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The Bikers

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Becky watched in horror as the actions in the room took on the same tone
as they had when she watched her friend killed. The biker girl that she had
just been with moments ago now struggled in vain to free herself from the men
who had her in their grasp. Becky thought of the film she had seen in science
of piranha who devoured their prey in a feeding frenzy. The men acted the
same way. The girl they now held down was a girl that each had probably had
sex with a dozen times and who, Becky thought, had probably had oral sex with
more than that. Now, though, it was as if she was nothing but a piece of
meat. And nothing that she had witnessed up to this point explained their
sudden hatred of her.
"Get her fuckin' clothes off," the leader bellowed and the men holding
the squirming girl obliged. Quickly and without much trouble they had the
girl naked. Becky saw the tattoo that the girl sported on her left breast,
probably another demand of the "leader."
"OK, tie her ass up," the leader ordered and again the men quickly did
as they were told.
All the while this was going on, the biker girl kept pleading with the
group to stop, literally pleading for her life. She was ignored.
"Get the fuckin' camera's goin'," the leader demanded, "I want to get
all this shit." His voice sounded disappointed that he had not already
captured this much on film. Immediately Becky saw one of the men grab a
camera off the floor and turn it on, facing towards the biker girl who was now
arching her back off the bed in an attempt to release the cords that held her
down. All her action appeared to caused was a tightening of the ropes. Becky
saw the girl's hands and feet begin to turn bright red from the reduced blood
"I've always said you fuck like a dog," Red Devil said very casually as
he walked toward the helpless girl, "now we're gonna see if you can fuck a
real dog."
"No please," the biker girl pleaded through the tears streaming down her
face, "I love you Devil, please don't."
"Fuck you bitch," was the large man's only reply as he looked down at
the girl in disgust. "Fuck you and everyone you fuckin' know."
"But, why? Devil," the girl continued, now barely audible above her
whimpering, "Why me? I love you."
Without muttering a word the leader reached down and grabbed the girl by
the crotch, his fingers digging deep into the girl. Becky watched the biker
girl's face turn bright red as she screamed in pain. Her screams only
intensified as the man literally lifted her up by her vagina, his fingers
reaching deep into her.
"God, No," the girl screamed. "Please, no. Stop!"
"You gettin' this shit on film?" the leader asked the man with the
camera. The cameraman motioned that he had.
"You like this shit, bitch," the leader asked, facing towards Becky. He
still had his fingers inside the biker girl and was continuing to hold her
mid-section up in the air. Becky stared at the bed as it shook violently as
the man twisted and shook his impaled hand. "Maybe you'd like some of the
action too?"
Becky looked up at the man. He was standing there with a perverse grin
on his face and for an instant she actually thought she was looking directly
at the devil.
Not wasting his time with Becky, the man turned back to the girl
writhing in pain on the bed.
"Go get me some shit from the kitchen, some of that fuckin' hamburger
meat that's in there," he ordered one of the other girls in the room. She
immediately jumped to her feet and ran into the kitchen. She returned within
seconds holding a pound or so of raw meat.
"Give that shit to me," the leader ordered and ripped off a handful as
she approached. In one swift motion, he jammed the meat directly into the
biker girls exposed opening, plowing nearly his whole hand into her in the
process. Again the girl screamed in agony. Becky saw a spot of blood appear
on the sheet under the girl's still raised body. The spot grew wider by the
"OK, bring me Satan," the leader ordered the man holding the large dog.
The dog was led directly to the leader who withdrew his his hand from inside
the girl with a plopping sound.
"Here boy," he said to the dog, "taste this shit."
The dog immediately began licking the man's closed fist.
Dropping the girl onto the bed the leader took hold of the dog's head
and pushed it directly up to the girl's crotch. The dog's tail began wagging
and the dog began licking at the girl's slightly bloodied slit. Again the
girl began to beg and plead.
"Please no," the girl's voice had panic in it. "Please Devil, no.
The girl's voice was cut off as the doberman began to dig it's nose into
the girls crotch to try to retrieve the meat that was jammed up inside of her.
The biker girl screamed as the dog began to chew at her insides and Becky saw
a steady stream of blood now start to run down the girls leg. Becky watched
in disbelief as the dog's nose slowly but steadily disappeared into the biker
girl's body. All along the leader continued standing nearby watching intently
and all of the other men and women either sat or stared in silence.
"How's it feel?" the leader asked the girl as he walked up beside her. By
now the doberman had his entire nose inside of the girl and was straining to
advance even further. Each move the girl made up or down trying to push or
pull the dog away seemed to make the animal even more determined to get what
it was after. The girl's screams continued as she strained in vain to free
herself from the humiliation and pain she was encountering.
Finally, and without any warning, the biker leader simply and effortlessly
pulled the dog away from the girl and handed the leash to another man. He
walked up to the girl who was now laying on the bed exhausted from her efforts
to free herself and looked down at her.
"I fuckin' hate you," the man said quite matter of factly as he looked
down at the whimpering girl.
"Please," the girl begged quietly, "Please baby, I love you, don't do this
to me."
"Fuck you bitch," was the man's only reply as he turned towards Becky.
Becky cringed down into the chair as he began to walk towards her.
"OK bitch," he said to Becky, "It's your fuckin' turn. Do good and you'll
be a fuckin' movie star." With that, he grabbed Becky's arm and pulled her to
her feet.
"You ain't done half bad learning how to give good head but I think your
ass needs some practice," the man said as he pulled Becky close to him.
Looking at the other bikers in the room, he asked, "What ya all think."
He was greeted with some hoots and jeers.
"Ya see bitch," he continued, now looking directly into Becky's eyes,
"they agree. And shit, I gotta do what they say, huh? This is a fuckin'
Becky tried to pull away from the man, to no avail.
"What the fuck you doin' bitch," the man half yelled, pulling Becky back
close to him. "You want me to have Max fuckin' eat you alive too?"
With that he violently threw Becky to the floor next to the doberman where
she landed with a thud.
"Ok bitch," the man ordered, standing directly over her head, "do it."
"Please no," Becky pleaded with the man. "Please......."
Her voice was cut off by the man who grabbed a handful of her hair and
yanked her head back to face directly up to him.
"Listen bitch," the man snarled threateningly, "You either get to fuckin'
work on that dog or I swear I'll fuckin' cut your goddamned fingers off and
feed 'em to him one by one. You fuckin' understand whore?"
Becky continued crying as the man released his grip on her hair and shoved
her head down towards the dog who was laying quietly with his head up.
Slowly, Becky moved her hand to the dog and felt it's strong, muscular body.
Looking at its face she could see the remains of the biker girl's blood still
smeared on him. The man holding the dog's leash bent down and pulled the dog
over on it's side and then held it's rear leg up in the air, exposing the
dog's black, hair covered penis.
"Do it bitch," the leader yelled. "Do it fuckin' now or you'll never wear
a fuckin' ring again."
With that, Becky, still crying violently, bent down and took the dog's
penis into her hand. It felt disgusting to her and she gagged on her own
"Little early for that, ain't it bitch?" the leader questioned and reached
down, pushing Becky's head up against the dog's cock.
"I'm gonna give your ass three seconds to suck that dog's cock and then
I'm gonna start fuckin' cuttin', you got it?" the man demanded.
Becky took a deep breath between her sobs and lowered her head down to the
doberman's cloaked cock. Slowly she let the tip of it slip between her lips,
the sheer smell of it making her gag. Almost immediately the leader reached
down and shoved her head against the dog. Becky felt the dog's hairy shield
slam into her mouth. The dog, feeling this unknown intrusion on itself,
jumped and attempted to free itself but the man holding it's leash had its
head mashed down with his knee and another man was holding its rear legs still
and apart. Becky still feared that the dog would rip her to shreds.
Not satisfied that she was "doing" her best, the leader took a handful of
Becky's hair and began jerking her head up and down over the dogs cock.
Slowly, the dog began to respond and Becky felt a slimy, warm, fingerlike
object begin to protrude into her mouth. The taste was disgusting, even more
so than the men who had done this to her. Again she tried to put all out of
her mind, to blank everything out.
Finally, after several minutes of this, the leader yanked Becky's hair
back and pulled her head away from the doberman.
"OK bitch, you had fuckin' enough?" the large man roared at her.
Becky looked up at the man in silence, tears streaming down her face. Her
entire body was shaking and she felt sickenly naseaus.
"I said," the man nearly screamed, "You had fuckin' enough?"
"Yes," Becky answered weakly.
With that, the man pulled her hair up straight, bringing the quivering
girl to her feet. Once there, the man released his grip.
"Listen bitch," the man said coarsly, staring into Becky's eyes just
inches from her face, "from now on you're my bitch, you got it. That means
that from now on you do what I say, when I say, and how I say. And you better
fuckin' believe that if you ever fuck with me I'll cut your tits off and feet
'em to the fuckin' dog. You under fucking stand?"
"Yes," Becky again answered meekly, through her tears.
"Fuckin' good," the man responded. "Now get on your fuckin' knees and
give me a blow job, I'm fuckin' horny."
Becky hesitated for only a second, looking at the man's face.
"What the fuck did I just tell you bitch," the man roared at her. As he
spoke, he reached forward and grabbed Becky's right nipple giving it a violent
twist between his thumb and fingers. The girl screamed and dropped to her
"Now give me a fuckin' blow job," the man roared again. Becky heard jeers
and giggles coming from the others in the room. The leader unzipped his pants
and fished himself out. Becky immediately took him in her mouth and began to
"That's it bitch," the man said, running his fingers through her hair,
"You're my fucking slave bitch now."

