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Bikers Gang Rape #3

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
The man quickly brought the piercing instrument he was
holding to the now protruding nipple and deftly the skin into the
device. Snapping a trigger, the gadget's needles quickly pierced
the skin. Again, Leslie screamed in torment.
The man stood back up as the camera's continued to record.
Placing a small ring into the device, he knelt back down next to
the girl. Again taking her breast in his hand, he squeezed up
towards the tip, forcing a few drops of blood to spill from the
pierced tip. Placing the nipple again into the instrument, he
against pressed a trigger. The ring impaled itself through the
sensitive skin.
With that agony, Leslie screamed and faded into


Becky opened here eyes to see her friend hanging limply from
the straps. Her arms were bent up and back at impossible angles
and Becky could not understand how they were not breaking. The
large man walked casually to the wall opposite Becky and released
the straps holding her friend up. Leslie collapsed on the floor
in a heap.
Walking back to Becky, he stood over her, glaring down into
her eyes.
"You ready for your turn bitch?" he asked.
Becky simply sat and stared, fear in her eyes.
"I didn't think so. Fuck, you ain't seen shit yet. This film
is gonna make me a fuckin' millionaire before it's over. You
should be proud of your bitch over there," he said, motioning
towards Leslie. "She's gonna be the fuckin' sweetheart of a
million jerkoffs who like this shit."
With that, the large man walked back to Leslie and nudged her
with his foot.
"Wake up bitch," he muttered to her. With that, he motioned
to the man kneeling next to Becky. "Get her the fuck out of here,
and don't fuck her either."
Becky felt the man undo the tape holding her arms and hands in
place. Pulled to her feet, she was led to the room that she had
awakened in earlier that same day. The man shoved her as she
entered the room, sending her sprawling on the floor.
Immediately, the door slammed shut behind her and she was in
As she lay on the cold floor, she heard the voices and sounds
coming from the other room and she began to cry.
Laying there, Becky heard the unmistakable voice of the large
man that she had come to hate.
"Get the bitch up."
Sounds of moaning coming from her friend, plea's of "no,
please, no more."
"Shut the fuck up, bitch. Get the fuckin' camera's going
Silence for a few seconds.
"Ok, get me fuckin' her against the table, just make fuckin'
damned sure you don't get my face."
Again, sound's of cries and moans coming from her friend.
Every once in a while, the sound of Leslie's voice would die down
but Becky would hear a sharp crack, the sound of a hand or fist
hitting bare skin, or tell the man had cause new pain to be
inflicted. Leslie would scream once again and start to moan.
Occasionally, the man would instruct the cameramen to stop filming
while he moved the young girl to a new position. They would stop
for a few seconds, then restart to new sounds of terror coming
from Leslie.
Becky covered her ears with her hands, closed her eyes, and
cried. Cried more deeply than she had ever before in her life.
Cried herself to sleep with Leslie's muffled screams piercing the
Becky's sleep was interupted when the door swung open and
Leslie was roughly shoved into the room. A light suddenly flooded
the room, there were overhead lights on, apparently controlled
from the room outside. Becky could not believe the sight in front
of her.
Leslie had taken a fetal position on the floor and was simply
staring into nothingness. Her face was scratched and her injured
eye was completely swollen shut. Dried blood covered her chin
from where her mouth had bled. The skin and nipple of her right
breast was swollen half again it's normal size from the piercing
and on her buttocks was evidence of cigarette burns.
From the room outside, Becky heard laughter and loud talk as
the men watched the video they had just made. She moved over next
to her friend.
Leslie jumped as Becky touched her. Trying to calm her, Becky
took Leslie's head in her lap and stroked her hair. Leslie said
nothing, simply laying there shaking and cold. Becky held her
softly and the two girls sat in silence.
The laughter and talk from the other room finally died down
and Becky assumed that the biker's had decided to rest for a
while. Quietly she stood up and walked to the door. Placing her
ear against it, she listened for any telltale sounds. Nothing.
She thought maybe they had left, maybe they had all they wanted.
She softly tried the door, locked. Looking around the room, this
was the only way out.
Looking back at the girl laying on the floor, Becky was glad
to see that Leslie had fallen asleep. She began to hear muffled
sounds coming from the other room that told her she wasn't alone.
The sounds grew somewhat in intensity and it became obvious the
group was having sex of some kind. She went back over to her young
friend and lay down next to her, carefully wrapping her arm around
the sleeping figure. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep.
Becky awoke to a boot poking her between the legs and a man
standing over her. She jumped to her feet, realizing that she and
the man were alone in the room.
"Where's Leslie? What have you done with her?"
"Fuck you bitch," was the reply as the man grabbed her by the
arm and led her out the door.
