisole out and had it on over his clothes. I hadn't
even wore the cami yet. I was really angry. I stormed into the room and asked
them what they thought they were doing invading my privacy. Both of the kids
just about jumped out of their skins. I picked Beth up and stood her beside
me. I told Len to take off my cami and shoes. When he did I took him and Beth
by the hand and led them to the bathroom and washed Beth's face off. I then
took both of them to the den. I was not talking because I was so upset. I sat
them both down on the couch and began to scold them about using other folks
stuff without asking first. I told them that it was wrong and just like
stealing. I told them that they would both be given a spanking this evening
and that for the rest of the day they would have to sit on the couch, and no
TV. Beth and Len began to whimper. I told them it would do no good and that I
intended to give both of them a good bare bottom warming. I ask them if Debbie
ever spanked them like that and they both nodded yes. I ask with what and Len
said her hand at the same time Beth said a hairbrush. I told them that they
would get both from me. I called them to supper. By then I had cooled down
considerably. I picked up my lecturing to them during the meal. I asked them
questions about how Debbie disciplined them and found out that she spanked them
infront of each other before sending them to bath and bed. I told them that I
felt that punishment should be thorough, very warming to the bottom, and that
they shouldn't be embarassed about seeing each other's spanking. All through
the meal they were fidgity. When we had finished I told them to do the dishes
and then come into my bedroom for their spankings. About forty-five minutes
later Beth and Len walked into my room, heads hung low. I asked if they were
ready and understood why they were going to be spanked. Both said they were
sorry for using my stuff and that they would not do it again. I said that was
good and asked if one wanted to be first. Neither moved. I said right, then,
Beth come here. Beth started to sniffle and tears welled up in her eyes. I
told her to come on and get it over with or I would have to get a belt to use
on her. She slowly walked over to me. I took hold of her shorts and pulled
them down along with her panties to her ankles. I took her and lifted her up
over my lap. Holding her with one hand in the small of her back I laid my
other hand on her small round bottom. She started to cry lightly before I even
lifted my hand to give her the first spank. I landed my hand in the middle of
her upturned cheeks. And continued to deliver medium spanks all over her bare
bottom. Her legs were flailing and she was crying about how much it hurt. I
laid on thirty hand spanks to the cheeks and then started to warm her bare
thighs as well. Beth really cut loose when I started on them. I took my time
and landed spanks on her inner thighs. When I had given her about fifteen on
each thigh I stopped. Beth was just balling and sobbing furiously. I noticed
that Len was staring directly between Beth's legs right at her little peach
fuzz covered slit. I followed his eyes to it and saw that she was glistening
damp. Beth was sobbing and her legs were still swinging immodestly. Picking
up the hairbrush I told her that she had a few more spanks to get because I
wanted to make sure her bottom was good and warm. I then started to lay on the
hairbrush. Not very hard, but it did crack with each swat. I gave her ten
spanks on her bottom with the brush. Beth was crying buckets when I finished.