Then, in a motion that seemed to Becky to take hours but only took
seconds, she saw the man pull a large knife from his belt and slowly run it
across the biker girl's neck. The biker girl screamed in horror as the blood
from her split veins started to spurt away from her body. The man watched for
a second and then plunged the knife into the girl's protruding throat. Her
screams turned into hollow gurgling sounds.
Becky watched in disbelief as the spurts of blood slowly diminished in
height. The biker girl, rapidly weakening, shook violently, straining at the
ropes that held her in place.
Breaking the scene, Becky watched one of the other biker's casually walk
over to the bed and drop his pants to the floor. In silence, the man stroked
himself hard for only a few seconds and plunged himself into the dying girl
abused vagina. The biker girl, now unconscious, simply lay there limp. As
the blood from her neck stopped spurting, Becky saw the girl's body tense
dramatically, actually lifting the weight of the man who was plunging in and
out of her. The girl's eyes drew wide and her mouth opened as if to scream.
No sound escaped her lips and, after holding that nightmare pose for several
seconds, the girl collapsed back to the bed. The man plunging into her
slammed himself into her one final time and moaned slightly then pulled out.
"Nothin' like it," the man said, turning to Becky.
Becky suddenly felt violently sick and began to gag. She felt someone
lift her up and take her across the room, pushing her again into her dark
prison. The cereal she had eaten just a couple hours earlier came flowing to
the surface and she vomited across the floor before passing out.

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