"Please let us go," Becky pleaded. "We won't tell anyone what
happened. Please."
The room was again filled with the same bikers from the
previous time along with five or six other men and several other
women. All stared at Becky as she was led into the room. Becky
saw Leslie, laying on a bed with her wrists tied to the headboard.
"What are you going to do to her?" Becky demanded. "Haven't
you done enough?"
The leader walked over to Becky as two other men taped her
arms down to a chair.
"Bitch, we have a fuckin' failure to communicate here," he
mouthed as he fingered through her hair. "You two fuckin' bitches
belong to me, understand. What the fuck I do with you is up to
me. Now, fuck, we're makin' a fuckin' slash film but you prolly
ain't never fuckin' heard of that before in your nice fuckin'
house with your nice fuckin' daddy."
Becky felt herself again shaking as she stared at the large
"You friend is fuckin' dead meat bitch. And we're gonna film
you watchin' it, understand?"
Becky felt her body go cold, she suddenly understood what was
happening. She looked over at her friend who lay motionless on
the bed, staring at the wall across from her. She looked totally
helpless and defenseless, and suddenly even younger than she was.
"Bitch," the man continued, "Kiss your friend's ass goodbye."
And with that Becky's mouth was taped shut.
"Keep a camera on her," the man said, pointing at Becky. I
want to be seein' her eyes.
The man walked back over to Leslie who jumped when he touched
her but otherwise made no sound or move. The man slowly stroked
her face but got no movement from her eyes.
"What a fuckin' waste," he muttered as he motioned the men to
start filming. Looking over at two of the biker girls, he ordered
them to give him a needle hit, some good uppers.
Quickly the girls brought him a needle filled with a pink
liquid. Becky watched at the man took Leslie's arm and in a quick
motion injected the fluid into her veins. Leslie groaned a bit
but then almost immediately began to shake. Her eyes took a new
life and she seemed to become more alert.
"No," she screamed in a piercing voice. "No, please, no
"Good," the man muttered as he began to disrobe. Leslie
looked over at Becky and their eyes met. Becky just shook her
head from side to side slowly.
The large man, now naked, walked to Leslie and roughly spread
her legs apart. Laying down between them, his cock quickly grew
hard. Without hesitation, he plunged himself into her. Becky
heard the air escape from Leslie's lungs and another scream
penetrate the silence.
"Move your fuckin' ass," the man demanded of Leslie. She
stared back at his face, not moving.
The man grabbed the ring that was impale on her breast and
twisted it roughly. Leslie screamed in agony as Becky saw a few
drops of blood appear on her nipple again.
"Now move your fuckin' ass bitch," the man ordered again.
Crying, Leslie obeyed, moving with his thrusts. After only a few
moments, the man's movements picked up speed. He made a few
grunts and, slamming himself into the young girl, came.
Quickly he dislodged himself and got up, his cock shining.
"Next," he ordered motioning across the room to the other men.
One of the men moved silently across to Leslie and let his pants
drop to the floor. Mounting her, he quickly entered her.
Again the large man ordered her to keep moving and, anytime
she stopped, the man would again twist the nipple ring. The scene
was continued, man after man. Becky watched in disbelief as the
second man got up and a third man got on, then a fourth and a
fifth. By this time, when a man disloged himself from the young
girl, creamy white liquid would plop out with him and drip down
Leslie's thighs. But the men kept coming.
Becky glanced around the room, she counted nine men. Each
took his turn on Leslie. She closed her eyes to the scene until
the last man had had his turn.
Leslie lay on the bed shaking violently and crying. "Please,
no more, please," she begged. Becky could do nothing but sit and
stare at her.
"Fuck bitch, you still horny?" the large man asked as he stood
over her. Motioning to one of the biker girls, he ordered her to
clean the cum up from the young girl.
The biker girl quickly walked over to Leslie and roughly
spread her legs over. Using a dish towel, the biker girl wiped
the fluids from Leslie's legs and stomach. Then, as Becky watched
on, the girl spread the lips of Leslie's vagina and inserted a
finger wrapped in the dish towel. The dryness and roughness of
the towel and this new violation made the young girl scream again.
Working her finger up and into Leslie, the girl looked to the
leader for approval. He looked down and said nothing.
As the biker girl moved away from Leslie, Becky got a view of
Leslie's crotch. Her vagina lips were swollen and blood red. Her
entire middle body appeared bruised and sore, with scratches
covering her upper legs and abdomen.
No sooner than all of this took place than the leader ordered
two men to turn the young girl over. Leslie struggled weakly with
them as they did. Becky realized that her friend had had nothing
to eat or drink in over 24 hours and the consistant abuse was
taking a terrible toll.