I let her lay across my lap and settle down and rubbed her now quite red
backside, and thighs. I couldn't help noticing that she was rather damp around
her virginal lips. When she had regained herself I stood her up and told her
that I hoped she had learned her lesson. She said she had. I told her she
could watch Len get his spanking now. I told Len to come over to me. He just
stood there and would not move. I told him that I was going to get the belt
and use it on his legs if he didn't get over my lap. He begged me not to lower
his pants. I said that he had to get a bare bottom spanking just like Beth
did. He pleaded, and slowly shuffled over to me. I undid his snap and slid
down the zipper and noticed that his peepee was stiff. I told him that it was
nothing to be upset about having a stiff peepee. Then I saw whey he didn't
want to take down his pants. Len was wearing a pair of my panties! I yanked
his jeans down to his ankles and pulled him across my lap. I started to scold
him for not telling me earlier about this. I then took hold of the panties and
pulled them very tightly up on him so they pulled into the crack of his little
butt. His up turned bottom was completely uncovered and the panties were
pulled tightly up in front and back. I could feel his stiff organ against my
leg. I told him that because he didn't tell me about this earlier that I would
have to give him his spanking completely with the hairbrush. He began to sob
and I started to spank his bum with the hairbrush. I worked it from cheek to
cheek from top to bottom. His little round ass was turning a nice pink color
after about twenty-five smacks. I let the hair brush drift down onto his
thighs and continued the spanking. Len was screaming about how much it hurt
and that he was sorry. I finished up by giving him five really sharp spanks in
the center of this bottom. Len was rocking back and forth on my lap and
crying. I put down the brush and rubbed his hot backside until he was just
sobbing lightly. I stood him up and discoved that his peepee was still stiff
and that there was a round wet stain on my panties. I told them to go get
their pj's and to take a bath and get into bed immediately. I sat in the room
for a few minutes and then heard the water running in the bathroom. I got up
to go into the kitchen and as I passed the bath I listened to the kids. Beth
told Len that I didn't spank as hard as Debbie did. Len agreed. I thought you
little brats, we'll see about that. Then Beth said to Len that she saw that he
got a cummy out of his spanking but that she didn't. I was shocked. She said
that she was just getting close when I quit spanking her. Len asked to feel
her bottom and Beth said ok. Just then I had one of those uncontrollable
sneezes. then the water went off and their was silence in the bath. I went on
to the kitchen ahgast at what I had heard. I knew about adults getting turned
on by spankings but these two were young things. I thought well I'll just have
help them along if I could. The kids came into the kitchen in a few minutes to
say goodnight and give me a hug. They said they were sorry for not asking to
use my stuff. I said I accepted and that I expected good kids or they would
get more of the same from me. I gave both of them a soft swat on the bum and
they went off to bed. I did the same shortly and laid in bed and thought about
Len and Beth, and began to masturbate. I had given myself three nice orgasms
before I finally drifted off to sleep. At breakfast I told Len that I was
missing a pair of lace bikini's and that if he was wearing them that he was
going to get a severe spanking. Len blushed a deep crimson and started to
stutter out an apology. I stopped him and asked Beth if she knew about this.
She said she did, but that she didn't want to tell on her brother. I told them
that I was not surprised by this at all. I told them that I had heard their
conversation in the bath last evening. Both gulped and blushed. I told them
that I understood, and asked if their mother knew about this at all? They said
no. I asked if they enjoyed the 'feeling' they got from being spanked. Both
readily replied that they did. I asked if they would like to spend the weekend
exploring all those feelings and they smiled and said yes please. I said ok,
and told them to come to the bedroom when they had finished with their
breakfast. I was lying on the bed when they come in and jumped up on the bed.
I said that the first thing we should do is take off our clothes. We all
stripped. Len was fascinated by by breasts and trimmed bush. And Beth looked
at my breasts and rubbed what was the beginning of her own. They were about as
big around as a silver dollar and stuck out about an inch and a half. Her puss
was covered in a sandy peach fuzz as was Len's cock and sac. Len was not
circumsized. I told them that they could touch me and ask any questions they
wanted. Beth reached out and rubbed my nipples and Len ran his fingers through
my curly bush. I reached out and ran my fingers up and down and around both of
their sexes. They smiled and cooed. I asked if they ever played with each
other and they told me they had. I asked if they ever gave each other a
spanking and they said no. I said that I would give them a spanking or
whatever they wanted. Beth said she wanted a spanking so she could have a
cummy. I told her ok. By this time len's cock was stiff and swollen. I told
him to watch and if he wanted to play with himself. Beth crawled across my lap
and adjusted herself so her bottom was jutted out. I reached down and spread
her legs and started to rub her bottom. She moaned very lightly. I started to
spank her round upturned bottom and she raised up to meet each spank. I would
spank her about ten times and then rub her bottom and inner thighs. I let my
fingers trace up and down her slit some. She was getting very wet and her lips
were getting swollen and all puffy. Len was rubbing his stiff little cock and
a small amount of pre-cum had oozed out. I could feel Beth's wetness against
my bare leg as I spanked her. She began to moan and grind her vulva into my
leg as I dropped my spanks to her thighs. I felt a wet drop hit my breast and
looked to see Len shooting his small cum. I let my fingers trace the slit of
Beth's puss and rubbed her clit as she groaned out a long moan, clamping her
legs together around my hand. Len slumped down on the bed after his cum and
Beth was relaxing back to normal from her's as well. I withdrew my hand and
rubbed her bottom gently. I asked her if she liked her 'cummy' and she said
yes. I asked Len if he liked masturbating while watching us and he grinned and
said yes. I asked him if he had ever tasted cum and he said no. I told him it
was good and that he should not be afraid to try it. I told him to lick off
the drop on my breast. Len moved over and licked his cum off my breast. The
feeling shot an electric bolt through me. He said it was kinda salty but
didn't taste bad at all. Beth said she wanted to taste it too. I told her to
lick the last bit off the end of Len's now limp peepee. She leaned over and
licked off the cum from the end of his cock. Len moaned. Beth said she liked
the taste. I was dripping wet by now. I told them that I would like to have a
cummy, and asked if they would help me have one. Both readily agreed. I told
Beth to move up and rub my breasts and lick and suck the nipples. She moved up
and started to cup them and suck on the nipples. I told Len that I liked to be
licked between my legs too, just like he liked it when Beth licked his cock.
He moved over and put his head between my legs and kissed my hot lips. I
nearly exploded instantly. He started to lick up and down the lips and lap at
my juices. Beth was nibbling on my nipples and rubbing my breasts. Len began
taking long slow licks from bottom to top and hitting my swollen clit with each
one. I told him to keep that up. And to begin in creasing his speed. I moved
Beth around and moved her over my face. I was staring up at the pinkest little
slit I had ever seen. I let my tongue dart out and lick at her puffy lips.
She moaned and bit down on my nipple. I pulled her down onto my mouth and
licked away at her. Len was licking furiously at my soppy pussy. I could feel
a tremendous orgasm coming on. I clasped Len's head with my legs and started
to lick and suck at Beth's little pussy. I exploded. Len was lapping up all
my juices, and Beth was moaning through the first of her oral climaxes. As we
settled down I rolled Beth off to one side and let my legs relax. Len withdrew
his head and said he loved that. Beth asked if what she felt was what Len had
done to me. I told her yes. I pulled the kids up next to me and we all fell
asleep cuddled up together. We awoke at about four thirty. I told them we
needed to shower. We all went to the bath and got into the shower. I took the
soap and lathered up Len and washed him all over being very indulgent at his
crotch. I then washed Beth all over and masturbated her some too. Then I told
then to do me. Beth took the soap and started to wash my thighs and rub my love
box. Len lathered up my breasts and worked on the nipples. I was rubbing
Beth's breasts as she washed by sex. When we had gotten squeaky clean I let
them dry each other off as a I dried myself. We then fixed sandwiches and ate
in the den watching TV. I took the dishes back to the kitchen and returned to
the den. I asked if they wanted to explore some more. Both said yes. I asked
if they wanted to have a spanking session or to learn about masturbating each
other. Both said they wanted to do both. I said that was ok too. I ask if