Turned on her stomach, Leslie continued to struggle with the
ropes that held her to the headboard. The leader walked behind
her and motioned to one of the biker girls.
"Get me the grease," he ordered.
The girl left the room momentarily and then returned carrying
a can of Crisco. She handed it to the man who immediately dug his
hand into it as far as the can would allow. Pulling it out, it
was thick with the shortening.
"OK, start filming again," he said as he walked back to where
Leslie lay.
Roughly, he pulled the young girl's hips and legs up to a
doggy style position. As he did so, another man shoved pillows
under her stomach.
"I can't believe you're still horny, bitch," he said for the
camera. "After all the fuckin' you've done, I'da thought you'd
had enough."
"Please, no more," Leslie pleaded.
Becky watched at the large man knelt behind her friend.
Spreading her buttock cheeks with his left hand, he let his right
index finger slide up and down the crack of Leslie's ass. Leslie
continued to plead with him to stop.
Suddenly and without warning, Becky saw the man shove his
finger into Leslie's ass up to the knuckle. Her friend screamed
in pain. Slowly he began to work his finger out and then back
into her, each movement causing new misery.
"Please stop it," Becky pleaded with the man. "Please do me
instead, let her alone."
Next to Becky, a man said in a soft whisper, "You'll have your
turn bitch, just relax." The tone of the man's voice made her
shudder as much as what he said.
Becky watched as the leader removed his finger from Leslie's
ass with a plopping sound. As he made a fist, Becky screamed at
him, "No!", but the man ignored her. Glancing towards the
camera's the man smiled, pulled his fist back and let it slam
against the young girl's ass. Leslie jumped as the fist smacked
onto her skin but made no sound.
The man looked over at the cameramen with something of a
confused look. Again he pulled his arm back and let it slam into
the young girl's buttocks. Again, it simply hit against the skin.
"Fuck, man," the man muttered as he opened his hand and placed
four fingers against Leslie's puckered hole. "Hold on bitch, I'm
takin' you for a fuckin' ride," he said, he worked to insert his
hand into her anus.
Leslie squirmed and pleaded with the man to stop but that
seemed only to push him on. It only took a few seconds before
Becky saw that the man's hand had disappeared into her friend up
the his thumb which stuck out to the side. He roughly slammed his
hand again and again into her rectum.
As the man withdrew his hand, Becky saw her friend relax her
body a little. Her pleading had stopped and again, she was
staring at the wall across from her.
The man wasted no time however. Again making a fist, he
slammed it against Leslie's ass. This time, her body gave way and
the man was immediately impaled inside of her. The young girl
gave a violent scream, louder and longer than any Becky had yet
heard. Her body then went limp.
"Shoot her up again," the man said. "I fuckin' want her
Quickly, one of the biker girls moved to Leslie's arm and
injected the same pink fluid. And again, almost immediately,
Leslie regained consciousness. Her breathing was labored and she
was white as a ghost as the man grabbed her hair with his free
left hand and pulled her head back. However, no sound came from
her body. Her eyes were open but Becky wondered if she was really
aware of what was going on.
Her questions were answered as the man violently plowed his
impaled fist further into Leslie's body. His arm disappeared up
to the middle of his forearm and Becky wondered how her friend was
absorbing so much of him. Leslie screamed in torment and again
pleaded with the man to stop. Becky saw a trickle of blood appear
at her friend's ass and run down her crotch.
The man did not stop but continued to push further and further
into Leslie who was screaming in agony. Finally, his arm was
inserted to his elbow. It simply would not go in any further.
Slowly, the man began to pull his arm out. As he did, Becky
could see the skin of her friend's ass giving way and that blood
was mixing with the white grease and the brown shit that hung
to the man's arm. Her friend had turned from pale white to beet
red and Becky saw the young girl's abdomen becoming a deep purple
in color.
"Please stop, you're killing her," Becky pleaded.
The leader glanced over at Becky and kind of snarled. "Fuck
bitch, first thing you got right today." He then turned his
attention back to the whimpering girl under him.
As his arm withdrew to the wrist, he again pulled the girl's
hair back so that her head was bent almost straight up. Becky
could hear that the girl could barely breathe in this position and
watched helplessly as the man again plunged his arm deep into her
bowels. No sound came from Leslie and Becky was afraid she was
This time when the man pulled back, he pulled his arm
completely from the girl's body. Becky could not believe the
sight of Leslie's anus. What had been a small, puckered opening,
had become a gaping hole. Even with the man's fist out, the
cavity was open to about the size of a half-dollar, with blood and
feces mixed dripping out.
Leslie lay with her head turned toward's Becky, her eyes still
open but not moving. Becky could hear her labored breathing and
realized that she was, indeed, dying.
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