Debbie really spanked them harder than I did last eve. Beth said yes, that her
mom always spanked her till she had a cummy. I asked if she played with her
while spanking her. She said no, but that she always laid her across her knee
so it was rubbing against her vulva area. I asked Len if Debbie knew that he
had a cummy when she spanked him and he said yes. He said that he always was
spanked until he shot off. I told them I had a special way of spanking if they
wanted it and that I would do it till they had a cummy. Both their eyes lit up
and said please. I said I would be right back. I went in and got my small
dildo and came back into the room. I handed it to Len and asked if he knew
what it was. He said yes, but it was bigger than his cock. I said that his
would be bigger than that someday. I told him he could be first. He said
great. I had him bend over in the middle of the floor and grab his ankles. I
then put some K-Y on the dildo and gently probed his ass with it. He groaned as
the head pressed against his tight little bum hole. I then started to spank
him. He jumped at the swat and I shoved the dildo a little harder. I
continued spanking and pressing the dildo. After about twenty spanks I had the
dildo in a couple of inches and his cock was hard, swollen, and purple. I then
began to work the cock in and out of his hole, as I continued to spank him. I
told Beth to come over and sit between his legs and lick him like she had
earlier today. She did so quickly. I increased the tempo of the spanking and
the depth of the dildo. Beth was licking on Len, and he began to moan. He
shot off spurt after spurt into Beth's face and she licked him clean and used
her hands to get the cum for herself. I withdrew the dildo and Len fell to the
floor exhausted. Beth was bright eyed and very flushed. I asked if she wanted
a treat like that too. She said yes. I told her I had something just for her.
I went in and got my strap on dildo and came back in wearing it. She got wide
eyed and reached out to touch it. I told her to assume the same position as
Len had. She got up and bent right over and grabbed her knees. I got behind
her and put the end of the dildo up to her little virgin bum hole. I told her
that she could back up onto the cock as I spanked her. Len was sitting up and
watching us. I started to spank her round little butt and shove gently with
the dildo. With each swat she would move back. Soon I was moving the cock in
and out of her and spanking her ass. I locked my position and spanked her as
she moved farther back onto the dildo. Soon she had four inches in her and was
moaning with pleasure. I continued to spank her and reached around to rub her
slit. Beth was soaking wet. The first time I reached her clit she climaxed,
drenching my fingers. I told Len to come over and lick her clean. He moved
right over and began to lap up his sister's cum juice. Slowly I pulled the
dildo out. Beth dropped to her knees and sat on Len's face. I took off the
dildo and dropped down beside them and began to lick and suck on Len. His
little cock sprang to attention instantly. Beth was rocking back and forth on
his tongue. I could take his whole cock and sac into my mouth and lick and
suck it. I felt Len stiffen as I tasted the salty drop of cum from his climax.
Beth had already cum. We laid on the carpeted floor and fondled each other
for a while regaining our senses. I told them that I wanted to have a cummy
now. I asked Beth if she would lick me and Len if he would suck my tits. Beth
buried her face into my crotch and began to lick and drive her tongue into my
slit. Len moved around and began to lick my breasts and suck the nipples.
Beth's tongue felt like a feather working on me and Len was nibbling my nips
furiously. Beth pulled away and asked if she could do me like I had her. I
said ok. She picked up the dildo and shoved it in one motion up my ass. I
arched up from the penetration and Beth put her face back at my slit. I used
my hands to direct her to my clit. She had the dildo going in and out and was
sucking on my clit. I was going to cum. It started at my fingers and toes and
went in and out in huge waves. I could here Beth lapping at all the juices and
Len was chewing on my hard nipples. I was bucking and groaning as the shivers
raced through me. The orgasm caused me to collapse on the floor. As I began
to regain my self the kids climbed up on each side of me and snuggled close. I
asked them if they liked the spanking session I gave them and both said yes,
very much. Beth asked they could have another tomorrow. I said possibly,
unless they were naughty, then I would have to send them to separate rooms to
sit. They both agreed to be very good. We feel asleep on the floor, Beth
sucking at my nipple and Len stroking my slit, as I rubbed both of there sexes.
I awoke the next morning before either of the kids. I saw that Len had a
morning cock. I slipped on a robe and began breakfast. It wasn't long before
Beth and Len were awake as well. After eating we all took another shower
together. I had them masturbate me to climax and then I did each of them in
turn. We went to the bedroom after drying off. We laid on the bed and talked
about what they liked and didn't like and what and how different things felt.
Beth asked me if I liked to be spanked. I told her that I liked it just like
she did, although I prefered to give them. I told her that my aunt use to give
me spankings just like the one I had given her last evening, and that when I
got older she would use the dildo on my puss too. Len told me he liked it when
I kissed his cock and he had a cummy. I told him I enjoyed doing it too. As
we were laying on the bed they were playing with me, Beth was rubbing my hard
nips and Len was running his fingers up and down my slit. I was rubbing on
them and had gotten Beth's nipples hard. I asked them if they would like to do
some more today. They both readily said yes. I asked what Debbie used to
spank them with. And to be honest this time. Beth said that she used her hand,
a hairbrush, and a paddle sometimes. Len agreed. Beth asked if she could give
me a spanking. I chuckled and said if she wanted too I guess it would be
alright. She said she really wanted to. I told her to sit up and I laid
across her lap. I pulled Len around and put his crotch at my face. Beth
immediately started slapping my ass. And for an eleven year old she could spank
pretty hard. I started to lick and suck on Len. He laid back and closed his
eyes. I could feel the slowly rising warmth of Beth's spanks working on me.
It was quite nice. I took all of Len into my mouth and gently probed a finger
into his ass. He started to moan and move. Beth descended her spanks to my
thighs and continued to deliver them. I spread my legs so she could spank my
inner thighs. I worked my finger in and out of Len and licked his sac and
cock. Feeling him start to stiffen I slowed down and released my mouth from
him and just blew on his soaked cock. Beth was warming me nicely. I was
getting quite wet and started to grind my vulva into her leg. I crooked my
finger and slowly stroked Len's prostate gland and sucked his cock into my
mouth. Beth started to spank me high up my inner thighs and I spread my legs
wider for her. She was accidently hitting my puss every now and then. I
pulled my head away from Len and told her it was ok to spank my wet puss. Beth
immediately took up the task and started to deliver a series of spanks onto my
swollen lips. I could feel one of those nice warm climaxes working its way
out. Not the earth shattering kind but the slow smooth cum that just leaves me
ready for more. I dropped my mouth back over Len's cock and sac and began to
really work on him. I rubbed his gland and he stiffened up and arched his
back. I sucked on the head of his little cock and felt the hot cum shoot out.
Beth was really spanking on my puss. I began to shiver and shake as the climax
swept over me. Beth slowed down her spanking, but didn't stop. Beth stopped
spanking me as I began to relax from the orgasm. Len was breathing deeply. I
rolled off of Beth's lap and back between them. Beth said she really enjoyed
doing that for me. I told her that when she was older she could have a pussy
spanking and would find it quite nice. I asked her if she would like to have a
cummy too since Len and I had had one. She said yes. I asked how she wanted
to get it and she said wanted me to masturbate her. I rolled up on my elbow
and let my free hand rub across her small tits. I traced a line down her
stomach into the sparse pubes between her legs. She spread her legs and put a
pillow under her head to watch me. I leaned forward and took her whole left
tit into my mouth as I began to run a finger up and down her slit. I gently
poked at her puss and got my index finger in as far as one knuckle. I
continued to suckle her nipples and work my finger in and out of her now
slippery puss. Len had moved around on the bed to watch, and was rubbing his
stiffening cock. I used my thumb to rub Beth's clit as my finger continued to
move in and out. I nibbled lightly on her now hard nips. Beth started to moan
and I increased the tempo of my finger movement. She was arching up to meet
it. I pressed my thumb into her and she groaned to climax. Rolling her head
from side to side and letting out a low moan of pleasure. I withdrew my finger
and rubbed it around her lips and let her lick it clean.

m I was asked to babysit for,
during the Labor Day weekend, from Friday till
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